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Obama Appealed to the New Convolution of Nuclear Disarmament

Obama Appealed to the New Convolution of Nuclear Disarmament

The president of the USA Barrack Оbama made program speech in Prague, on Gradchnsky area. He declared readiness of the USA to go on reduction of number of the American nuclear warheads and on interdiction of nuclear tests. The president declared that "the United States will undertake concrete steps to create world without nuclear weapon". "We shall shorten a role of nuclear weapon and we shall call other countries to do the same", - Obama said.


"To reduce the quantity of warheads in our warehouses, we shall begin negotiations under new contract about reduction of strategic offensive arms with Russia this year", - the president of the USA said.


"President Medvedev and I have already begun this process in London and we'll try to achieve new agreement by the end of this year legally obliging and courageous enough", - he noted. The American president emphasized that "it is a pledge and a basis for further reductions and we'll achieve to involve all nuclear states in it".


Оbama also declared that he would try to achieve ratification of the contract on prohibition of nuclear tests by the American congress. "It's high time after 50 years of negotiations to forbid at last nuclear tests", - he emphasized. Also, in his opinion, it is necessary to reduce the number of weapon plutonium, to create bank of materials for countries wishing to develop peace atom.


Besides the president of the USA declared necessity of introduction of new standards on maintenance of storage of nuclear materials in the world not to admit their being got by the terrorists.


Оbama appealed to the countries of NATO for strengthening of cooperation with each other so that "to answer the danger no matter whence it proceeds". "We should build constructive relations with Russia on questions of the general concern", - the president stressed.


The president of the USA Barrack Оbama declared that in case Iran would reject plans of creation of nuclear weapon, necessity for systems protecting the West from the Iranian rockets also would disappear.


From editorial board: Real deja vue with the black president in Gorbachev's role, certainly, causes some surprise. But similarity is obviously incomplete. In the middle of 80th calling to restriction of arms in the world Gorbachev proceeded from the presence of parity both in usual and in nuclear arms. Today it's quite ridiculous to speak about parity, say, between Russia and the USA: in the question of conventional armaments the Russian Federation is inferior today not only to the USA but also, obviously, to China.


Not even the presence of planes and tanks for the present moment but opportunity to produce plenties of arms and military technics is very important factor in the given question. Opportunities of the Russian industry in it is inferior not only to the USA and China but also to all large European powers such as Japan, South Korea and, possibly, even to India. By quantity of fighters, helicopters, tanks and other technical equipment produced for the needs of army the Russian Federation is at a level of the most insignificant countries. In question of development of new systems of arms, lagging behind at times on generation from the USA, Russia nevertheless is capable to create something new but where it concerns batch production condition of domestic MIC is impossible to call differently as catastrophe.


In the given case presence in Russia of Strategic nuclear forces capable to destroy all living on the planet is a unique pledge of its safety. For the present such global task is our speed. If we'll be the first to make starts - in case of drawing by the USA first nuclear attack on our nuclear objects, in conditions of full degradation of rapid attack identification detection reporting system SNF of Russia will cease to exist as uniform complex. Individual reciprocal start-up for the present can break through the American antimissile defense but after expansion of countermissiles in Europe and general technological improvement of ABM system the USA can get full guarantee.


The more so time is not on the side of Russia - degradation of MIC led to that delivery vehicles of nuclear charges charging off because of old age cannot be adequately replaced and in the second decade the Russian MIC will naturally be reduced up to a level of the Great Britain or France. In this case there's no use talking about equal in rights partnership with the USA in this sphere.


However if the Russian Federation will now go on reduction of nuclear forces under the American script, it'll remain in private with qualitative and quantitatively surpassing American conventional armaments, with gradually degrading army and fleet. Already today the Air Forces of Russia cannot guarantee the superiority in air space of the country at massed attack - not included antagonism with aircraft of NATO on external battlefield.


Thus, Obama offers Medvedev a choice between bad and the worse. Either to surrender at discretion now or to surrender then. But already without any favour. Меdvedev, being, as well as Gorbachev, not quite ready for that role which is assigned to him by history can agree on Obama's proposals as it will appreciably strengthen his positions on internal political arena. However in the long term, with amplification of armies of the countries surrounding Russia, absence of "nuclear big stick" it can become fatal. All this not talking that despite of possible new coil of nuclear disarmament of the USA and Russia "nuclear club" will grow in the world. Democratic People's Republic of Korea is going to finish works on creation of delivery of nuclear weapon which it already has. Iran already has weapon delivery vehicles and there are no signals that Teheran has positively reacted on Obama's initiatives in Gradchany.


Moreover, nuclear club as we repeatedly said can be joined not only by the state but also non-state structures - it was at last recognized by the president of the USA.


What should Russia do? Putin's Russia - has already nothing to do. In conditions of normal government it had been necessary to force manufacture of modern delivery vehicles of nuclear arms, to increase manufacture of rockets "Topol М1" at least in three times - and on that background to agree about reduction on a parity basis of out-of-date systems in any case would be necessary to charge off. Possessing even only 500 nuclear charges but having also of restored nuclear triad, with planes of strategic aircraft really taking place on constant fighting watch, having at least 10 nuclear submarines and Strategic Missile Forces completely equipped with modern rockets, it will be possible to guarantee safety of the country against any encroachments.

Unfortunately such prospect is quite fantastic for Putin's Russia.

Аnatoly Baranov

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