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Carrier Rocket "Proton-M" Fell with Three Satellites GLONASS-M

Carrier Rocket "Proton-M" Fell with Three Satellites GLONASS-M

Carrier rocket "Proton-M" bearing 3 satellites GLONASS-M deviated by 8 degrees therefore satellites entered not-closed orbit and fell in non-navigable area of Pacific Ocean. The Russian satellites fell into the ocean and were destroyed due to serious technical error.

Upper stage DM-3 with three satellites "GLONASS" fell into Pacific Ocean in 1500 kilometers to the north-west of Honolulu, there no victims and destructions, a source in rocket-and-space branch informed news agency RIA News.

GLONASS - Global Navigation Satellite System - has been developed and started in interests of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation in 1993 with orbital grouping of the limited structure (12 satellites). In 1995 orbital grouping was expanded up to regular structure in 24 space vehicles, however later was again reduced due to underfinancing. At the moment 26 satellites "GLONASS" are placed in the orbit of the Earth, however only 20 of them are used, 4 more are temporarily deduced for servicing and 2 more are in reserve. 

Average technical resource of satellites "GLONASS" makes 4,5 years at the guaranteed term of active existence 3 years. The USA use satellites of the second generation GPSIIR with technical service life of 10 years, in reality - till 20 years that allows them to have all necessary for functioning of system grouping of satellites in orbit and to support its functioning launching only one satellite a year. Accuracy characteristics of our GLONASS also essentially concede the American GPS. The size of root-mean-square lateral deviation of GLONASS makes 17,1 m, vertical deflection - 22,18 m, while GPS has following similar indicators - 2,76 m and 7,51 m. GLONASS still can't cover all territory of Russia.

On November, 12th, 2009 the president told to Federal Council of the Russian Federation in his message: "Usage of space technologies, including, naturally, GLONASS becomes the priority direction of our work. They will give our people chance to use modern navigating equipment in cars, help to provide safety of transport and technically difficult objects, to improve coordination of work of services which are responsible for accident precaution and emergency situations, for liquidation of consequences of natural and technogenic accidents. There will also appear new technologies of granting digital cartographical information of split-hair accuracy".

A year later - November, 30th, 2010, from the message of the president to Federal Council of the Russian Federation: "Satellite grouping GLONASS will be completely formed till the end of the year, creation of the basic digital navigation charts will be ended during next two years, application of satellite navigators of system will begin. Possibilities of GLONASS will serve now to the mass user".

- Obviously, mass user will have to wait, - editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk Anatoly Baranov considers. -  At least till the time while military-industrial complex of Russia will be headed by specialist, not overseeing chekist-philologist not capable to evaluate with competence what it is - breakthrough in technique or next miracle of "scientist - petrik". Next Тu-154, though it should have been new medium-range aircraft which doesn't exist. GLONASS system broke, by the way, it was created not for replacing of GPS-navigator in my car for domestic bulky object but for defensive power of the country, so that troop commander used domestic system instead of the American one to get oriented. In fact recently we have a lot of planes which fall, refuse to work, break. At that we have no responsible for it persons. At last - who will ask? Ivanov? What will he ask? In fact he is as responsible as a child - it's clear, he "is out of game". Money from export of arms comes regularly, with priority rates, we sell everything, even things which we don't have. I think he doesn't take superfluous, by the codes of the underwolrd. While he is not the specialist in technical questions.

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