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Russia Refused from WTO, Cooperation with NATO and "Clammed Up"

Russia Refused from WTO, Cooperation with NATO and "Clammed Up"

Russia does not see for itself an opportunity to enter the World Trading Organization in the nearest months or year. Such application was made by the first vice-premier of Russia Igor Shuvalov. Earlier Igor Shuvalov declared that Russia would withdraw from a number of agreements contradicting to its interests with partners from WTO, however, "it will continue negotiations about joining of this organization". Earlier Russia had already lost place in "G8". President Medvedev also declared about opportunity of full break of relations with NATO.

"We only have to withdraw from the United Nations and everything will be ok, - editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk Anatoly Baranov considers. - Analogy to one head of the state who also have withdrawn from League of Nations will be full. By the way, the European press already began drawing this analogy after exit of Russia from the Treaty on Conventional Forces in Europe. To tell you the truth, it is necessary to realize nevertheless that Putin's Russia is far from being the same as Hitler's Germany - it haven't got enough guts and ambitions are obviously smaller. It's abundantly clear that the Kremlin meaningly exhausts itself in position of "state - derelict" and it makes it not at all because of stupidity or hopelessness - there are enough ways out and people are quite clever. Apparently, today there some pluses from being in position of the derelict which suit the Kremlin, while minuses of this position obviously alarm less. It is some game and to understand its essense means - to understand prospect of development (or degradation) of the country for some significant period".

The White House reconsiders "all relations" with Russia in connection with the request of the Russian members of parliament to the president of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev to recognize independence of South Ossetia and Abkhazia, agency France Presse transfers. It was declared on Monday by Toni Fratto, the assistant to the press-secretary of the president of the USA George Bush. Making comments on the reference of the State Duma and Council of Federation to Меdvedev, the assistant to press-secretary of Bush informed that "the status of two Georgian regions cannot be determined by one country". Fratto reminded that such questions should be solved at the international level with assistance of the United Nations.

- Reaction of the USA is surprisingly constrained, - Anatoly Baranov noted. - Position of the White House this time is practically indisputable - and the American administration shows better knowledge of laws of the Russian Federation, than the government of Russia. We have a precedent of recognition of independence of East Timor - president Putin signed the decree and entrusted the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, that's all. But there was before reference of the secretary general of the United Nations calling to recognize that state, that's the United Nations discussed and made the decision and it was proposed to the national administrations to ratify it. In case with Abkhazia and South Ossetia the initiative of recognition proceeds as a matter of fact from the Russian parliament - it's a rather weak replacement of the United Nations. Medvedev understands it, actually, action with application of Council of Federation and Duma, not having in general any validity, simply unnecessary was arranged with that purpose. Or, if the question was serious, Duma would pass Recognition Act and it would be offered to the president simply to sign. There is an impression that they in the White House are in condition of some arrangement with Red Square - you "harass" us there, we will rebel against but harmlessly.

"It is necessary to remind, - Anatoly Baranov considers, - that the USA today is capable to bring down economy of the Russian Federation during one day and to dip the country in full chaos - it's enough to freeze the Russian gold and exchange currency reserves. After that all Alexey Kudrin's accumulations will turn into an old pumpkin as the carriage of Cinderella. If the States wanted war with Russia aiming to destroy it - it would be already destroyed without any nuclear warheads. I am not talking about freezing of all private accounts in the western banks, arrest of property and real estate. But Washington prefers "to be at war for fun" as administration of conservatives of Bush today in obvious prize from activity of the Kremlin - both on internal field having strengthened positions of McCain against democrat Obama and on external having dishonoured the European Community. Red Square is also in big prize as now it is possible not to take into account either opposition, or some public opinion - position of the country - derelict gives big advantages, preservation of modes which takes place in such countries, refusal of democratic mechanisms of change of authority and other similar "excesses" occur not casually.

The president of Russia Dmitry Medvedev will hardly sign the document on recognition of independence of Abkhazia and South Ossetia. As Reuters informs, it was declared by the chancellor of Germany Angel Меrkel staying in Sweden with visit. She "expects that the president of Russia will not make it", otherwise intensity in region will only amplify.

- Angel Меrkel has not understood till the end whom she deals with on behalf of Putin, - Anatoly Baranov makes comments. - Intensity on Caucasus alarms Putin no more than the war in Afghanistan. Let's look more closely - Russia has 58-th army numerically surpasses the army of Georgia in 2,5 times! Any intensity here is quite controllable and can alarm only few people who don't understand motivation of the Kremlin. The Kremlin is not responsible before anybody for the death of its soldier, the more so for the problems of population of some Georgia. The Kremlin needed genocide of the Ossetians and now obvious disappointment could be seen from the fact that the number one and a half - two thousand of the ones who were killed was not obviously enough. Меrkel has also not understood that Putin plays with America against Europe, rather than reverse. If Putin thinks and speaks one language equally with neoconservatives, he made such as Merkel informers already during the service in East German resident agency - while her predecessor Schroeder was simply bought by him. Now Europe already sees, what trap it's in and Who is mr Putin. But it's too late already.

Extreme summit of EU will pass in Brussels. In the agenda - questions of rendering assistance to Georgia and also future relations of the European Community and Russia. Extreme summit of EU will take place in Brussels on September, 1. It's called by France "under numerous requests of the countries - members of EU".

The main target of summit - "to see, whether we can reconstruct relations and continue to work together (with Russia) and also how to help (to settle) situation in Georgia" was declared by Christina Galljak, press-secretary of Havjer Solana. In particular, press-secretary of Solana recommended Moscow no to hasten with final recognition of Abkhazia and South Ossetia "not to create more problems".

"Most likely Меdvedev will not hasten with recognition, - Anatoly Baranov considers. - But his motivation in no way will be connected to the cries of eurobureaucrats, he has own reasons not to hurry up. Now recognition has nothing to give him - then what for he should accept it? One could think that Moscow really thinks about the rescue of the Ossetians - they thought and thought and thought that even reached Poti. President Medvedev, probably, will need some time to accustom with a role of the president of the country - derelict - he was being prepared, on the contrary, for westernization of the Russian policy, "kind" inspector, as against "malicious" Putin. While he had to play a role of the commander-in-chief in colonial war. An unexpected role, it is necessary to accustom. All the more so Sergey Ivanov was being prepared for such role".

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