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The USA Confirm that ABM Will Be Reinforced near RF Borders

The USA Confirm that ABM Will Be Reinforced near RF Borders

The USA consider Ukraine as possible platform for placing of Radio Detection and Ranging System within the limits of new architecture of ABM in Europe. It was declared on Thursday to journalists by the Assistant Secretary of Defense of the USA for International Security Policy Alexander Vershbow.

Vershbow noticed that originally there was "euphoria" in Moscow connected with the decision of Obama's administration to abandon plans of placing of anti-missile in Poland and ABM radar in Czechia. However, as he said, the Russian officials realised that the new plan provides expansion of even more quantity of rockets and ships equipped with surface-to-air missile systems "Aegis" near to their borders. "I think that euphoria passes", - he added. Placing of elements of ABM near to the borders of the Russian Federation - radar in Czechia and anti-missile in Poland - in the middle of September was postponed till 2015 under decision of president Obama but not cancelled.

The USA unilaterally create strategic system of ABM in frameworks of which bases of antimissile defence and radars on Alaska and California as well as stationary radar in Greenland, Great Britain, Japan and mobile radar systems of sea basing are already developed.

In the meantime, Ukraine officially never declared desire to become the territory for placing of the American ABM.

"Danger of ABM is not direct to the Russian Federation, - editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk Anatoly Baranov considers, - the American rockets as those do not threaten us. We are threatened with technological domination of the USA that de facto liquidates domestic military-industrial complex being even yesterday quite equal to the American technological centre. It rejects Russia definitively and irrevocably in numbers of world outsiders of technological progress".


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