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Hunger-strike of workers in Yasnogorsk have been lasting already for a month

Victor Kurenkov 18.04.2006

On the 16th of April for the first time I visited starving people in Yasnogorsk.

In four rooms 28 people lay on folding beds starving. The majority of them are women. 12 people are in a condition of hunger-strike for 26 days already!!! Their condition is catastrophic. …yellow faces and skin... sunken eyes... Visually three women are obviously sick, one of them had heart attack and an extensive inflammation of eyes, but she refuses to be hospitalized. All three cannot talk at all. They are in condition of living deadmen.

I tried to convince these 12 people to stop their hunger-strike having explained that administrative authorities of the area and administration of the President will not interfere with this situation and that no salary will be paid them now, that Putin is not Yeltsin and the more so Gorbachev. That today we have year 2006 on a calendar, not 2000 – the time when you can count on the help coming from the most distant countries of the world. I reminded of the death of hostages on Dubrovka and children in Beslan. I told them about hunger-strike of Heroes of the Soviet Unionand Socialist Work and that this hunger-strike was ignored by the authorities and that total information blockade was brought in. 

I tried to convince that this regime is completely heartless and cruel to citizens. Let it choke with stolen from starving people salaries! They were saying that they were ready to die. I tried to convince that though hundreds of people will die in Yasnogorsk - the authority will not stir. In response - offense that they were not supported. I said – they were supported! It seems the salary that was not paid is not so important. Offense.

Bitter comprehension that their life is not important in this country… I told that in five-seven days irreversible processes would begin in their organisms, that their life is important not only for their children and grandchildren but also for the future free Russia. I told that on the 2nd of June, 2006 will be 45 years since predecessors of a present regime shot peaceful demonstration of workers in a Novocherkassk, that victims are heroes and conscience in national memory. That they - yasnogortsi - have also already become true Heroes for people since they had led the longest hunger-strike during “Putin’s” regime, that their future life will serve for the youth as an example of staunch rigidity in the face of the authorities, that the day of the stoppage of their hunger-strike will be marked in history of Russia as - "Day of Protest Hunger-strike". I didn’t convince them, but insinuated doubts in their soles.

I have a request to all fair, decent and not indifferent to the troubles of other people in Russia- to call to the starving people and to ask them (12 people) to stop hunger-strike.

I have a request to rich people in Russia - to undertake the debts of thieves in the sum of 42 million roubles and to pay salaries to workers of Yasnogorsky machine-building factory and to charge these debts (42 million roubles) publicly from the thieves. You know how to do it.

P.S.At 9 p.m.there was a call from Yasnogorsk. One woman (57 years old which was in the gravest condition) of 12 started hunger-strike first had stopped hunger-strike and was carried home to take a bath. Tomorrow she will be hospitalized rehabilitation.

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