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Aria of a Wife of Petty Officer in Execution of the Commander-in-Chief

Aria of a Wife of Petty Officer in Execution of the Commander-in-Chief
Baranov Anatoly 11.05.2011

On Tuesday president Medvedev held the meeting to find out the reasons of break-down of performance of the state defensive order for 2010, ITAR-TASS transfers. Heads of army, war industry, members of the government and presidential administration were present at the meeting.

The head of the state declared: "I want to hear why it happened, who's punished for it and in what way". He even demanded "to give offers appointing posts" for punishment.

It's already ridiculous. Severe-looking majestic kid, his mildly constructed phrases, deep knowledge of national economy at a level "cow milks" - it's funny.

Certainly, domestic politological thought will start now to analyze it from the point of view of pre-election situation and expected "fights of bulldogs under a carpet". Or pugs - I do not know. But I's like to look at it from substantial point of view - from positions of that very state defensive order, defensive industry and, by and large, interests of the state. Because such state as ours will cease to exist without defensive industry, strong army and competent management.

From this point of view searches of the guilty are already ridiculous. Normally the head of the state bears responsibility for the state defensive order - because the head of the state has no more important task, than national defense. While our majestic kid, having accepted the day before parade sitting in armchair, morning-after decided "to chew out" different military and state generals. It's, of course, good business but it shouldn't be done for own mistakes!

Here we can see system mistake.

It turned out so that as a rule military men headed Russia. It's not for nothing that even regal ladies aspired to pose in uniforms, awards and riding the horse. It's not a fashion, not tradition tribute - it's realized necessity as the founder of out present state would say.

Since epoch of grand dukes military purchases, military supply, military budget - were direct duty of the head of the state. If he put forward other priorities, very quickly he ceased to be the head of the state. Bright example - Trotsky, omnipotent head of the Revolutionary Council of the republic, after victory in Civil war rested on the oars... and very quickly ceased to be perceived as the perspective leader, having given way to more comprehensive and more attentive to the needs of the national defense Stalin.

Stalin, clear thing, not only headed the State Defense Committee but really supervised it. He personally made strategic decisions and personally watched how they were put into practice. That is he was not looking but really controlling. He knew how many tanks and planes were produced, where they were produced and what characteristics they possessed and why, who from general designers was working over them and so on. Even theoretically it couldn't happen so that Stalin would learn about break-down of the state defensive order already after its failure.

Brezhnev who occupied post of the secretary general and, accordingly, of the head of the state defense committee behaved in the same way. By the way, he could entrust management of the "defensive complex" to marshal Ustinov who was people's commissar of the defensive industry already in 1940 year and established the majority of enterprises of the military - industrial complex. But - Leonid Ilich preferred to make strategic decisions himself and personally observed their execution while he was able do it.

The same situation is in other countries - Hitler personally followed carrying out of defensive programs though formally enterprises were private. Post of the head of defense committee is still considered the most important in China - a person heading it supervises the Peoples Republic of China.

Only in post-Soviet Russia the president is reported - the government broke the state defensive order. The prime minister learns this information prior to the president - as he is also responsible for the defensive industry and also is not the head but the observer. Our Minister of Defense is from furniture market. Minister of Industry is interested only in tariffs for oil and gas. Experts occupies not higher posts than deputy minister or heads of committees. But they are not responsible to anything? They have the same powers as the chicken, actually they are simple executors of someone's will.

Whose will do they execute?

Here you face such problem when there is no will as well as there's no source for it. What's the essence for carrying out of destanilization in such state, if it has already passed at a level of decision-making, it even has turned into "anti-stanilization". If Stalin decided for all and everything, here it's in general impossible to understand who and what decides - and if he makes any decisions in general?

In this situation it's not clear at all what to consider the result. Who defines directions of military-industrial development of the country (if it in general could be called "development")? It's hardly the president - he simply isn't capable to do it. The prime minister is not much more competent - as he is not dealing with oil and gas here. Ministers? Generals? Who?

Just one detail - after defeat in Spain in autumn of 1939 Stalin made the decision on creation of 7 new construction bureaus of aviation profile at once. Stalin personally chose the staff and approved plans of works. Everybody understood that Stalin would be personally responsible either for successes or for failures. To the beginning of war all those construction bureaus already produced serial cars. 2 years after the moment of signing of orders on their foundation.

What could be done now for 2 years? Only to steal.

People even don't understand that equipment delivered to the army in time means lives - their own, their families and relatives. Just as modern Russian military man doesn't feel any longer that defeat is enemy entered into his house.

Certainly, they in the Kremlin don't believe that they can be hung up as Saddam. Or to die in prison as Milosevic. They consider that the rates are not so high today. That game is not for dear life, only for money. They are idiots. Unfortunately, that is not only their problem as in the long term ruin and destruction will reach us and not them - they indeed can "hide behind whists". While we won't be able to do it.

People don't even understand that phrase "isn't ready to war" is a death sentence.

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