edvedev Plugged Gas to Europe

edvedev Plugged Gas to Europe

Dmitry Medvedev considers the protocol on transit of gas with conditions signed with Ukraine insignificant, he charged the government not to carry out it before withdrawal of contradictions. dvedev gave instructions to the government of the Russian Federation not to apply that document unless those objections would be withdrawn.


"I can't give other name to such kind of conditions and attachments to them than the mockery at common sense and infringement of the agreements stipulated before. These actions, as a matter of fact, are directed on failure of agreements available on the control over transit of gas, they obviously have express provocative and destructive character", - Medvedev declared at a meeting with the chapter of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov.


Thus the European Commission considers that there are no reasons for further delay in delivery of the Russian gas through the territory of Ukraine into EU.


"The European Commission considers that all conditions put forward by two sides (Russia and Ukraine) are taken into account and there are no reasons for further delay in renewal of gas supply", - is spoken in the application of executive authority of EU which was sent on Sunday to RIA News.


"All parties which signed yesterday (on Saturday) the agreement about limits of the competence of monitoring mission already received signed copies of the document", - is emphasized in the application.


It's marked in it that the European Commission took into account "The Ukrainian Declaration" received on Sunday in the morning which in "a number of items is the Ukrainian interpretation of what was coordinated".


"The European Commission considers that the Ukrainian declaration adds nothing to and excludes nothing from the limits of competence (of monitoring mission) which have been signed by five parties", - it is underlined in the application.


The Russian party declared earlier that it's ready to renew deliveries of gas to Europe through Ukraine (forcedly suspended on January, 7) right after international expert monitoring commission in structure of representatives of "Gazprom", "Naftogaz Ukraine", Departments of Energy of Russia and Ukraine, companies - addressees of the Russian gas in Europe and independent monitoring organizations will start its work in the Russian Federation and in Ukraine.


The chapter of "Gazprom" Alexey Miller on the eve assured representatives of the European Commission and other companies - consumers of gas in Europe that the Russian holding prepared everything for prompt beginning of work of the international monitoring commission on control over transit.


From editorial board: Situation becomes more and more indecent. Positions of sides remind an old joke about divorce case where husband declared that his wife does not meet his wants as a reason of divorce. In answer to it the wife exclaimed: "Well! All Odessa is satisfied, while he is not!"


The European Commission is satisfied with everything including the notorious declaration. dvedev is not satisfied with declaration. There will be no gas for a while. This "while" can last rather long. Europe freezes and hurries up. Ukraine and Russia - are not so in a hurry.


Thus they in the Kremlin are absolutely sure that there will be changes soon in Ukraine and the changes will be favorable for the Kremlin. These "changes" are described in a word "Jushchenko" which during present "gas war" initiated by the Ukrainian party, most likely, loses the rests of support in EU - to explain position of Ukraine in Europe is probably very difficult.


The Kremlin's position is also difficult for understanding but it looks as if purely Ukrainian conflict Jushchenko-Timoshenko is not completely Ukrainian.


In Russia prime-minister Putin is mixed up with gas contracts for Europe. He doesn't care a penny on Ukraine but somebody needs to explain something in Europe precisely to him - Putin. dvedev (as well as imoshenko) doesn't need to fuss in Europe, he "is mixed" with the American democrats - Putin himself prepared him in such quality that, certainly, is a twist of fate. All difference of Ukraine from Russia is that strong prime-minister intrigues against weak president there to take his place, while in Russia weak president intrigues against strong prime-minister to become himself - that is high-grade president.


Gas, obviously, interests in the given question finer figures directly responsible for "national economy", gas is not the main thing in this story.


Ukraine Agreed to Sing Gas Protocol without Additions Causing Unclear Situations


Kiev agreed to sign once again "Protocol on the International Control over Transit of the Russian Gas to the European Consumers through the Territory of Ukraine" but already without any additions.

"Agreement will be signed without hand-written addition which Moscow considers unacceptable", - the representative of the European Commission Ferran Tarradeljas Espuni informed after telephone conversation of chairman of the European Commission Zhoze Manuela Barrozu with prime minister of Ukraine Julia Timoshenko which took place on Sunday in the evening, "Interfax" transfers.


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