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Leader of the Communists of Moscow in His Official Speech Compared Moscow Authorities with Nazi Occupants

Leader of the Communists of Moscow in His Official Speech Compared Moscow Authorities with Nazi Occupants

On the session of Moscow City Duma on behalf of fraction of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation in MCD V.D.Ulas - the head of fraction of the Communist Party, first secretary of MCC of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation made a statement concerning "shameful action which took place yesterday in Moscow in connection with celebration of the 89-th anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution and in which Moscow authorities having forbidden absolutely illegal carrying out of demonstration took the most active part".

"Tens thousand muscovites, many of whom defended our Native land during the World War II, restored capital after war, were deliberately and defiantly humiliated and offended. They were as criminals banished through a row of Special Police Forces from Mayakovskaya Square up to Teatralnaya", V.Ulas declared.

The secretary of the City Committee is convinced that "such mockery over history of our country, such actions of authorities which were translated in more than 10 foreign telechannels, can be compensated by any performances of the mayor, any public actions and money".

- One year ago deputies from "Edinaya Russia" in the State Duma cancelled official celebrating of November the 7th, V.Ulas reminded. - Unfortunately, the history knows similar examples. After restoration of the Burbons celebrating of the Great French revolution was temporarily cancelled, however today it is - the main national holiday in France. There was also such period in our country. Celebrating of anniversary of Great October was cancelled by fascists in the territory of the USSR occupied by them in 1941-44.

From editorial staff: It would be desirable to remind that the authorities of the capital illegally cancelled procession along Tverskaya Street from Triumphalnaya up to Teatalnaya Square. Refusal arrived infringing all terms on Friday when it was already too late to cancel notifications made in advance. Besides obvious illegality of this decision simply obliged party leadership to ignore such paper.

In the evening unprecedented great forces of "law and order" gathered on the Triumphalnaya Square – Special Police Forces accustomed to treat civil rights of fellow citizens rather contemptiously had been brought there from all neighboring areas. But we still remember how the same regional Special Police Forces "scarified" Moscow during two months after bloody execution of the House of Councils in 1993. The Chechen Republic was only a consequence of a crime of Bloody October-93.

Forces of so-called "law and order" were equipped not for protection of a national holiday but in the way they would be equipped for power dispersal of demonstrations, in helmets and elbow-pieces, with batons and other special means including some tens sentry dogs, German shepherds and Rottweilers. The quantity of people in the form exceeded all reasonable limits - demonstration and meeting were accepted, no power opposition was supposed but armies were extended by a rank from Triumphalnaya Square up to Ohotny Row.

The powerful militian megaphone called citizens to go down into the underground – it was pure provocation as 10 thousand people would simply kill each other if they obeyed militian provokers and would rush all together into the metro. It reminds very much provocation failed on the previous eve - to lead into the underground so-called "Russian March".

Cordon of Special Police Forces made up senseless crush at an exit from Triumphalnaya to Tverskaya Street when old people suffered in a crush. It was senseless to try to arrange a jam – everything was done simply so that to dissipate the column of the marchers.

All street lanterns appeared to be switched off on Teatralnaya Square - probably so that not to frighten authority by the quantity of citizens who are not satisfied with the results of their management. As a result no telechannel showed final "picture", press photographers also failed to do high-grade work and demonstrators were exposed to additional risk to become a cripple in darkness.

Such actions from the part of the authorities demand both legal, political and moral evaluation.

I hope that in the nearest future many people will take responsibility for it – either in public court or before revolution tribunal. The first is more human, the second – more preferable.

Anatoly Baranov

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