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If Medvedev Got Permission for Reign from Obama?

If Medvedev Got Permission for Reign from Obama?
Аlexander Golovenko 09.07.2010

The Soviet Union was the most powerful super-empire, none important question in the world was settled without its participation. American bombing and segmentation of Yugoslavia, aggression of mad Bush-junior against Iraq and putting to death of Saddam Hussein were possible during its existence. At that the Soviet Union treated even small countries of the third world with respect. Soviet leaders negotiated with the heads of small African states with correctness, as peer to peer. Communiqués was always printed in press following the results of such negotiations: what was discussed? what agreements were achieved? Brezhnev could tonsil-hockey every person he wanted but the order was always followed.

First back-door negotiations with leaders of foreign countries were led by betrayer Gorbachev. After his first "secret meeting" with Bush - senior in the heart of masonry - on Malta - only the most naïve person failed to understand that the Soviet Union was destined to death. Scandalous confessions of the president of the USA Clinton at the meeting of the United Committee of Chiefs of Staff on October, 25th, 1995 were published in press not once. He said as follows: we were not once reproached that we wasted billions and trillions dollars for destruction of the USSR. Those expenses were made not in vain because America made with Russia the same thing Truman was going to make with the Soviet Union with the help of nuclear weapon - it turned it into raw-material appendage.

Now we have to understand once and for all - we are a column. If so, our president - to be more correct gauleiter - could only be appointed by "White House". The aim of such president - to deliver to West energy recourses and keep own people in leash.

In 1989 disgraced Yeltsin was invited to the USA for viewing. Here world governors understood: this very soaker and woodenhead is capable to dare to liquidate the Soviet Union. He still had aplomb acquired while working in regional committees, he could easily look upon a hedge.

As to his successor Putin - he already couldn't do such thing but he could promise to "get in the toilet" and obediently fulfill gauleiter's functions. To extract oil and gas and deliver them to NATO countries. Incomes in the form of Stabilization Fund were transferred to the common fund of Washington. He did it with all his best.

Actually, who is Putin? Babbler who did nothing for the country. Demagogue, sybarite and third-rater expelled in 1990 from KGB. He quickly found the way to Sobchak having understood that it's possible to make "greens" with him easily. Tail of criminal cases has been dragging on Putin from the beginning of 90s as Marina Salie reminded once again recently.

... Having received at the will of the World government keys from the Moscow Kremlin, Putin started justifying confidence at once. He instantly dragged through the State Duma extremely favourable for the USA but defective for Russia Agreement about SNF-2 according to which our country started destruction of its unsurpassed intercontinental ballistic missiles "Satan" (for years of Putin management the Russian Federation reduced its nuclear potential in 2 times - while the USA kept it at former level).

Then following the order of his American owners Putin flooded unique orbital space station "Mir", having deprived Russia of the national manned space technology. All policy of Yeltsin successor and his sobchak's team for 10 years - policy of genocide. Policy of impoverishment of people, tremendous social split and nurturance of oligarchs. Policy of soldering and narcotization of population.

At Putin Russia occupied 1-2 places on quantity of abortions, adult and juvenile suicides, teenaged prostitution, alcohol consumption and drug (heroine) taking. Front attack of political, social rights, freedoms of people, on independent mass-media, laws and the Constitution started. Putin turned Federation Council into "club of billioners" and the State Duma - its bedmate. Post here also could be sold and bought.

Having become, actually, absolute monarch, Putin turned country into his own estate. Principe of his management - to have his own way. Today's Russia - criminal feudal-police state destined purely for enrichment of Kremlin's top and the group of raw material oligarchs affiliated to it.

Tell me: where "inescapable love" of citizens to this cheapskate does come from? Whence are these transcendental ratings of almost 80%, honourable nickname "national leader" and hysterical entreaties "to stay for the third term"?

All this was done by him personally. I will not guess, why Washington regional committee suddenly decided to change Putin for Medvedev. The matte could be simply in banal mistrust of Obama to him, small fluffy Medvedev seems to him more pleasant in dialogue. We can go on presidential election or not go, to argue up to the last, how many voices the main schemer of the central Election Committee Churov has stolen from Zyuganov and has attributed to Putin or Medvedev. All of them are fleas. It is necessary to understand clearly: only appointer of the USA can be the president of Russia.

Nevertheless, change of asses in the Kremlin took place. Things are up and down... For two years saying day after day stupid things and rubbish Medvedev has already bored population of the country. We understood: we have no president. We have the second edition of Gorbachev - ham suffering from incontinence of speech whose main aim "to cast in granite".

Obviously, such moods were felt in Washington and they decided there to define: if they should let this speaking poppet remain in the Kremlin? Or, possibly, to give control leavers back to Putin or to some third person? So, they needed more thorough viewing which "White House" organizes to all candidates on the throne. Thus, it's necessary to consider Medvedev's scandalous visit to the USA not from the point of view of the state visit of the president of Russia to the equal. But from the point of view of visit of the pupil to teacher with the desire to please and deserve permission to reign one more term.

That's why his stay in America is a chain of endless humiliations, mockery and kicks. That why he went to the giant Schwarzenegger to California next to whom he looked as funny peck even on his ten-centimeter heels. That's why the second division of rockets "Patriot" took place in Poland those very days. Medvedev had to swallow the pill silently. Though, as we know, in 2008 he threatened to place rocket complexes "Iskander" in Kaliningrad in answer. Well, where are they?

Every day Obama and his script writers invented some new fun for the Kremlin boy as if they decided to show his inborn cretinism to the whole world. While the last was still keeping idiotic smile on his face. They gave him mobile phone - communicator and his eyes lighted up. Then Obama decided to feast him in some quick-and-dirty with hamburger which also made Moscow guest to cry with happiness...

Criminal "gas war" which Medvedev declared to allied Belarus on the eve of June, 22nd - follows from the same scenario of humiliations and check-outs to define the decree of bestiality. Arrest of 11 people ostensibly working for the Russian intelligence service was apotheosis of mockery. They were arrested literally the same minute the plane of the president of RF melted into thin air. Mister Medvedev didn't dare to say anything, even slight degree of bewilderment to answer this demarche. So, he passed the exam on kiss-ass. What communiqué we are talking about?

It's declared that "Bush knuckles" will return to Russia and it will buy new party of Boeing. It's useless to ask what Russia will get in return.

I still have doubts: if obedient boy received permission from Obama? Тhat is permission to stay in the Kremlin for the second term? Oк one more visit to kiss the legs will be necessary in a year? I think next events will show it to us.

From editorial board: Some independent lawyer whose wife works as state secretary came to Moscow right after the visit of Medvedev to the USA to negotiate. In Moscow he met other lawyer, graduate from LGU who became known after interview with Larry King and phrase "She "drowned".

So, the lawyers talked and make to the conclusion that Russia has difficult times ahead and it's too risky to keep nominal figure on throne. While it seems that it won't be possible to make real governor from this "simeon bekbulatovich". Therefore American democrats who preferred before to have more liberal figure on the Kremlin throne now are going to be oriented on someone more concrete and capable.


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