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"Russia - Go Ahead!" - "Third Project" in Medvedev's Adaptation

"Russia - Go Ahead!" - "Third Project" in Medvedev's Adaptation
Kalashnikov Michael 16.09.2009


"President" Medvedev tried to represent future program of technological break-through - in own understanding. So...

"Within nearest next decades Russia should become the country which well-being is provided not only with raw but also with intellectual resources: with "clever" economy creating unique knowledge, export of the newest technologies and products of innovative activity.

Recently I have defined five strategic vectors of economic modernization of our country. Firstly, we will become one of the leading countries on production efficiency, transportation and energy use. We will develop and market new types of fuel. Secondly, we will keep and lift on a new qualitative level nuclear technologies. Thirdly, the Russian experts will improve information technology, will achieve serious influence on the process of development of global popular information networks, using supercomputers and other necessary material resources. Fourthly, we will have own land and space infrastructure of transfer of all types of information; our satellites "will see" the whole world, hey will help our citizens and people of all countries to communicate, travel, be engaged in scientific researches, agricultural and industrial production. Fifthly, Russia will take the advanced positions in manufacture of separate types of medical equipment, super modern diagnostic aids, medicines for treatment of virus, cardiovascular, oncological and neurologic diseases..."

Stop! I will ask the first question out of turn. Where are nanotechnologies? If you forgot them or what? Unlike the crowd of cretins putting aside all "nano" as nonsense I consider nanotechnologies the most prospective direction. Don't you forgot about them at all, Medvedev? What was the reason than for created of "Rosnano" headed by Chubajs. Whether one could consider your silence as recognition of a total failure of this project?

Well, now one thing after another and in details. The first thing - unsystematic character, disruptiveness of offered us "program of priorities". Authors of Medvedev's article do not have main thing: understanding that the world has approached to a turn. Firstly, all have now - crisis of branches of the Fifth technological mode, crisis of former model of technological development. If we want to achieve something we need to be dying to get into the Sixth mode generation. Secondly, the world entered debts system crisis. The period of agony of capitalist system. Global extremeness for many long years. Here again we, Russian, will need breaking through technology in self-maintenance with foodstuff, energy, habitation, etc.

Whether there is such statement of a problem in the article? No! Lack of brains.

What is the Fifth and the Sixth technological modes? I result the list according to George Malinetsky...

V technological mode

  • PC
  • Light chemistry
  • Telecommunication
  • Electronics
  • Internet


VI technological mode

  • Biotechnologies
  • Nanotechnologies
  • Projecting of living creature
  • Investments into human being
  • New nature management
  • Robotechnics
  • New energy

New medicine

High humanitarian technologies

Projecting of the future and its management

Technologies of assemblage and destruction of social subjects

As you can see, in Medvedev's article many directions of the Sixth mode are lacking. Nuclear technologies - is great but they (performed by kirienko's Rostatom) are Soviet задумки 1970th years. For example, reactors on fast neutrons. Where's all the rest? Where's robotechnics and artificial intellect? Where's national space project - with creation of satellites of new generation, multi-purpose geostationary platforms, aviation reusable (and cheap) astronautics? With creation of not only the leading aerotechnics but also of economic flying machines of the future: hybrids (planes - airships), sea skimmers/aerodynamic ground-effect crafts, aerocars?

Where's - creation of new types of transport, trolley-car and other?

Where's - pilotless systems?

Where are projects of really new energetics?

Where are projects of creation of the newest electronics, mechatronics, machine-tool construction, optics? Where's superbroadband radio communication? Where are breaking through constructional materials?

Where's - laser technique having which we still have solid advantages? Where's Laser Centre situated in your native city?

Where are projects of new urbanization, new types of dwellings, bioecopolises on Grebnev and Vasilov? Where are new technologies of fast building without concrete/cement by means of the advanced building materials of the Russian working out? Where are works on creation of new systems of life-support (housing and communal services)?

Where are programs of creation of technologies of control over technosphere and prevention of catastrophes?

Where are programs of creation of technologies of forecast and prediction in all spheres? I wrote a lot about them.

Where are - projects of "human-building"? Creations of people with increased abilities? Where are psychotechnologies and high-fume? After all it is the key direction. For if there will be geniuses-superpeople - there will be inventions and breaks through in all areas.

Where are - organizational and administrative technologies to operate Russia in the most difficult conditions, solving set of problems? Providing coordination of many projects and restricting bureaucracy?

Nothing at all. There is something casually picked at random. They think, people won't apprehend more than five items. There's only one break through - in medicine. While it's necessary to create new medicine! If to carry out in general attack on a wide techno front (read our conversations with Yaroslav Staruhin (http://m-kalashnikov.livejournal.com/70236.html; http://forum-msk.org/material/economic/787070.html; http://forum-msk.org/material/economic/788220.html), it is possible to achieve real miracle.

Though - what for should we discuss it? If you are not able to overcome corruption, all these programs will turn into idle talk. Nobody would do anything, while money will be plundered. To try to do something at present corruption - all the same that to throw large denominations into a furnace of the locomotive. You do not wish to apply the main technology - anticorruption one. You frighten with the horrors of totalitarianism.



Reading Medvedev's article I do not see assigning of one more key task: creations of National Innovative System - NIS. The systems of almost automatic transfer of innovative workings out in broad application.

What we in Russian have instead of NIS, all these venture companies - not working profanation. It's possible to write about these shameful products a lot of and for long. The main reason - it is purely liberal approach at the attempt to organize the process. And I do not see that you realize it. Creation of NIS (at that with the help not your stupid officials but innovators-experts) should become the national project.

We would develop it. While you... There are even no doubts.



But most of all I am touched by a sharp schizophrenia in activity of the present Kremlin. All these conversations about breaking through development are senseless, if the main thing collapses: system of professional training. System of excellent Russian-Soviet education. After all cadres are all important, especially - qualified, educated. Who should create technical miracles?

Mr. Medvedev, all your USE, Bologna shabiness, Bachelor's program - magistracy, as well as twenty years' keeping of high school teachers in poverty - all it ruins Russian education. It turns it into noncompetitive bullshit. And you looks at it favourably. Do you imagine in general, what things happen in this sphere, how quality of graduates of high schools falls? How school degrades, how functional illiteracy extends? Do you see, what scrap-heap Russian TV represents? Do you know, how it kills everything: ability to think, create, aspire up? Do you know, how citizens of the Russian Federation successfully turn into a herd of morons? Do you understand that there's no saying about any innovative development while - sickening atmosphere - reigns in the country, while in power - "elite" of simple marauders?

After all these your "Russia - Go Ahead" make one sick. More empty words. From one more PR-lie. One thousand first for all these long years. Sharp schizophrenia in the governmental bodies is evident: one hand destroys what the second tries (at least in words) to do.

Therefore personally I do not trust you not in the slightest. As well as millions of Russians tired to wait something efficient from you. Remember: history will not spare you. Events approaching us are very unmerciful.

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