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Тeheran Refused to Recognize Elections of "Horse Ass"

Тeheran Refused to Recognize Elections of "Horse Ass"

The shots were heard near the place where mass meeting of the Iranian opposition forbidden by authorities took place: one person died, some other got hurt when employees of special forces opened fire. Protest action gathered hundred thousand people who protest against recognition of victory of Mahmud Ahmadinezhad in presidential election, BBC informs.


Candidate Mir Hosejn Musavi who lost presidential election addressed those who gathered with the announcement that the results of elections were forged in favour of Ahmadinezhad.


According to the correspondent of BBC in Teheran, the meeting organized on Monday appeared the biggest for 30-year-old history of Islamic Republic having become "political earthquake".

Fighters of the Iranian special forces watched the meeting in the second half of a day watched but did not undertake any actions. However at 20.45 of the local time messages about shooting appeared. It started at the moment when the crowd attacked a building of religious armed home guard connected with Council of guards of Islamic revolution.

Protests amplified after Musavi and another former presidential nominee Mohsen Rezai laid an official complaint into Council of guards of Islamic revolution which carried out control over elections against the results of voting. Council of guards of the Islamic revolution, consisting of 12 persons, will meet Musavi and Rezaj on Tuesday. The decision under their complaint, predictably, will be brought in within a week.

Foreign Secretaries of the countries of European Union urged to make investigation of the infringements admitted under the statement of the Iranian opposition during presidential election. According to the head of MFA of France Bernard Kushner, EU cannot accept the results of elections without taking into account the requirement of opposition.

From editorial board: Two days ago there was an opinion placed on FORUM.msk about situation development in Iran following "orange" scenario. It caused categorical aversion of public. Today, likely, if to write that there is no kindly soil for "orange" moods in Iran, the same people start laughing - they have already watched TV.


Let's note that situation is much more rigid than, say, in Ukraine or Georgia - there was no firing in crowd there. As well as the crowd there was, to put it mildly, scanter, than in Teheran.


Actually it's already not so important how many voices Ahmadinedzhad and Musavi got. Nobody trusts the results of elections - already. Perhaps Ahmadinedzhad really won but not with 2 times margin. It means - the second round. Dit the working president get frightened of the second round, "added" "pure victory" himself? That's all, in the opinion of citizens it's a verdict.

It is very important that Musavi received majority in Teheran - all policy is being made in capitals.

If there will be recount of votes and the second round - the destiny of elections is clear. The fate of elections was sealed by shots in crowd. There is only the destiny of recalculation - whether Ahmadinedzhad and Ayatollah Hamenej will have enough endurance and shooters (shooters in Iran are not thoughtless machines, they are deeply ideologically motivated people)? Actually recalculation and re-elections mean displacement of the centre of power from the spiritual leader to the political leader. Whether Ayatollah chose right time to define position?

Though the question is different... Let's imagine year 1996, Zyuganov does not recognize the results of elections. People go into the streets and demand recount of votes. It is already not so important, whether Zyuganov got more or less votes than Yeltsin - people demand new elections in which the result is already predetermined...

It is no mere chance that all other "elections" in the Russian Federation pass with "basketball" count, the candidate from "party in power" always wins the first round with threefold margin even if he is, on Berezovsky's expression, "horse ass". It's like, if to show horse ass every day on TV, it will become the next president...

If you have in your hands "machine for voting", it is possible even to show nothing on TV. Simply once in 4 years inform people in the morning on Monday that the next presidential elections have passed, there with the result in 99% the candidate whose surname you would learn later has won...

After all we could have avoided it, if 13 years ago one person whom all trusted would not got afraid. How could it be otherways? Well, even as it happens today in Teheran. We would stay people, not hamsters - chipmunks.

Аnatoly Baranov

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