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Bolshevik Concept of Human Rights

Bolshevik Concept of Human Rights
Sergey Lisovsky 25.09.2006

It would be wrong to idealize I.V.Stalin's epoch as an epoch of the refined delight. But even more criminally will be to lie it, the thing all types of liberals and Trotskyists are being engaged during decades.

Different things happened during that epoch: sincere mistakes and malicious intention, crimes and stupid fanaticism, cowardice, time-serving and intriguing, impulses of moral cleanliness and sacrifice for the Truth. There was all that different people bring in a life of every mob-"elite" society when a multitude of people are convinced that they are better than others and consequently have the right to have and do more at the cost of  others or live mainly by zoological-physiological needs while other people making minority are sure that they should be human beings and to contribute to the transfer of a society of submen to humanity.

But that are not the mistakes, errors and crimes that characterize I.V.Stalin's epoch. It is characterized by orientation of social cultural development which paves the road to itself into life through all mistakes, errors and crimes. This orientation can be understood from I.V.Stalin's works.

However, to smear freely I.V.Stalin and epoch in an ignorant society, I.V.Stalin's works very soon after his murder were withdrawn from libraries and not republished.

Stalin’s concept of human rights differs from western (liberal) and Stalin did not hide what exactly, in his opinion, was a basis of realization of the rights and personal freedom in civilization constructed on the principle of eradication of parasitism from life of a society:

"Thirdly, It is necessary to achieve such cultural growth of society that would provide to all members of a society all-around development of their physical and mental abilities, so that members of a society have an opportunity to receive education sufficient to become an active figures of social developments... " (I.V.Stalin's parting speech to Bolsheviks of the future generations - "Economic Problems of Socialism in the USSR", p. 68, publ. house, Moscow, "Politizdat", 1952, the text is underlined by us).

Active work in public development is – authoritativeness.

Granting to all members of a society of opportunities of reception of education allowing to rule accordingly for consequences of the decisions developed and taken is an expansion of a social base of administrative body up to borders of the whole society and liquidation of monopoly for authoritativeness of biologically degenerating "elite" clans.

Therefore the qualitative structure of people entering authority in these conditions can be the best in moral-ethical, intellectual and business relations in comparison to any clan-"elite" control system.

That is I.V.Stalin cared about information-algorithmic - cultural - maintenance of true popular rule instead of carrying out of elections in a nuttery taken by trustees-slaveholders on performance of circus politician clowns, which is the main care of fighters for "democracy" of the western model.

Stalin’s understanding of democracy excludes possibility of irresponsible tyranny over voting ignorant crowd from the part of owners of the system of initiation and education in a bible civilization. But a guarantee of establishment of such society can be only intellectual activity for which the majority of population simply had no time being engaged in production. Therefore let’s read I.V.Stalin further:

"It would be wrong to think that it is possible to achieve such serious cultural growth of members of a society without serious changes in present position of work. For this purpose it is necessary to reduce first of all the working day at least up to 6 and then till 5 o'clock. It’s necessary so that members of a society receive enough free time necessary for getting universal education. Then it’s necessary to introduce obligatory polytechnical training necessary so that members of a society have possibility to choose freely profession and not to be chained all life to one. For this purpose it is necessary to improve radically living conditions and to raise real salary to workers and employees minimum twice if not more as by way of direct increase of the monetary salary and especially by the further regular reduction of prices on things of mass consumption.

These are basic conditions of preparation of transition to communism" ("Economic Problems of Socialism in the USSR", publ. house, Moscow, "Politizdat", 1952, p. 69).

Even from these several paragraphs of Stalin’s text is possible to understand that the communism is - not a society of parasites - idlers and vandals destroying everything on their way from boredom – whom everything is given free of charge by not known whom and at whose cost, but a society of free workers-founders in which there is no place for parasitism.

Therefore all fighters for democracy who evade from the discussion of the expressed by I.V.Stalin concept of human rights and cultural-economic bases of its embodiment into life, are actually aimed to enslavement of the working majority by this or that parasitic in its core "elite" minority.

None svanidze or posner can convince thinking people that I.V.Stalin – sailed under false colours and everything written by him in "Economic Problems of Socialism of the USSR" about the way society should develop - unrealizable, vitally insolvent nonsense.
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