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Stock Market of Russia Became the Worst in the World...

Stock Market of Russia Became the Worst in the World...

After the turn of collapses of last days the Russian share market officially became the worst market of the world, BBC informs. None stock index underwent such falling the current year, even in such developing countries as Peru, Pakistan or Vietnam. On Wednesday index of RTS slumped 4,36% up to a level 1334 points having reached minimal value since June, 2006. Index of Moscow Central Stock Exchange lost 3,75%.

One day before index of RTS slumped 7,5% and Moscow Central Stock Exchange - 9,08%. For the last week falling made another 11%. As a whole, from the middle of May the Russian exchange index slumped almost 50%.

Events of last days are characterized by a word "panic".

Experts connect such falling both with external factors - strengthening of dollar, falling prices for oil - and with internal ones. The conflict in TNK-BP company, Vladimir Putin's attack on "Mechel" company and war in Georgia led to mass selling of the shares of the Russian companies.

Only since August, 7, the day of the beginning of military actions in South Ossetia the Russian shares lost more than 300 billion dollars of their cost. Company "Gazprom" recently declaring about its ambitions on finishing of own capitalization up to billion of dollars in the nearest years, now costs less than 200 billion.

After intensity between Russia and the USA and other countries of the West appeared, foreign players strengthened withdrawal of their means from the Russian market since August.

Collapse of quotations of the Russian shares compelled president Dmitry Medvedev to try to calm down investors. He declared that falling of exchange index was not too dramatic and has temporary character. The Russian president expressed hope that index would in a while get restored to the value of the beginning of the year.

However financiers are doubtful of it. Some of them predict overcoming of a mark in 1220 points already by weekend, others predict in the nearest future the falling up to a mark in 1100 points. The thirds do not in general undertake now to predict anything.

While the market volumes are weak and it means that foreign investors do not hurry up to buy up shares even under such low prices. Moreover, they continue to sell.

More and more analysts are declined to opinion that the bottom of falling of the Russian market has not been reached yet and index of RTS can lose up to 20-25%.

From editorial board: So that the words of the president stopped the falling of the market, they should have weight. For today we notice that the words of officials are subjected to the same devaluation as money. Even the greater.

We were told so many lies recently that it's ridiculous to trust the words about the market of a person who never worked in business. The person who only in connection with the conflict in Georgia was caught in direct disinformation.

We were so many times told that the market was "under control". Let's live and see...


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