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Enough to Be Defeated!

Enough to Be Defeated!
Delyagin Michael 18.05.2011

In 90s and in the beginning of 2000s years the American and many European analysts practically in all striations of the Russian elite - both in political, administrative and expert - most of all were amazed by general corroding, self-destroying, weakening cynicism. It was one of the strongest impressions of the country captured by fire of destructive liberal reforms. To the middle of 2000s they ceased to be surprised: they got used - but cynicism remained.

This cynicism forms in consciousness of elite - and through it in consciousness of all people - very rigid, almost impossible to be corrected by therapeutic methods installation on notorious futility of all efforts directed on improvement of position of society.

Cynicism convinces us that it's impossible to make anything for the country, that the country, as a matter of fact, has been destroyed and all that remain to us is to arrange personal well-being out of any connection with it and without any responsibility for its future. So, as it's much easier to ruin, than to build and to steal is easier, than to create, such cynicism, alienating us from our country, pushes each of us to its plundering at the expense of destruction.

"To steal for copeck, to break for rouble" - such is the formula of the liberal economic reforms have been tormenting our country for already quarter of the century.

Gates to these reforms are opened by boundless cynicism denying the mere idea of the public blessing and belief in possibility of mass realization of better qualities of a person.

Cynicism of elite represents the shortest way to the suicide of society, it is simply incompatible with its life, not to mention development. For this very reason foreign analysts and politicians developing and carrying out often extremely cynical policy, nevertheless, as a rule, are romantic or at least idealized: public instinct of self-preservation simply doesn't suppose too cynical people to development and realization of the most important for the destiny of society decisions.

All-devouring cynicism of representatives of the Russian "ruling party" is caused far not only by corruption character of the state type developed in 2000s years - though corruption as a way of life and dominating style of world perception is really incompatible with prosecution of the public blessing.

However many Russian leaders became corrupted not because of self-interest or immorality but because of the deepest despair. Being filled with approximately the same state of despair many "red directors" plundered factories in the first half of 90s got convinced of impossibility to keep manufacture in conditions of liberal state policy meaningly destroying it.

The main reason of mass cynicism of the social group operating modern Russia is total absence of experience of victories, experience of successful and joint achievement of socially useful aims.

All they have under the belt is experience of continuous defeats. In the history of our country of last quarter of the century - by the way, it's the whole generation of actively acting people! - every victory of public interests (which, by the way, were not so numerous) turned out to be private, local, temporal and was soon crossed out by universal definitive defeat.

Unique life experience of modern management of Russia connected with attempts of realization of its interests is experience of defeats.

It's "whipped generation" [1] - in the most ruthless, the worst and, alas, the most definitive sense of this word.

Tragic turn of history bate out from its representatives the main feeling necessary for every successful historical and as a whole of every other creativity - feeling of practicability, having transformed them in real "undead" in political relation.

Without this feeling and real leader every people, every society, every economy turns in helpless and senseless colossus with feet of clay.

After all the most important, the most fruitful slogan in the history of mankind - "We can!"

Once broken off between Nazis, communists and traditionalists, morally and physically disarmed English society united and held out under German bombs guided by that slogan.

That slogan helped United States of America to overcome initial, the heaviest for them stage of the World War II when Japanese beat their inept and self-satisfied armies when they wanted and how they wished.

That slogan helped ruined and plundered by terrible on cruelty and destructions civil war South Korea to rise and achieve well-being.

That slogan helped illiterate Malaysia to become one of the most successful countries of the world - alongside with Chile - the only country from the developing ones which did not have external donors but overcame financial crisis of 1997-1999 without destructive devaluation.


Example 27

The Most Terrible Exam

The fact that in 1995 the government of Malaysia forbade citizens who hadn't pass special exam to have business shows the length and difficulty of a way passed by Malaysia in historically shortest terms already in front of our eyes, at the time when the rests of the Soviet civilization were tormently dying in the reformed Russia.

Don't hurry to burst with angry philippics in address of the damned bureaucrats erecting artificial administrative barriers on a way of citizens to own business and possible well-being - for Malaysians were checked no more than on ability... simply to use calculator!

It appeared that appreciable part of the population of the country simply wasn't able to use therefore it appeared victim of different types of swindlers - and it turned into appreciable problem for the state.

The problem was successfully solved.

At all difficulties of development in 90s years Malaysia became one of the world's largest manufacturers of computer chips, semiconductors and electronics. In the late nineties first-ever cyber-city - Cyberjaya was opened there. Its infrastructure (together with its companion - new administrative capital of Malaysia Putrajaya) was built up for 5 years and, despite economic crises and development delay, planned level of population - 120 thousand - was reached in 2007 instead of 2011.

However, next project started in the middle of 2000 - city of information-communication technologies (first of all Internet technologies) - i-City being created together with corporation Cisco for forcing of development of "economy of knowledge" obviously slipped under the blows of world crisis. However its erection and arrangement is all the same supposed to be finished in 2014.

 In our country that slogan sounded differently, in millions of other forms as the Russian culture doesn't accept directly expressed loud promises and statements: they cause only laughter and discredit themselves.

However the meaning is the same and the Soviet miracle was over and over again, repeatedly and differently repeated by generations of people, they firmly - on the base of private experience - believed that "We don't have barriers either in the sea, or inland".

Cultivation of this experience - experience of common victories, working out of habit to win in the Russian culture is necessary condition of revival of Russia today.

Only practical successes of common deeds will convince society of possibility and fruitfulness of efforts for public good and will allow to improve operating system, having released it - and all Russian society as well - from destructive cynicism.


[1] We will remind in this connection that, according to expression N.Y.Eidelman which become classic, "Two-three "unwhipped" generations of noble sirs were necessary for Decembrists and Pushkin" ("Struggle for Power. Pages of Political History of XVIII Century", Мoscow, 1988, page 297).


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