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Serdyukov Won’t Be Punished

Serdyukov Won’t Be Punished
Кalashnikov Maxim 03.03.2013

Beloved boss covered up “regular guy”. As well as himself

Putin's recent performance in the Ministry of Defence put everything on their places. Serdyukov won't be punished. He won't incur punishment for the theft in the Ministry of Defence. He won't be responsible for what he done in the Armed Forces.

After all Father-President unambiguously told: no revisionism, no criticism of what was made.

"It is necessary to improve army not following known samples, constant freakings out, there shouldn’t be checks of earlier made decisions, the more so now we come to that stage when thin polishing of all mechanisms of military vehicle is necessary, — the head of the state declared. — Strategic logic of updating of armed forces remains invariable".

According to Vladimir Putin, armed forces of the Russian Federation in the next three-five years have to come up to a new level of opportunities: "Separate adjustments, specifications can be introduced and are introduced today into the plans of military construction”.

That’s all, the comedy is over. Big boss covered up his assistant.


All this sounds as real mockery. What could be grinded thin here? Final disorder of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation? Destruction of NBC protection academy and both academies of the Air Force by their "transfer" from Moscow? Absolutely wild break-in of all systems of military education? Ruin of the command center of Air Forces? Uniform Military and Air Forces, a key element of modern wars, were taken to idiotic “bases” (under command of land administration of regions – directions) by hands of Serdyukov’s cretins (under the cover of the president-prime minister Putin of that time). Absolutely harmful reform returned military aircraft of the RF to the situation of Air Force of the USSR on the eve of June, 22, 1941. Then avia-units appeared to be drawn apart to fronts and long-range bombing unit of aviation appeared to be the only centrally operated part of aircraft. As a result bombers participated in desperate attacks to tactical targets, at that they acted without the cover of battle-planes and thus were doomed to certain death. While the Germans at the expense of especial centralization of their Luftwaffe created full air superiority on edges of their main blows. Centralization of management by one plane where we needed three-five was enough to win.


Having cut uniform Military and Air Forces and having divided aircraft into idiotic "bases" (instead of regiments – division – squadron - aviawings), Serdyukov committed terrible crime. Thus he remains unpunished. By the way, in parallel with Serdyukov’s "separation" of the Air Force other supporters of Putin (military-industrial) destroyed leading design offices of aviation industry. So that to have more free real estate in Moscow. In a word - commodity-money barbarians. The lowest form of life.

To enlist what Serdyukov heaped up could be for long. Dispersal of the units of special troops (Berdskaya crew), almost successful attempt to destroy SRF Academy (by its transfer from Moscow), almost happened destruction of management of the Navy – by transfer of its staff to St. Petersburg, to unadapted building, by putting it under knife attack of NATO from Baltic. Idiocy with plans of purchase of the foreign weapon, billions thrown away for purchase of useless "Mistrals", for the Israeli pilotless second-hand equipment. Etc.

Not to correct it, but to grind? Putin, do you understand what you are talking about? What creation of army of a new level in three years could be discusssed? Five years are necessary just to eliminate consequences after Serdyukov’s deeds. Because his "new Air Force" are absolutely incapacitated. In principle. Owing to defect of the construction.


As they say now, we are given a "signal". Pale signalman won't punish impudent thug. We are told that everything was done correctly. Real enemy of people will get off cheaply and true hero, colonel Vladimir Kvachkov will go on actual death in the prison. Here you are justice! Sovereign and democratic, majestic and vertical.

The key of this shame is simple: Putin covers up himself. As, being the prime minister, he covered all that up. Or rather, visiting gym and personal pool every day, he didn’t penetrate into the matters. He shifted all current affairs to the Deputy Prime Minister Shuvalov who is "competent expert" in everything.

I consider that V. Putin in this case made self-arrows. He exposed himself complete nonentity and coward. Accomplice of frank wrecking. No propagandists, no "time dregs" will help. Good undermining of electoral base of the former "chekist" happened.

Hopes of those who continued to believe in some "new course" of Putin, those who believed that Serdyukov was “the first" broke. Naive supporters of Putin were the first to go …. The system remained the same: big boss and "regular guys" whom big boss covers up in all circumstances. While electorate – useless suckers whose opinion shouldn’t be considered. Suckers should be fooled.

Don't be happy, the Kremlin masters of power-saws and "reforms". Your system fell into administrative marasmus, therefore it won’t exist for long. Feeling of inevitable crash of the system of “big boss” is already thick in the air and could be felt literally by skin. You have already started process of self-overthrowing.


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