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ABM Will Be in Europe and RF in ...

ABM Will Be in Europe and RF in ...

Warsaw received from Washington new offers in the field of ABM. Deputy minister of defence of Poland Stanislav Komorovsky declared. As he said, instead of placing of bases with interceptor missiles in Poland as it was supposed earlier, Poland is offered to place in its territory bases of administrative support and command centers for rockets SM-3.

He added that in two weeks during negotiations with an American side possibility of granting of rockets "Patriot" to Poland with fighting warheads instead of educational as it was offered earlier will also be discussed.

Rockets SM-3 are capable to intercept and destroy in air not only ballistic missiles but also short and medium-range rockets.

From editorial board: It was very strange to assume from the very beginning that Obama "having chatted" with Medvedev in Moscow would suddenly, being guided by some intriguing reasons, stop process of creation of ABM system. First of all because economic reasons always prevail over purely political in the USA - it's an axiom. Working out of ABM is not simply economically necessary for America, it's in general the project of the national future, some kind of technological break into a new epoch, it's even to the main thing at the moment.


Actually, making comments on revision of plans related to ABM by Obama, former ambassador of the USA in Russia, now the deputy minister of defence Alexander Vershbou declared: "In ten years this new system will include elements of ABM which will be based both on sea and on land. Overland systems at early stages will be based in Southeast Europe. Later - in the Central and Northern Europe. Poland - the first candidate for placing of elements of new ABM system. That is there were no concessions to Russia. We do not leave the Eastern Europe".

I recollect how Vershbou being ambassador simply twined to get small, really small preferences for factory "Ford" in Vsevolozhsk. That is economy first of all. Terrible statements of unexpected deputy minister is simply a cover for economy.

But to begin with - military-technical aspect. It's rather difficult to imagine Russia delivering nuclear strike across Poland and Czechia where the European ABM will be developed. Russia does not have interests in Czechia and Poland which would demand military option even in the remote prospect. Periodic hysterics of the Polish politicians is a product for especially internal usage, it's not quoted on the foreign market.

Even more absurd is an assumption that Russia will ever intend to deliver rocket-nuclear strike across the Western Europe - the basic consumer of the Russian oil and gas, wood and metallurgy production. It would mean that Russia delivers nuclear strike across profitable part of its budget.

It looks like, on the contrary, the Russian Federation in present conditions should protect its supporter - Europe to the death. The more so the basic actives of the Russian nouveau riches, high-ranking officials and in most cases their families - some kind of "bitter end" of a new world order are concentrated in the same places. Even in case of radical change of power in the Russian Federation which would be accompanied by radical cleaning off of elite, military confrontation with Europe is impossible because of the structure of the Russian economy. For the same reason, by the way, it is impossible today to be at war with America and China is would destroy economy of both parties earlier, than they would destroy each other physically.

So what is the aim of placing of ABM in Poland?

Military-industrial complex of the USA, consuming more money than all world military-industrial complex, is the most powerful and most effective mechanism of sterilization of "superfluous" money. Financial system of the USA carries out rather impudent emission policy but on its background growth of defensive expenses proceeds - thus the USA not simply sterilize superfluous monetary resources, thus they invest own technological future, at that forcing the whole world to pay a share of the global technical superiority of the USA over all other world.

ABM project is the largest consumer of money for all world history - initial estimate was planned in half-billion dollars, it's difficult to imagine what it will be at the end. Most likely in the field of high technologies the USA will leave all other world behind and when other would try to refuse world dollar system, it will be found out that the USA become not only the centre of world monetary system but also the world technological centre, at that absolutely exclusive one.

Lets' now multiply this by crisis situation when the problem of sterilization of "superfluous" dollars becomes 10 times sharper - whether Washington can dare to refuse ABM? No, it can only increase the scale of the project with corresponding growth of its financing.

And what about Russia?

As a matter of fact, by and large Putin is right in torpedoing ABM project. Though the danger here is not direct - the American rockets don't threaten us as those. We are threatened with technological domination of the USA that de facto liquidates domestic military-industrial complex being yesterday quite equal to the American technological centre. It rejects Russia definitively and irrevocably in numbers of world outsiders of technological progress.

Medvedev's hysterics ready to ask for help in the matter of preservation of more or less decent technological positions of the country in world division of labour either from devil, or demon, or Maxim Kalashnikov is clear... However the threat of presence of four launchers "Iskander" is not a serious counterbalance to the American ABM system.

As a matter of fact only new race of arms can rescue Russia - if following an example of the USA our kudrins sterilized "superfluous" money in workshops of RAC "MiG" and Moscow Institute Heating Engineers, NGO "Energy" and Arzamas (where one should build something different than churches), instead of putting money into American securities, situation would be different. Let's imagine that Stalin before war bought not steel, guns and aviation engines in Germany but securities and Reichsmark.

Not casually, by the way, questions of working out of new technologies and their expert estimation are in the USA under control of the Ministry of Defence. In Russia - no department in general is busy with it, it is not necessary for us. Kalashnikov's offer not just hung in mid-air - it was found out that "incident with Kalashnikov" was only demonstration of small intrigue - Medvedev was played for a fool to replace Dzhohan Pollyeva with Eve Vasilevskaya. Here you are the price of "technological break" of the Russian Federation.

There were already futurepolises in Russia. One shouldn't be surprised - in Russia everything's like this. For example, after visiting by Alexander I of Owen's New Lenark which impressed the Russians, adopted experience degenerated in Russia into... military settlements under supervision of Arakcheev. So it not is necessary to invent anything. Though if to think better - there's no need in anything at all.

If it were necessary - something would be done. For example, the government of Ukraine already received the offer of join usage of almost former base of the Black Sea Fleet as centre of innovations for all post-Soviet space and first of all for Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. Practically everything is already present in Sevastopol for this purpose - and the main thing is the need of the city to find some new role in history. 

Уже вместо провального игрового центра на Азовском побережье в черте городской агломерации Ростова на Дону формировался бы не никому не нужный новый университет (старому уже больше века), а центр новых технологий на стыке флота и авиации, строилась бы новая концепция Черноморского флота как полигона для новых технических решений (экранопланы, гидросамолеты, новые средства связи, авиасалон в Геленджике и мн.др.).

Already today it could be possible to reanimate Novosibirsk Academic center as well as Dubna and Pushchino situated near Moscow, to introduce new agrotechnologies in Jahromsky flood-bed and on Oka near Serpukhov.

Of course, it's lyrics, dreams about unrealizable. The power existing in Russia is not capable to solve historical problems facing the country even if it would want to do it. Economic system based on becoming outdated principles of capitalism of Marx times is not capable to provide in XXI century not only advancing but even catching up development.

That's why let's observe as the USA develop ABM in Europe and to drive four "Iskander" from Kapustin Yar to Moscow to participate in parade and back.

Аnatoly Baranov

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