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It Turns Out that Меdvedev Hasn’t Stopped Dying-out of the Country

It Turns Out that Меdvedev Hasn’t Stopped Dying-out of the Country
Baranov Anatoly 06.03.2008

The number of resident population of the Russian Federation for the 1st of January, 2008 made up 142 million people that 237,8 thousand people (0,17%) less than similar parameter by the beginning of 2007, the Federal State Statistics Service (Rosstat) informed on Tuesday. That is, having waited the end of presidential elections which passed under refrain of Medvedev's election as the Savior of Russia from dying-out by means of national projects, Rosstat informed - the country still died out, the choice of the Savior was a mistake... As a whole the number of people died in 1,3 times exceeded the number of the born, all over the country and in eight subjects of the Russian Federation - in 2-2,5 times, is said in the report.

Due to what fact there was some improvement of statistics which did a snow-job on us?

The increased migratory gain which made up 50,2% compensated reduction of population, Rosstat informs. That is reduction of population is going on and is compensated by the way by replacement of indigenous population by alien one.

The second compensatory mechanism is small increase of birth rate. During the last year there was born in Russia on 122,8 thousand kids (8,3%) more, than a year earlier. On 86,6 (4%) thousand of the Russians less died. That is some small reduction of rates of dying-out of the country (I shall repeat, not its termination, it's going on still but only small decrease in its rates) was achieved not due to increase of a standard of living (and, hence, reduction of death rate) but exclusively due to increase of fertility of citizens who still gave birth to children doomed to die on the average 20 years earlier, than their peers in the advanced countries.

Yes, in percentage terms 4% less died but whether it's an "achievement"? The dying out population is simply reduced, the statistics of death decreases also. When the last Russian will die, his death can be presented as huge statistical "achievement" - in comparison with 86,6 thousand those who died the previous year. Only one! Against 86 thousand! In fact it is clear that with reduction of population the number of those who die will also be decrease every year.

The authority shows tremendous misunderstanding that the problem of extinction is not only in low birth rate but also in wild, high, "African" death rate of the Russians in able-bodied and genital age. To stimulate birth rate in such conditions is to exhaust the country to such a state from which it got out in 1917 with enormous number of victims. In fact it was in the Russian village where before revolution lived 85% of population of the country, 8-10 children were born but more than half of them died not having lived up to teenage age.

Naturally, the country with such structure of "birth - death" has no chances to compete to the advanced states, it's as a matter of fact incubator of slaves similar to many African and Asian countries and now also former republics of Central Asia where the man dies not having lived up to 50, not having received ever either qualified medical aid, or normal conditions for life.

However, the aged leader of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Zyuganov appointed "the main opponent" to Medvedev also does not understand it. The first item of his presidential theses shows the same full misunderstanding of the problem:

"To stop extinction of the country which has begun at Yeltsin and have not been stopped at Putin. To create special state commission on protection of childhood in Russia. Within two years to solve a problem of children's homelessness. To realize the program of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation on growth of birth rate, including restoration of privileges for large families, reconstruction of a network of accessible kindergartens, supporting of young families with habitation".

That is all! Means to provide high birth rate, not paying attention on so high death rate of able-bodied population.

"Reduction of population occurred because of natural decline of population", - is said in operative report of Rosstat though de facto this loss is completely unnatural. There is no the slightest hint that increase in average life expectancy, sharp reduction of death in able-bodied age and in ideal - increase of duration of able-bodied age till 70-80 years is not a whim of pensioners afraid of death but the requirement of that "economy of knowledge" about which successor-president Medvedev so beautifully spoke. Because an average statistic death of that "carrier of knowledge" in the age of creative blossoming - is a mortal blow on competitiveness of the state.

But all this - are thoughts of "red marginals". The reality given to us in report of Rosstat is relentless. And the policy of the state in the given question, apparently, will not undergo any changes. By the way, as "Kommersant" approves, people who occupy themselves with national projects in Medvedev's apparatus have been moved from their posts even before elections. Because of uselessness.

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