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Putin Used Dying Children for Self-PR

Putin Used Dying Children for Self-PR
Аlexander Golovenko 12.01.2011

It seems that I have already studied Putin as my ten fingers for 10 years. But every time he reveals more and more new planes of his pharisaism and cynicism.

* * *

Just one month ago mass-media was spread by amazing knowledge: a charitable concert in support of children with oncological and ophthalmologic diseases passed in Saint-Petersburg. With participation of ten Hollywood stars. However the highlight of the program was not Alain Delon, not Monika Bellucci, not Sharon Stone and not Gerard Depardieu... but our V.Putin, not known hitherto for any creative talents.

At request of the master of ceremony he not confidently played motive of a song "From Where Does the Motherland Begin?" on piano but also to the accompaniment of one of the widely known jazz musicians Maceo Parker sung Louis Armstrong's song in English. Naturally, he was applauded by the world movie stars who received unique opportunity to echo to the most Russian prime minister. Singing Putin - unless it's not world sensation?

Later, on December, 16th carrying out "a live call-in show" with people majestic singer told about that entertainment the following: "There was very kind, warm atmosphere. A lot of foreign stars arrived. I even want to thank them once again - they perceived everything that occurred there with such warmth, with such soul. Such atmosphere caused me to show that we also are capable to do something". Then he didn't spare his time to thank celebrities. Say, I am celebrity myself.

It means, there was no improvisation. Then our prime minister in his free from suppressing big fires time he was prepared performance to amaze the world. While people have questions: why the government of Russia which under the Constitution is obliged to treat all citizens free of charge including - oncologic sick children, arranges gathering of alms of a world scale? Unless it isn't a shame for power of the country where a number of dollar billionaires for two years of crisis doubled?

Why in general many of our mass-media are literally overflowed by plaintive appeals of fathers and mothers to render material aid for the treatment of their children dying of cancer? Why mister Putin leaves them in private with their trouble?

... A month passed and the same questions got interest of some mass-media. So, journalists of the Leningrad Internet newspaper "Fontanka.ru" decided to take interest: how many did the organizer of a concert - innovative welfare fund "Federation" - get? Where and whom, what clinics, for treatment of what concrete children did it direct them?

Here you what they found out. It appears this company reminds Ostaps's "Horns and Hoofs". It appeared a month before the show. It has neither legal address, nor site on the Internet, nor ... the director. It didn't prevented it to act actively. To receive agreement to participate in concert of world movie stars, to reserve Ledovy Dvorets for 12 thousand spectators, to print and distribute huge billboards around the city (only one cost up to 50 thousand rubles) etc.

The sum of fees, judging by star structure of participants, should be very, very huge. For example, deposit cost - a place at one table with Mickey Rourke reached one million roubles. Prices for places in a hall cost up to 100 thousand roubles. The day before foreign stars visited sick children. What gifts did they bring? According to employees of the hospital, basically toys - steamers, dolls and "soap bubbles" from nearby shops.

As the head physician of city hospital №31 Anatoly Ryvkin told to "Fontanka", Mickey Rourke went shopping to nearby toy shop. Alain Delon charged his assistants to buy baskets with fruit and Sharon Stone presented constructors "Lego" to kids and tiny railway. Not so much, to tell you the truth. Better to say - it is simple greediness.

Judging by unprecedented luck of organizers of the evening and their rough impact, journalists of "Fontanka" assumed that certain political forces had a hand in creation of "Horns and Hoofs" ... pff, that is "Federation". Traces resulted in the State Duma and the Federation Council. It is impossible to assume that our prime minister came with prepared in advance performance to the charitable evening organized by someone unknown. As it is known, he is afraid of improvisations most of all.

As the actress and co-founder of welfare fund "Present Life" Chulpan Khamatova noticed to "Fontanka", recently they addressed Sharon Stone and Kevin Costner with request to take part in the charitable action. However Hollywood celebrities demanded fee. Whether they echoed Putin in Ladovy Dvorets on free of charge base remains unknown... As well as the sum got by "Federation" which journalist at all their meticulousness failed to find out.

Now everything clicks into place. I need to agree with Leningrad blogger _kitt who discussed on Internet forum that burning topic: "May be not fund "Federation" was organizer of show of the year but the Russian Federation? And stars were invited on behalf of the Russian Federation or even personally by Mr. Putin? Only the host can behave in such a way. That is, it seems to me, sick children have nothing to do with it at all. If they really wanted to help sick children, all "greens" wasted for the concert would be simply transfer into account of "Present Life", "AdVita", etc... While here - image advertising in world scales!"

That is, whatever one may do, there's only one conclusion: to "amaze" the world with vocal capabilities Mr. Putin and Co pulled off that concert adventure, having used for self-advertisement oncologic children-patients. He gained Dima Bilan's glory while his gang apparently got huge fees from false fund.

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