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Vladimir Vladimirovich, Change Profession!

Vladimir Vladimirovich, Change Profession!
Elisaveta Alexandrova-Zorina 17.05.2012

I had to live in three countries. I was born in the Soviet Union, I finished school in democratic Russia and now without going anywhere I found myself in the monarchic state.

Putin mafia and bureaucratic feudalism is based on corruption vertical, police and church as on three pillars. All as at tsarism: officials, gendarmes and priests preaching from ambon to our great-grandfathers that serfdom is approved by God. Only the tsar here – artificial!

In the modern Russia the Criminal Code – for people of the second grade. While authorities have “Russkaya Pravda”, the legal code of the feudal Russia according to which a murder of the lackey is not a crime. Hooligans from "Pussy Riots" that sang in the temple have been staying in prison for the second month, while the daughter of the head of the Irkutsk electoral commission who killed and crippled sisters Pyatkovs is on freedom! Exclusive justice? What is allowed to "United Russia" is not allowed to other in Russia?

Thieves are within the law today and only the right of the strong is functioning in the "legal" Russian state. “All are equal before the law and court”. But some are more equal. We are explained that the act of "Pussy Riots” – blasphemy, but there’s no such article in the Criminal Code, so everything can be treated as blasphemy. For example, criticism of Putin who as the Lord loves all. Or perhaps case of “Pussy Riots” is not a return to the Middle Ages and not malicious will of the Patriarch, but petty revenge for the song “Putin pees” from the one who really does it? Or it’s check of the society: how far it will allow repressive bodies to go?

Yesterday we allowed to keep hooligans in prison, today we are beaten by OMON … Who knows what tomorrow holds?

Those who have no place in the got rotted-through system, where as in the Kingdom of Heaven the last became the first came to the streets. Putin brought so many policemen against them - none Russian organized criminal group had such honour. Those who wore white ribbon were placed into Z-car, those who were present at the meeting were bitten with a baton. What were at that moment doing Ded Hasan, Lyonya Petrik and Zhora Tashkentsky supervising supplied of arms and drugs to Moscow? Celebrated Putin's inauguration?

By the way, stars of prison "chanson" were present on that festive event. Masters of thoughts! Heroes of our time! If the old-new president promised cultural and spiritual and moral revival? Well, get vodka and gop-stop!

Russia – as a zone, it lives under criminal laws and the national leader speaks prion jives and gets opposition in a toilet. May be it would be more honest to call inauguration "coronation"? And the national leader – looking for Russia? However, Ded Hasan can take offense, he can say that it’s his title.

Modern Russia is more and more like Russia of Ivan the Terrible: Bekbulatovich, oprichnina, fermentation among boyars, painful suspiciousness of the autocrat … History repeats itself in the form of farce? Only there’s no desire to laugh!

Vladimir Grozny, as well as Ivan Vasilyevich, gives a bad ending to a good start: distribution of lands, the WTO, bases of NATO, migratory lawlessness and arbitrariness in the national republics... Whether the price for recognition of the power of Putin is not too expensive for the country? And whether we are not on a threshold of the Time of Troubles?

Television – double-edged weapon, it not only turns crowd into zombie, but also places those who are on other side of the screen on the infirm ground. In twelve years Putin would himself believe that he is macho and alpha male who governs a firm hand. After all now he really thinks that he is the slave on a galley! “Do you think we, tsars, live easy life? We, tsars, work without days off. We have abnormal working day!” In reply we should have said: “You, great sovereign, are all in work …”, while we said: “You, guy, has not tsar physiognomy!”

The comical genre didn’t leave in the past the frames of patriotic anguish and intellectual rage, while this winter saved-up discontent which has been warmed up by December falsifications and defiant statements of Putin suddenly poured out into such venomous posters and appeals that it’s just the time to open a museum of anti-Putin national creativity. He was derided, dragged in dirt, reaked havoc on the vanity of the ambitious wimp man.

Putin wasn't touched by charges of theft and national change. Unless he has someone to be ashamed? Berlusconi whose love affairs are enough to made several seasons of soap opera? Or Schröder accused of political treachery? While comparison with a condom made in thousand caustic variations – offended him!

Putin's sensitivity and vindictiveness entered the annals and the behavior of police and statements of some close persons obviously specify that there was the order: «Beat!» given! It seems that there will be imprisonments, prosecutions and “sacral victims”. The national leader thirsts for revenge! Due to the fact that Bandar-logs called him an earth worm?

The hostage of own vertical, Putin is similar to the hero of a joke standing on a fork: “If you will go to the left – you will bitten in the face, if you will go to the right– you will be bitten in the face, if you will remain where you are – you will be bitten in the face right now”. He won't dare to carry out cardinal reforms which are so necessary for the country. So, he is doomed to put the clamps further on. But it is possible to overturn the thread in such way!

Absolute power not only corrupts, but also deprives of mind. Compare Putin in the beginning of his boarding when he really had national sympathy, Putin at the end of the second term and today’s Putin – metamorphoses are evident! He finally lost ability to dialogue and self-criticism, while lack of criticism – symptom of a mental disease. He has already crossed that boundary when it is possible to stop, agree, make concessions. This boundary is in his head. The more crowd will worry, the more Putin will go mad, the more the clouds will get condensed.

It’s not sixteenth century outside: Ivan Vasilyevich could fill in the country with blood, environment of Vladimir Vladimirovich will not allow him to do it. Putin isn't afraid of national discontent. But he is very much afraid of "seigniorial" plot! While discontent of the bottom provokes fermentation of the top. Perhaps therefore Putin makes numerous shifts as he wants to surround himself with reliable people? He even didn’t go to the summit in the USA fearing that there will be no place to come back? (Eventually, Medvedev “will transfer to Vladimir” opinion of the USA on protest actions, as well as instructions. The real position of the West will be seen judging from the behavior of Putin with oppositionists upon return of the messenger.)

Political mutual responsibility Putin placed in the base of the power, but as soon as he will start sinking, his accomplices will be the first to start making him sink. He needs to lean on become fool people who have believed in his next promises. But people won’t stay full with promises for long, who will realize them then? The official layer is ready to turn from a safety cushion into a loop on a neck at once.

Putin himself made everything that career ladder is being climbed up only by reliable activists of the Kremlin movements, leaving more decent "turncoats" behind. Such are good, when positions are strong, but as soon as the wind starts blowing into the other part, these people-weather vanes would turn away accordingly. After all a wind of change, let it be weak, has already started blowing …

To leave in time is an art. If Hitler stopped in 1939 year, he would enter history of Germany as the greatest statesman and if Grozny didn't live to oprichnina, he would be an example for historical imitation. Ivan Vasilyevich, by the way, had a ship for escape to England, but he, alas, didn't use it. Perhaps, Putin should repeat Boris Yeltsin's experiment, his leaving became the best act for all years of his board?

Bill Clinton, having left presidential post, got engaged with charity work and Nicolas Sarkozy, as they say, will start lawyer practice. Whether the former president won’t find occupation?! To supervise children’s fund together with Khamatova, to drive planes, to dive in pursuit of amphoras … Vladimir Vladimirovich, please, change profession!

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