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About Fascism in Russia

About Fascism in Russia
Artem Konstantinov 06.07.2006

Speaking about fascism is necessary first of all to give the definition. Fascist - is the one who attributes ostensibly born perversity to some definite nation, who divides the nations into the superior and inferior ones. For example: all Chechens – are gangsters and murderers, all Jews – are swindlers, Aryans – a superrior race, etc. Despite of obvious gibberishness and antiscientific character of such point of view some skilful hand successfully enough cultivates them in modern Russia.

Who is this mysterious director-puppeteer? To understand any phenomenon of a political life is necessary to try first of all to answer a question: who gains profit from it? Whom the development of fascism in Russiais favourable to? This phenomenon is favourable to:

-          Ruling bureaucratic elite grew together with the oligarches which wishes in this way to distract the population from inefficient external and internal policy and from frank and impudent robbery of Russia(world-old principle: divide and rule);

-          Forces that have the aim of weakening and ruining of Russiaby way of formation of the fifth column;

-          Forces which have the aim to create a ring of the hostile states around Russia the population of                                      which is outraged by the attitude in Russia to its citizens and also to discredit Russia in the world as the states of racist terrors. Whether the fascism contradicts to the Constitution of Russia? It is obvious that it’s so, it contradicts in the most obvious manner. Has the President undertaken or whether he undertakes something as the guarantor of the Constitution for struggle against fascism? We do not see it. Let us be corrected if we have not noticed something. Whether the presidential administration encourages fascists? We do not have such data but some indirect facts set thinking. Even the most ingenuous person understands that the super-power state repressive machinery would manage with fascist terrors as they say with "one left". But it does not occur. On the contrary, for example, in Moscowright near the walls of the Kremlin fascists organize their concourses and marches which are generously financed by someone. The authority keeps silent and stays idle. Moreover, the state mass-media which are under control of a narrow oligarchical group skilfully inflate fascist moods in people. It is done, for example, as follows. From a huge number of crimes which are daily committed in Russia, conflicts in which participate mainly members of a national minority are pulled out and untwisted. By doing this they try to impose an idea on criminality, perversity and danger of non-russian citizens and guest workers for the Russian populace. The reason for all is the only: it’s favourable to some of high bureaucrats and (or) oligarchs. Impertinent fascist Fuhrers such as, for example, А.Potkin nicknamed A.Belov talk with authorities in more threatening and imprident tone, constantly hint on their certain special relations with oligarchs, power and secret services.

It’s clear as noonday that they wouldn’t live a day without financing and a front. We do not agree with opinion that the President has already been for a long time a nominal figure in Russia which takes no decisions and which is left by some secret puppeteers only one right: to hand over the awards according to the approved by these puppeteers lists. We consider that the President is a real patriot of Russia, an independent and strong figure which possesses in Russiapractically unlimited authority. But why does he treat these extremely dangerous for Russiadisplays of fascism so weak-willed and languidly? This’s the question we can’t find the answer to.

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