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Lenin Mausoleum Is Being Made Empty for Putin

Lenin Mausoleum Is Being Made Empty for Putin

Members of Edinaya Russia Vladimir Medinsky and Robert Schlegel on the threshold of anniversary of Vladimir Lenin's death "reanimated" discussion concerning burial place of a body of the leader of world proletariat.


"Lenin is extremely disputable political figure and his being central figure in necropolis in the heart of our country - extreme absurd... No body's present there, experts know that about 10% is left, all the rest is drawn and replaced long time ago therefrom", - member of ER Vladimir Medinsky whose words are resulted by site of ER declared.


Schlegel agrees with Medinsky's opinion. "It is really not clear what he does in the mausoleum in such state. If mausoleum is a historical construction with own history, Lenin - is extremely disputable figure. He is guilty in shedding blood and broken lives of millions fellow citizens, he - symbol of social shocks and terror, symbol of grief of the huge country", - he explained his position.


As it is known, members of ER start discussing this theme every winter - they consider in the Communist Party of the Russian Federation that ER does it by day of Lenin's death but actually they do it by the end of "sacred month" when citizens, having sobered up a bit, notice that housing and communal services tariffs, transport and prices for foodstuff increased in cost. Here Zyuganov's followers (I nearly wrote communists) should get worked up about a wave of national anger - while they are thrown traditional toy in protection of the dead leader. Actually it's an old game in angle shots - the Kremlin gives shot to Zyuganov about Lenin's taking away from mausoleum - Zyuganov sends shot to the Kremlin, say, we won't give it to you - the Kremlin acts again: all right, we will leave Lenin to you - Zyuganov: we shouldn't think about tariffs now, Lenin is in danger. All break even - that's a game. Zyuganov as "Lenin's savior" will organize mass laying of flowers on January, 21st. The Kremlin counts up money - part of it, by the way, goes to cash desk of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation for those who voted for this "fighting" party.

I would as true "neo-Trotskyst" categorically welcomed initiative of "Еdinaya Russia" to carrying the body of Lenin away. Hurrah-hurrah to citizens Schlegel and Medinsky! The only condition I would put forward, if I were Zyuganov, is to bring in the Constitution of the Russian Federation article that tariffs for habitation in Russia can't exceed 10% of the aggregate family income. That point which by the way is present in the Program of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation. Very remarkable point, Lenin would also approve it and as Ilyich was inveterate atheist, he wouldn't care what becomes with his mortal remains.

In this situation "Еdinaya Russia" would bargain not with Zyuganov's party for the Duma chairs and monetary contentment relying to them but would go on auction with all Russian people.

- We desperately want to insult on Lenin's body.

- Please, insult but execute the will of the deceased - 10% from the aggregate family income. 

- Whether 20% won't suit the leader of the world proletariat?

- No, bargaining is inappropriate here.

I want to cry at imagining such picture.

That to the body of companion Lenin, I believe that his opinion on this question is about the same with another consecutive and even radical communist - comrade Jesus Christ. That one told directly: "Let the dead bury their dead".

So it turns out now that the Communist Party of the Russian Federation which rushes with their great dead is dead. While if to give him in charge of "Еdinaya Russia", it would have to give answers to the questions - it buries the dead though people voted for it because of absolutely different reasons and waited from it something different. Though if they want to be a funeral team, let them bury Lenin, than all Russia. In exchange let them give alive people possibility to keep their dwellings - we live not in Palestine, it's cold here.

In fact Lenin - is always alive. As comrade Jesus Christ whose body is absent, there's only empty tomb - Holy Sepulchre. As a proof that he rose on the third day under Writings, sits now in heavens and sees everything, observes every rascal and will strictly bring to answer... The same way Lenin whose mausoleum will become empty soon, would become eternally alive literally and future communists-Leninists will write down in their party charters - was crucified by Pharisees from "Еdinaya Russia", rose on the third day under April theses and sits now on the right hand of Karl Marx or may be Fredric Engels. Now none schlegel or, excuse me, medinskies and even the high priest Slavacan do anything.

People would start talking as about miracle with seven breads that Lenin have forced Caesar to sign the law not to take more than 10% of aggregated family income for a roof over the head from people. Caesar then would occupy Holy Sepulchre and write his nasty name on it, later his name would be erased from all walls, crossed out in all documents and banned in Yandex and Rambler, his name would disappear for ever as they don't know how Pontius Pilate was called.

Аnatoly Baranov

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