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Assistants of the First Deputy Minister of the Interior of RF М.Sukhodolsky Almost Killed Their Colleague in a Drunken Haze?

Assistants of the First Deputy Minister of the Interior of RF М.Sukhodolsky Almost Killed Their Colleague in a Drunken Haze?

Sergey Lobin 02.12.2009
Source: The Moscow Post

One of the consultants of the first deputy Minister of the Interior of Russia the colonel general of militia Michael Sukhodolsky - Andrey Silaev received recently more than a strange domestic accident. According to the militiaman, walking for some reason about own cabinet in the main building of the Ministry of Internal Affairs on Zhitnaya Street with a kitchen knife in his hands all of a sudden he, Silaev A.V... came across a wall and received getting penetraiting knife wound in the thorax. It comes back to one an old joke about the victim who walked along the street, slipped on a water-melon crust, fell to the knife and thus seven times. But in our history not everything is so funny. There's an impression that officials of the Ministry of Internal Affairs try to disguise clumsily scandalous drunk fight organized by the high-ranking militiamen directly in the office of federal power department under the old joke.

This story happened in the evening on October, 26th and next morning there appeared information in mass-media about some employee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs who was taken to the hospital with knife wound. Having no detailed information, journalists started inventing the most different versions. So, in some morning papers and electronic mass-media it was possible to read about "attack of impudent criminals on the Moscow militiaman", other news portals and news lines informed that "employee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Andrey S. tried to commit a suicide in own office. Press-service of the ministry did not begin to deny the fact of addressing of its employee to the hospital with knife wound but it explained an event extremely laconically: accident.

Actually, press was satisfied with the answer and soon it safely forgot about unpleasant incident. However events of last days when once again drunk militiamen, as well as the former major Evsjukov became murderers of innocent person give an occasion to study criminal chronicles of the Ministry of Internal Affairs steadfastly once again. And, as it is found out, the case on Zhitnaya Street deserves closer attention, than it was attended by news lines of that time.

As the source in the Ministry of Internal Affairs says, historical "blow of Silaev across the wall" that evening was seen by at least two employees of machinery of the first deputy Minister of the Interiors of the Russian Federation Michael Sukhodolsky - the colonel of militia Chujko A.V. and the colonel of militia Klimushkin D.J. At that they "saw" it in condition of heavy alcoholic intoxication, thus they were not indifferent, therefore it is no wonder that the knife with the help of which Silaev was wounded was not in his hands.

On source version, the blow into the breast of the colleague was put by colonel Chujko. It was like this. Once late at night, we'll underline, on Monday, militiamen decided to distress and, taking up several bottles of strong alcohol, began relaxation directly in Andrey Silaev's cabinet. Things became wrong after overdose of alcohol as it often happens. Unfortunately, there was weighty knife on the improvised banquet table which drinking companions used to cut a lemon. Further - everything as in a daily column "Urgent into the Issue" of one popular capital newspaper. Little by little, shouting, knocking and Silaev already "meet the knife with his breast".

Apparently, the sight of blood made participants of the conflict a little sober, the decision to take the wounded man into Pirogovsky hospital by one of the official cars of Sukhodolsky was accepted. There Silaev was immediately sent into the surgery and his drinking companions went for negotiations to the chief of the department of intensive therapy. Doctors were threatened with serious troubles in case they would spread information about the incident or, especially, to give comments to press. The same explanatory work was carried out with the doctors who were on duty that evening in the admissions as well as with employees of PSC protecting hospital.

Next day immediate commander of the militiamen who spent time so stunningly - Michael Suhodolsky - got to know about incident. Details of its conversation with subordinates are unknown to us, but it is known that this very day the first deputy minister has disposed to erase all records of the observation cameras established in an office of Silaeva and in a corridor of the ground floor where there is an office of the wounded man and on which it delivered to the car.

It is known also that Suhodolsky gave information about incident into the Department of own safety and the Department of Human Resourcing of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia and, most likely, all the participants of incident, including Silaev, are already discharged. But who from militiamen will represent next time the threat both for the colleagues and for peace citizens and where exactly it will happen - nobody could say it today.


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