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Collective Security Treaty Organization Takes upon Itself Functions of the "Ministry of Truth" in the Scales of the CIS

Collective Security Treaty Organization Takes upon Itself Functions of the "Ministry of Truth" in the Scales of the CIS

Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) will get engaged in "control over the law and order" in social networks not to admit repetition of mass riots under scenario of Tunis and Egypt, "Izvestia" writes.


Edition leaned about it from a source in CSTO, he underlined that "there's mo talking about introduction of censorship, however, as well as about struggle against heterodoxy". As he said, "experts of high level" already work over this problem.


"The matter is that in modern conditions there is an infrastructure which allows to destabilize situation in every, even successful country. Vehicular communication, social networks, even non-governmental organizations could be involved if necessary for similar purpose", - the source declared.


Speaking about cyber safety, he underlined, is necessary to consider the factor of so-called "shadow Internet" the American press wrote about in June.


Then it became known that the US State department has already invested more than $50 million into working out of so-called alternative network. It is created for penetration into those countries where authorities block Internet, thus, trying to stop mass protests coordinated through social networks.


From editorial board: So, newspaper "Izvestia", megaphone of the Kremlin, but at the same time as though intended for intelligentzia frankly started spreading army special propaganda. It's symptomatically.


Just recently we have already noticed that a group of the Post-Soviet dictators considers CSTO not as a defensive alliance against external enemy (sick battalions of the general Bordyuzha are simply unsuitable for this task) but exclusively as means of suppression of own citizens - using collective efforts. That is, roughly speaking, in case of activity of workers somewhere in Saratov local regiments can appear to be unreliable - and one will see retaliatory divisions from some Kirghizia or Belarus in the streets.


Now the structures of CSTO got engaged in information policy. Naturally they act in the style of "party man" of the previous epoch - they were not taught to act differently (general Bordyuzha also, by the way, was party man in the past).


The system of mass communications is perceived by this international police department exclusively as "hostile environment" where "shadow Internet" exists and "infrastructure allowing to destabilize".


How can it be? It's very simple - this infrastructure is called "truth". The truth which is hard to swallow. The truth spreads today on the Internet extremely quickly, so, "experts of high level" are called in to prevent spreading of truth.


They haven't thought out anything else except switching-off of users from "undesirable content" - the matter is not in the brains rubbed with a peak-cap but in the fact that corruption resources of autocratic states of the Post-USSR always will be insufficient. Progress moves everywhere, it's impossible to stop it in separately taken territory of the CIS no matter how you try to develop football and beer consumption.


Eventually, social networks mean people. So, opinions of heaps of people our "guards" perceive as undesirable factor. In essence, whether there's any difference for them - to disperse people on meeting or in social network? Both things - the first and the second - are illegal and unscrupulous but after all they have order given to them by the next criminal in power. While the order given even by drunken monkey for true military man means giving his life for its carrying out, if possible, without thinking. Anyway it's an ideal of military man for our dictators.


However, the problem is that executors are also compelled in the call of duty to "wander" in social networks - as well as police men willy-nilly communicate with arrested persons on meetings. Thus "infrastructure capable to destabilize situation" appears. Not casually "friendly" to the Kremlin dictators so diligently liquidate the Russian language in their satrapies - so that though somehow to complicate penetration of truth into "the shadow Internet".


Certainly nobody cares that citizens of the CIS states "did not order" this service from CSTO - it seems that organization has been created for some different reason...




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