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Chief President of the Planet Took Oath and Promised to Restore America

Chief President of the Planet Took Oath and Promised to Restore America
Barak Obama pronounced solemn oath of the 44th president of the USA. On the stage of Capitol he took oath on the Book belonged to Abraham Lincoln and after, following the protocol, acted with message to nation. From this moment he officially entered the post of the head of the state. Some minutes earlier the oath was taken by prime-minister of the USA Joseph Bayden.
"That fact that we are in the centre of crisis today is realized by all. Our country is at war with extensive cruelty and hatred. Our economy is weakened that is a result of corruption and irresponsibility from the part of some people, - Obama said. - Today I tell you that threats which we face are real. They are serious and there are a lot of them. Their solving will not be simple or short-term. But know it, America, they will be solved".
At the same time Obama called for restoration of positions of the USA, having underlined "that the USA still remain the most prospering and strong nation on the Earth".
"Starting from this day we should rise and begin restoration of America", - Obama said.
"Wherever we would look, everywhere it is necessary to do big work. The state of economy demands actions, resolute and fast. And we will act - not only creating new workplaces but also putting new base to growth", - he underlined.
Addressing the Islamic world, Obama said that the USA would follow "a new way based on mutual interests and mutual respect".
At ceremony in Washington hundred thousands people were present. Emergency safety measures were taken on Tuesday in the capital of the USA, thousands police and national guardsmen patrolled city streets, air space and reservoirs.
From editorial board: Оbama said two very interesting things.
The first thing. "Previous generations faced fascism and communism which they met not only by means of rockets and tanks but also with the help of our strong unity and belief", - Obama said. That is beliefs were anticommunistic and so strong that new president adheres to them now.
The second thing. "Value of our freedom and this oath is that men and women and children of each race and each religion can gather here in this magnificent place. For this reason a person whose father less than 60 years ago was not allowed to work at restaurant now can stand in front of you and accept the sacred oath", - the new US president declared.
60 years ago - in 1949, already after war, when Nazism was won America with which firm beliefs Obama is so proud, was firmly convinced that "chocolate drops" shouldn't live near to the white. That racist America confidently struggled with communism proclaiming brotherhood of all peoples and really establishing such brotherhood. If it failed somewhere, it was just consequence of struggle of America with communism.
Today one can see in Russia improbable in comparison with the Soviet period revelry of xenophobia and open racism. Though it quite suits America - after all it's not communism...
By the way, Obama whose delightful spouse was present at his oath and whose administration includes state secretary Hillary Clinton did not mention also that in the USA women received voting rights after amendment XIX to the Constitution only in 1920. In a number of countries including known for democratic traditions women became equal in the rights with men after World War II - for example, in France and Italy - in 1945, in Switzerland - in 1971.
While in Russia women received voting rights in 1917, at elections in the Constituent assembly, at Bolsheviks general rights were fixed in the Constitution. However, the first women in Europe received voting rights in Russia - in 1906 in Finland, following the results of the first Russian revolution.
So may be predecessors of Obama should not so assiduously struggle with communism?
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