imoshenko Cancelled Elections of December, 7th

imoshenko Cancelled Elections of December, 7th

Pre-term elections of the parliament, announced by the president Jushchenko in the decree on December, 7, will not take place. It was declared by the prime-minister Julia Timoshenko in a broadcast appeal to people. "Today I can ascertain: there will be no elections on December, 7", - she said.

Instead of elections J.Timoshenko suggested all fractions to be united in "coalition of protection against world financial crisis" and on its basis to reform the government. She invited all fractions already on October, 20 to begin consultations in the parliament.

The chapter of the Ukrainian government insists on urgent renewal of the work of the Supreme Rada for acceptance of urgent laws on counteraction to world financial crisis, including the law on the budget.

"I address to the president of Ukraine, to all political forces of the country, to leaders of fractions... with precise and clear offers. It is necessary for us to renew urgently the work for urgent acceptance of necessary laws, including budget. Tomorrow at 12:00 a.m. it is necessary to gather to all fractions of the Supreme Rada of Ukraine and to create coalition of protection against the world financial crisis", - J.Timoshenko declared.

She informed that on Monday by 12:00 a.m. she "will wait for the leaders of all fractions of the Supreme Rada of Ukraine for work". "I ask to cancel all business trips, treatment and rest", - J.Timoshenko appealed to the deputies. The prime minister also suggested to enter in Ukraine "rigid moratorium on disagreements and disputes among politicians".

From editorial staff: Now it is very difficult to understand, whether Timoshenko seriously shifts the terms of elections or has simply started already  her election campaign.

If it is a PR - action, it's successful one - prime-minister, at the same time the leader of parliamentary party named after herself publicly declares that the result of elections doesn't worry her, she worries only for the destiny of fatherland. The thing that elections will pass in conditions of heavy crisis and Ukraine today bears the biggest in the world of losses in the share market is already as though not the fault of prime-minister and her ministers, while she, on the contrary, appealed to struggle with the crisis... The voter - is restrictedly reasonable being, therefore it will hardly ask, why she used only to appeal but not struggled.

At the same time prime-minister Timoshenko hardly interfered with such untimely carrying out of elections. We shall remind that the president of Ukraine Victor Jushchenko by his decree has bought to action the decision of National Safety and Defense Council of Ukraine from October, 13, 2008 "About Immediate Measures on Maintenance of the Constitutional Suffrages of Citizens of Ukraine during Carrying out of Pre-Term Elections to the Supreme Rada of Ukraine".

Besides, as he said, the Supreme Rada could not finance their carrying out from the state budget, therefore means should be allocated from reserve fund of the Cabinet. The corresponding decision was supported by the majority of members of National Safety and Defense Council.

The president of Ukraine addressed a letter to the prime minister with the request to approve allocation of 417,5 million grn (86 million dollars) on organization and carrying out of pre-term parliamentary elections. And on October, 16 the cabinet of Ukraine approved a bill - that is Timoshenko hesitated 3 days hardly.

However, as it's known, there still no money and there are still one and a half month before elections declared on December, 7. To carry out high-grade elections in such terms is rather uneasy and their result will be challenged immediately and proved enough. But shifting of elections for more reasonable date rests against New Year's holidays - it's already direct threat to Timoshenko and big plus for Jushchenko who receives huge open space for activity including the one which can't be proved by the Constitution.

Perhaps, imoshenko wants to disclaim responsibility and to leave her political competitor with all completeness of authority face to face with crisis? The play is reasonable but risky one - having left once the constitutional field, president Jushchenko can not return to it any more.

natoly Baranov

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