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If Epidemic of New Disease Broke by Chance after the Merge of Two Pharmaceutical Giants?

If Epidemic of New Disease Broke by Chance after the Merge of Two Pharmaceutical Giants?
Gennady Tokarev, Маxim Kalashnikov 30.04.2009


Today panic caused by appearance of "swine flu" rolls all over the country. Next plague of postindustrial time, mutant which combined characteristics of human, swine and bird's flue.


It is remarkable that the disease is walking all over the world just after the merge of two pharmaceutical giants of the West. If we have to wait, when new supercompany will save the world with the help of new vaccine?



Let's see a news line. The crewman of the plane which made a voyage from Mexico to London was hospitalized with symptoms of swine flu in Great Britain, newspaper "The Daily Mail" informs. Besides, the group of 22 students from college in New Zealand come back from Mexico is hospitalized with suspicion on swine flu. Before it was considered that the disease was spreading only in Mexico and in the territory of the USA.

According to the last data, the number of victims of swine flu (mutated virus representing combination of human, swine and a bird flue) makes 81 people. All victims lived in Mexico. The death of twenty people has been confirmed, 61 people more died from symptoms similar to swine flu. Almost 1300 people are hospitalized with disease signs.


Up to 19 people got swine flu in the USA. Under the data available, nine pupils of one of the private schools in the New York area Queens as well as ten more persons in Texas, Kansas and California are hospitalized with symptoms. A number of the American mass-media informed that about two weeks ago US president Barak Obama during the visit to Mexico communicated with a person who died subsequently of swine flu. Press-service of White House hastened to make the statement that Obama's ok and he's not ill.


Because of the threat of spreading of the disease all mass actions are cancelled for uncertain time in Mexico, till May, 6th lessons at schools are stopped. Inhabitants of Mexico City try not to leave their houses and suit themselves with gauze obverse bandages. Representatives of the World Organisation of Public Health Services expressed fears that epidemic of swine flu in Mexico can outgrow in pandemic. They declare that virus is transferred from one person to another person.


At present there's no vaccine from swine flu. But - mass-media south us - the largest pharmaceutical companies already actively work over its creation. Meanwhile all patients are hospitalized with suspicion on swine flu being treated by means of known anti-virus medicine...


Such is a picture of panic got abroad by mass media.

Now let's see what preceded to it.



On March, 27th, 2009 there was a merge of two pharmaceutical giants: Swiss "Hoffmann-La Roche" ("Roche") and American "Genentech". Remarkable detail: during recent panic connected to so-called bird flu "Roche" appeared in the air - it produces medicine "Tamiflu", rescue from this flu.


In March "Roche" and "Genentech" declared about termination of simplified procedure of merge in result of which "Genentech" turned out to be in the full property of the group of companies "Roche". In connection with the merger, under estimation of appraisal rights, all shares the shareholders have should be redeemed at the price of $95,00 per one.


After March, 26th common shares of "Genentech" cannot be on sale at the New York stock exchange any more.


Let's study "Roche" closely. The group acts as one of the leaders of the market of public health services entering into the five of the largest companies of the world in the field of pharmaceutics, it also occupies the first place in the world in the field of diagnostics. The main target declared by "Roche" - manufacture and advancement of innovative preparations and modern diagnostic aids which allow to save life of patients, considerably prolonging and improving quality of their life. The company was established in 1896 in Basel, for today it has representations in 150 countries of the world and staff more than 80 000 people. It is considered one of the leading manufacturers of original medical products in the field of oncology, virology and transplantology. The group "Roche" besides "F.Hoffmann - Lja Roche" henceforth includes companies "Genentech" (USA) and "Chugai" (Japan).


Established more than thirty years ago "Genentech" is the leading biotechnological company in the field of working out, manufacture and advancement of preparations for treatment of diseases representing the most serious medical problem. The company headquarters is situated in Southern San Francisco, California, it is registered in listing of the New York stock exchange under code DNA.



As you can see, epidemic of next mortally dangerous - appeared as if from nowhere - illnesses breaks out just after the merge in pharmaceutical Big business. With a wave of a wand. All world mass-media does nothing but blow the trumpets all over the world about new threat to life, having forgotten about global crisis.


We won't be surprised at all to the fact that the newly appeared pharmaceutical conglomerate very soon will offer a miraculous vaccine (medicine) against terrible illness-mutant. Hundred millions people and tens grateful governments will start buying up a saving medicine.

Applause. Champagne. Triumphant flourish.


Perhaps we exaggerate? But we remember - the tendency accurately traced from 90th years. The western medicinal business started tossing up and advance informatively new diseases to create new commodity markets for new medicines. Let's recollect: as soon as corporation "Novartis" spent a round amount for creation of well-known Ritalin (medicine for concentration and attention increase), at once in the mid-nineties a new children's disease appeared: syndrome of hyperactivity and deficiency of attention (ADHD). Well, kids behave badly during the lessons, they are noisy - they would like to run about and play pranks. The same picture could be seen for millenia. But it suddenly appeared that it's a disease and it is necessary to stuff kiddies with Ritalin. There are rather serious bases to believe that financially-lobbist efforts of pharmacists have their hands in recognition of a syndrome of deficiency of attention/hyperactivity new disease. Meanwhile sales of Ritalin (as well as the profits from it manufacturers) have sky-scraped.


It has become clear to clever people long ago that pharmaceutical corporations have a stake in people being ill as often as possible. So that person becomes regular buyer of different types of medicines. That is a pledge of stable high profits of global pharmaceutical mafias. Following this aspiration to promote appearance of new markets and possibilities through organisation of "pandemic panic" - is quite logical step.

Let's see, who will act this time as the saviour of mankind from swine flu. Which is very similar to a fruit of skilful gene engineering.


We are almost sure that we know what corporation will act in a role of the deliverer and the defender of all human race...

In the last minute.


"London. Swine flu will enrich pharmaceutical companies www.k2kapital.com 27.04.2009

Analysts expect the growth of prices for shares of pharmaceutical companies in the morning on Monday after declaration of Roche and GlaxoSmithKline that they, obviously, would deliver millions doses of vaccine for protection against "swine flu", "Sunday Telegraph" informs on April, 26th.


Vaccines Tamiflu of Roche and Relenza and GSK production have shown their efficiency against samples of virus of new disease. Medicines were used for protection against bird flu flashes in Asia and brought superprofit to the companies.

Roche confirmed that it already has 3 million packages of Tamiflu ready for use by World Organisation of Public Health Services.

"I think that pharmaceutical companies will grow but for a short while if situation does not go out of control", - broker Killik and Co Paul Kavanagh declared..."



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