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Israel Puts Nuclear Submarines on Positions

Israel Puts Nuclear Submarines on Positions

The USA and NATO, as a whole, made barbarous aggression and occupied Iraq under the pretext of presence of chemical and nuclear weapon there. Now extreme campaign against Democratic People's Republic of Korea and Iran in which present management of the Russian Federation actively participates is untied. Its declared aim: not to admit nuclear armament of countries aspiring to full independence of countries of the West. 

At the same time Israel under protection of the USA, NATO and other countries has been possessing and threatening with application of the nuclear weapon against the Arabian countries and Iran for already several years.

Where's logic? The USA and NATO have other logic and other policy for their houselings. Israel can violate justice and genocide of the Palestinian people, to grasp and smash escorts with humanitarian help for Palestinians of Gaza Strip, to rattle the nuclear weapon.

Here you are the above-mentioned article.

Captain 1st rank Eremenko B.F. (Bugaev).


Israel will place three submarines of the German production armed with cruise missiles with nuclear warheads in Persian Gulf near to the coast of Iran. It is connected with fears that blows across the Israeli objects including air bases and rocket installations can be administered from outside Iran, Syria and Lebanese "Hezbollah".

Submarines of 7th flotilla - Dolphin, Tekuma and Leviathan - earlier came to Persian Gulf. But now it's decided always to have there at least one submarine, The Sunday Times writes, referring to certain Israeli newspaper and its source - the commander of flotilla named "colonel O".

As he said, submarines subordinated to him are "underwater striking powers" which operate "deeply and very far" from the borders of Israel. These submarines can sail till 50 days and to stay on the depth up to 1150 foots not less than a week. Some of them are equipped by rockets with the most advanced nuclear warheads of the Israeli arsenal.

Submarines can be involved in the event that Iran will continue its program on manufacture of nuclear bomb. Rocket range - 1500 km that will allow, by words of some officer of the Navy of Israel, to hit any target in Iran, InoPressa informs.

Besides the deterrent, their presence also provides possibility of gathering of military information and delivery of agents of "Mossad", the edition affirms. "We are reliable base for gathering of classified information as we can stay at one place for long time", - one of the officers of flotilla said.

Judging by the recent statement of the Iranian admiral, they in Teheran already know about intentions of Israel. Admiral said: "The one who wishes to make evil deeds in Persian Gulf will receive power answer from us".

Lat month Israel showed aspiration to prevent Iranian-Syrian-Lebanese "alliance": Minister of Defence Ehud Barak showed the US president Barack Obama secret satellite images which captured transfer of ballistic missiles from Syria to Lebanon for grouping "Hezbollah". Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will continue the given theme at negotiations with Obama in Washington this week.

Israel has all bases to be afraid for its safety. As experts mark, no other city in the world is being threatened more than Tel Aviv: "The greatest number of rockets is aimed at square foot of the area".

Meanwhile edition NEWSru Israel interested in the article and especially in its sources informs that it tried to receive additional information about interview of "colonel O" from official army sources. However it received an answer from there that there's no information about such publication in the Israeli mass-media though they are informed about the article in The Sunday Times.

As edition assumed, the British newspaper used the article about the Israeli submarine fleet published in Friday tabloid Yedioth Ahronoth as a source. There was interview with the commander of 7th flotilla there. The author of the article in The Sunday Times, most likely, knows real name of the commander as in publication in Hebrew there was specification "colonel Ain" that did not allow to name precisely the first vocal letter in the name of that officer, EWSru Israel concludes.


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