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Ministry of Foreign Affairs of RF Sang a Song of Buratino: "Malvina Is Lost..."

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of RF Sang a Song of Buratino: "Malvina Is Lost..."
Declaration on modernization of the Ukrainian gas-transport system signed on March, 23rd in Bruxelles is unfriendly step in relation to Russia from the side of Ukraine and EU, it was stated at briefing in Moscow by official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Andrey Nesterenko. "What happened in Bruxelles at forum was an unfriendly step in relation to Russia both from the side of EU and Ukraine with which management we had many contacts on gas business since January", - Nesterenko said.

He underlined that Russia was interested to carry on dialogue with Ukraine on all questions but such discussion should pass only on the terms of respect of positions of each other. As he said, the parties came to a level of certain understanding but forum in Bruxelles showed that not all arrangements reached were observed.
Official representative of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation reminded that owing to those events Russia postponed carrying out of session of the Committee on the questions of economic cooperation of the Ukrainian-Russian interstate commission planned for the beginning of April in Moscow.

From editorial board: First thing: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation ascertained that the government of Russia, including its foreign policy structures, showed scandalous incompetence. V.V.Putin, trying to build arrangements with the heads of the states at personal level, behaves as field officer at the meeting with the agent, probing his weak and strong personal characteristics and on the basis of own especially estimated personal impressions tries to build a state policy in relation to these or those countries.

In relations with Timoshenko Putin also proved to be worthless field officer. It was clear long ago that Julia Vladimirovna "will cheat" him, every other person and in general everybody. We will remind, authors of FORUM.msk wrote about it openly many times last year.
Second thing: Russia of Putin's period doesn't have any steady state interests. Owing to it interstate relations are being built on some semimythical views and reasons. In relations with Ukraine diamond cut diamond - unpredictability of Putin's policy comes across unscrupulous policy of Timoshenko. If people don't have principles, what one could do?
Europe, in particular European Union has both interests and policy. In relation of the states with uncertain identification this policy is quite defined - colonial one. That is "underdeveloped" are obliged to observe arrangements, while European Union - could act at its pleasure (they learnt it from Saxons). If there is a possibility - why not to take what's lie in the temptation's way.
That is European Union is a subject of a world policy, while Russia, Ukraine and others are objects. Unless someone asks speaking log, if it wants to become Buratino or to be burnt in an oven?
Statement of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation is just cries of Buratino which got lost Malvina. The cries of "a speaking log".
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