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About the Trustworthiness of a Report and Professionalism of a Reporter

About the Trustworthiness of a Report and Professionalism of a Reporter
Vladimir Petrov, Haifa, Israel 25.07.2006

Reading information about situation in Israelon pages of the Russian newspapers and receiving a number of disturbing letters to the "mail", sms and calls from relatives and friends scattered all round the CIS, I feel inspired with increasing disgust to proPutin mass-media. Especially to the real professionals, capable of pouring into objective in outward appearence article a feeling of diisgust (these loathsome aggressors!) or triumph (wow, you’ve got it!) ordered by the authorities.

Here I have some lines from the competent “Commersant” which I can’t let to escape:

"... Thus, the leader "Hezbollah" sheikh Hasan Nasralla kept his word to cover Haifawith rockets. During week-ends insurgents conducted bombardments of cities all round the north of Israel. At that every day the offhand front line is beeing removed further on the south. Zone of rocket hitting of extremists already includes towns which are 30 and more kilometers far from the border of Lebanon. In particular, the city of Tiberiason the coast of the Lake Tiberiasunderwent the bombardment. A correspondent visited it soon after a strike. Citizens were horrified. Nobody thought that rockets of the militants would reach the town. Many were not ready to such a trial. They were packing things, loading cars and leaving the town in a hurry for the south which was safe for the meanwhile. According to the military experts at the present stage "Hezbollah" acted better than Israelin the course of psychological war. Militants force intensity day by day. From the very beginning of war in the middle of the last week the leader of extremists’ sheikh Nasralla has promised to Israelis numerous surprises and still keeps his word...”

Stainlessly objective article! Not a fact is distorted, but the way they are prepared – you’ll lick fingers clean! Even called as the extremist (but not the terrorist – a very thin for uninitiated but a very important distinction) sheikh Nasralla is complimented for the promise kept.

Such insignificant at first sight slips of the tongue as "offhand front line" instead of "striking distances", "citizens were horrified", "the south of the country which is safe for the moment" gradually form a notion of a reader about a full failure of Israeli army and about shattering success of  "Hezbollah ".

On the created background the following pseudo-objective report is working out well from the southern Lebanonabout vindictive Zionist militants. It is not necessary to say anything directly anything, the reader will fantasy himself - not having protected the citizens and the army vents its angry upon peaceful (exactly like this!) inhabitants. Even the soldier, who has gone through the war in the ChechenRepublic, doesn’t draw at once an analogy between those "peaceful" and these using same guerrilla tactics. Be ashamed, dear!

I only can join Jack London's opinion expressed by the hero "Time Presses". It is clear that "you also want to eat" but so disgustingly you earn your piece of bread.

To your note, not all Israelis has begun to feel panic, the majority of inhabitants has remained at their homes, many work as well as family of the author of this retort (citizens of Haifa) though they hide in a refuge at the sounds of siren. But we are learned by experience that it’s impossible to leave your soldier and your citizens to the will of terrorists and it is necessary to kick back. Therefore we shall endure also this attack while the army manages fair punishment, "by small blood and on the strangers’ territory ".

I won’t tell you the name of the author of the report being commented, the like are numerous among the Russian journalists. But I shall ask him to write the objective report about captured and punished Russian diplomats and about resolute actions of Putin’s governments on punishment of terrorists except for "bumping off in a toilet". Do you dare, hireling?

From editorial staff: we, as a rule, give a turn to speak to those whos position can differ from ours, except for cases when we are offered evidently state propagation. In this case, we, certainly, are not the supporters of hurrah-patriotic official ideology of the Israeli state. But by virtue of the fact that about one million inhabitants of this state are our former fellow citizens and approximately 100 thousand of them still remain citizens of Russia, their point of view on a new Lebanese war is very valuable for us. Even if this point of view differs from ours.

Protecting the position which in generalwas borrowed by domestic press, I would like to remind that according to the traditions of the Russian journalism the point of view of the weaker side is always given the priority. If a huge fellow kicks with boots the street boy even he tries to steal this fellow’s purse since Chekhov's and Gorky times is accepted to look at this situation from the position of the beaten boy. But not to say to him: "It’s serves him good, bastard!", as, most likely, would write in some “Financial Times".

The statistics of losses of the first days of new war speaks for itself - more than 250 peaceful inhabitants of Lebanonwere lost as a result of actions of Hagana. The fact that their outward appearence can be similar to the one of the militants and they have the same 32 teeth in a mouth - in no way justify their murder. As well as, certainly, the killing of peaceful Israeli citizens which are being blown up in discos and in supermarkets is not justified. But as a result of a new Lebanese war they will be killed even more often - in fact the Chechen terrorism as the phenomenon has arisen as a result of bringing of troops into Groznyy during the remarcable New Year night of the year 1995. Unfortunately, the following withdrawal of the army doesn’t reel off the tape and doesn’t stop the terrorism.

While the coming to power of originally national government in Russiaand fair court above Yeltsin and his sidekicks, I am sure, will stop the Chechen terrorism at once - certainly if the authority will behave with the Chechen people fairly. By the way, fairly and justly - does not mean at all to indulge someone and to establish "justness" due to the rights of someone else. During the first years of the Soviet power in the Caucasusthe Chechen communists, by the way, were one of the most consecutive followers of a new authority and earned no preferences to them.

This is our essential difference from the official ideology which professes in the Israeli state and which updating under the names of "putinship" and "nashism" one tries to impart in Russia. It doesn’t matter what one say but Arabs are perceived by Israel as an eternal opponent, as eternal "they" with whom is possible to adjust somehow the relations but with whom in no way is possible to become a single whole. The same they try to impart in Russia, calling "to bump off in a toilet" various "azers", "chechens" and, by the way, at the same time "jews".

The ideology of the Soviet patriotism essentially differs from antiquated. There is no in it irreconciliable contradictions between the Russian, the Chechen or, for example, Tatar or the Ukrainian people. But there are irreconciliable contradictions between the interests of the oppressed and the oppressors. And we do not have to identify itself with putin’s government and to place our interests in dependence on the interests of the oligarchical state which he heads.

Would You like to justify direct aggression in Lebanonwhich the "Jewish state" carries out from Your name? Would You mind to be a target for rockets of "Hezbollah" for some time while your local oligarches are establishing the control over Beirutby the forces of your children called on military service?

In the modern world ideology of national opposition is doomed, doomed are the states professing it. It’s very difficultly to construct relations with the world of the 21st century on the principles proclaimed in mountain Sinai as it is impossible to construct "Caliphate" on a place of former Soviet republics of the Caucasus. Nothing could be build even on the basis of "the Russian truth" of Jaroslav Mudry any more. By the way, there still is only one superstate - the USAand just because there is no there not only ideology of the national exclusivety but also “state-forming nation".

Tens of “national” hopthumbs spin round the USA. Our native land – the USSR– is splitted nowadays on 15 such “hopthumbs”.

At the end of 19-th century the mankind already read Tolstoy and Marx, Chekhov and Lenin. And you still continue to lead your armies all round one tiny piece of land where Moses has been wandering for 40 years, Ramses and Solomon went in their chariots, where the prophet Mohammed tended a herd of sheep and the crusaders built their fortresses. And we shall revive our (and your also, by the way) great native land - from Baltic up to Pacific Ocean, from North Pole up to Kushka.

Everyone has his own path ...

Anatoly Baranov

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