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Yanukovich "Out-Did" Security Officials with the Help of Drugs

Yanukovich "Out-Did" Security Officials with the Help of Drugs

Coming to the meeting with the heads of security structures Yanukovich took several types of drugs. According to the president, all of them were bought via Internet by his subordinate following his order. Yanukovich stressed that purchase was made without any complications. According to him, it means that activity of law-enforcement agencies on drug control were insufficient.

It was also informed that people who sold forbidden substances to the employees of administration а the president are arrested.

Deputy chairman of administration of the Ukrainian president Gennady Vasiliev who was present at next activation and elimination of the drugs told to the journalists that substances were bought for money of employees of administration and cost little. According to him, they cost about one thousand grivnas (around four thousand roubles).

"Interfax" specified that cocaine, gage, medicine "Tramadol" as well as smoking blends "Afghan Incense", "Avatar" and "Razhan" were burned.

- I really like this guy more and more, - editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk Anatoly Baranov notes. - I know that it's not correct for oppositionist to talk with sympathy about the president and moreover about the president of foreign country. Though it's something new in world practice since times of Henry IV when he used to disguise and wander along the streets of Paris to hear what French people talked about him - he simply and on concrete example "out-did" own security officials. Lacks of Yanukovich and his boarding are quite evident but it's necessary to talk about his merits. We are talking now not only yesterday's cute action but that it was real, practically extraordinary PR which cost only 1 thousand grivnas - for such money you will be "given the finger" even in Russia, though we are not spoiled with advertisement. It was made ably, what else could be said... I am sure for 100 percent that it was not Yanukovich himself who thought up to wander in the Internet and out-do security officials by easiness of purchasing of drugs in such a way. It means that creative enough and not too greedy people are accumulated around the president, capable to find fine solutions. It's great art - to attract clever and talented people. If it's not incident but regularity, than Yanukovich will give ten out of ten to both our "little giants" who are surrounded by greedy and cunning people. Let's compare at least report collapse of Medvedev in California, constant "poo outs" of Putin with his "winged" expressions - this most interesting story with drugs invented by Yanukovich.


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