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Why Does Serdyukov and His Clique Buy Assault Helicopter Carrier "Mistral" from France?

Why Does Serdyukov and His Clique Buy Assault Helicopter Carrier "Mistral" from France?
Кalashnikov Maxim 06.08.2009


The Russian Federation promptly runs into the category of Third World countries starting practice arms import. Fighting ships followed after Israeli UAV. It seems that ruling camarilla jump salty in "budget mastering".

What for do they do it? If they really hurry up to fix their affairs while they are in power? After all purchase of "Mistral" is criminal at least because it's completely senseless.

By the way, we already warned that present toy Minister of Defense is going to buy foreign ships. However, our agency then informed about possible purchase of submarines in Europe.


The matter is that to buy heavy (21 thousand tons of displacement) landing assault helicopter carrier in France for present Russian Federation is absolutely senseless. It's a waste of 340-400 million Euro. Such big assault landing ship is necessary to carry out disembarkation of sea landings to Norway, Iceland, in Japan or on Alaska, on the coast of Mediterranean Sea (European, Asian or African). In Africa, at last. To cover such big ship the following things are necessary: escort - cruiser, pair of destroyers, as well as aircraft carrier (there's nothing of the kind in the Russian Federation and is not expected in the near future). Already in Black Sea it is more expedient to use domestic large landing ship. In case of big war this "Mistral" as a part of the Navy of the Russian Federation turns simply into the big target. It's clear even to the fool that the Russian Federation will be capable to place marines at distant coats in the very distant future.

It's interesting, if escort will be also bought in addition to "Mistral"? If helicopters on the new ship will also be from French?

Attempt to construct analogues of such ships on shipyards of the Russian Federation is senseless also: Frenchmen  already hinted softly that they were not going to transfer their technologies to Moscow.


Then what is the reason the chief of Minister of Defense Serdyukov and Fleet Commander-in-chief Vysotsky started it? 

It seems to us that there are no high purposes behind it. Pure self-interest prevailed. If it's necessary to explain to you, reader, what big budgetary purchases, the more so abroad mean for white-blue-red officials. Last joke: Serdyukov decided to remove recoilless tools from inventory of the Russian army. He didn't like the name.

They hurry up to master budgetary billions. While it is possible.


At the same time on Nikolaevsk Ship-building factory there is a rocket cruiser "Almiral Lobov" ("Ukraine") completed on 95%  - sister-ship of "Moscow" (project 1164). True to the Soviet traditions, Nikolaev shipbuilders could keep it. As our friends say, the cruiser - is not sacked. It's maintained well, necessary microclimate is being kept in the necessary premises of the ship.

It is possible to get the ship from Kiev for gas debts and to transfer it to the Russian Federation even now - they will be glad. To complete it and equip. The cruiser is especially necessary on Pacific Fleet undergoing the heaviest defeat since 1991. The more so on the Far East Chinese people are becoming more and more impudent.

Transaction was worked out by a number of not indifferent Russian military men. It even was discussed during negotiations with Putin and Timoshenko in summer, 2008. Moreover, factory workers whispered to our messengers: "When will Russia buy also our factory?" Really: now, in the course of severe crisis enterprises of the Soviet military-industrial complex which remained in Ukraine can be bought up literally for pennies, thus it's possible to get the most valuable documentation therefrom. At the same time - it's possible to start submission of the Ukrainian economy to ours.

But... everything's blocked by Serdyukov's Minister of Defense. They say, they don't need rocket cruiser. Alas, enthusiasts, die away: if you need more than the rest?

Well - they don't need the cruiser. They need useless French assault helicopter carrier. They have money - while domestic shipbuilding is ruined and there is no place to waste moolah. From the point of view of crummy "new Russian" living on all import, there's nothing terrible in purchasing of "foreign things" also for Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. Really, we go by foreign cars, we fly by foreign planes, we wear all import, we even imported the trainer for the national team. Why not then to import arms from the blest West?

They don't care that the rests of the Russian industry thus degrade. No, comrades, there will be no life without change of "captain's bridge" in the Russian Federation.


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