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Dead Mice of Native Land

Dead Mice of Native Land
Delyagin Michael 03.07.2008

Russia chokes with shortage of operatives. The state approaches to recognition of necessity of stimulation of mass inflow of "Gastarbeiter" even by illegal migration and forced washing out of ethno-confessional balance of a society, threatening to its very existence.

Meanwhile till 2008 reduction of the population paradoxically was accompanied by increase in a number of operatives: there were less children born, old men died faster but increasing Soviet generations - up to children of "dry law" - entered upon life.

Catastrophic shortage of operatives was caused not by its physical absence but by its bad organization, bad motivation and training of own, available youth.

The rate on modernization of a society on the basis of innovations and modern technologies proclaimed by the president Medvedev demands (in a case, certainly, of its practical realization) cardinal change of position in this sphere, spontaneously developed during social and economic reform and deliberately fixed by reform of education.

Today many graduates of even prestigious Moscow universities have no elementary labour motivation, are not able to search and master new information, organically are not capable to learn anything and experience insuperable problems in the most simple and vital affairs - from using printer up to using native language.

Well, certainly, it reminds usual old man's delirium.

Yes, certainly, the most ancient of written records of mankind - passionate complaint against youth breaking the rules, not obeying grown-ups and putting thus habitual order of things under a threat.

However, the author more often now have to come across young people with higher education being anecdotically illiterate (would you like "complete litIracy" in the CV of the candidate?) and even not capable to express idea. Victims of higher education frequently are not capable to understand the meaning of own words (especially it's impressing in case with the journalists asking questions); having lost the way they whether hesitate to call and ask the way or do not know at all that it is possible, at getting acquainted with instructions to home appliances, even quite clear, have their brains freeze. Principal indifference to Work irritates most of all in them - to get convinced in it is enough to go almost in every shop of home appliances and to set a pair of concrete questions to the selling assistants (the author uses for this purpose shops "Tekhnosila").

We live in conditions of increasing complex endarkenment of the Russian society - reformed education became its main factor.

First of all, children are taught "not to that" - irrelatively any connection by what they will need in their life. Notorious principle "money follow the pupil" does not allow to correct mistakes of people in a situation when they are sure can not make correct choice. The situation when graduates of schools "all of a sudden" will go to circus schools so that to become needless in such quantities clowns seems ridiculous to the bureaucrats from educational sphere, - however, such situation is supported last decade with "managers", "lawyers" and "bookkeepers"!

It's essential also that children are taught "not so", forming by means of replacement of examinations with tests (including Universal State Exam) piecewise-patchy consciousness. Examination in the form of interview demands complex knowledge and understanding of a question; tests by their nature focus the pupil on thrilling of separate elements which are not connected into the general picture. Examination forms independently thinking person, test - greasy grid; it's other thing that it's much more convenient to manipulate by piecewise-patchy consciousness, that is favourable to unfair representatives of ruling bureaucracy.

Defects of the reformed education system (including practically absent quality control) are caused by the fact that the state considers it not as the tool of creation of the major productive force of a society - a person, but as completely ordinary business, consistently ignoring difference between production of the person and society (namely it's a function of education) and, for example, production of polyethylene packages.

As a result educational system, first of all higher one, is focused on mass and effective preparation of the professional unemployed deeply convinced of own exclusiveness and doomed by virtue of it on the most severe conflict with reality and, as a result, de-socialization. They have already received a humiliating nickname "Мickey-mouse" - but for our Native land these young experimental mice of liberal reformers, obviously, are already dead on the whole.

It is inadmissible luxury for the country which practically does not have social welfare (and, in particular, unemployment benefit comprehensible to survival) and choking with shortage of operatives.

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