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Don't Regret That Street Protest Calmed Down, It Will Rise Very Soon

Don't Regret That Street Protest Calmed Down, It Will Rise Very Soon
Кalashnikov Maxim 17.12.2013

As the Kremlin won't be able to destroy economy of the Russian Federation with impunity

Full economic insanity in message-2013 is obvious. As one familiar member of "United Russia" (I won't give here his name) told, Putin distinctly lost hold on reality. That is, he wants to squeeze out economy "lemon" to the end, not thinking of how to make "lemon" bigger.


It is clearly seen from obvious idiocy: fight against offshore is declared at full ignoring of necessary addition – creation of favorable conditions for money transfer from offshore into the Russian Federation and for its investments into real sector.

Instead Putin increases taxes on real sector, continues to smother production both by taxes and extortionate bank percent. Moreover, his mode smashing non-state banks with Nabiullina's hands doom thousands enterprises for "disappearance" of means in these banks which only aggravates process of destruction of economy and accelerates both industrial recession and panic flight of means abroad.

Even this is not enough for Putin! Having ruined economy with the help of Sochi-2014, he persistently insists on ruining it even more: FIFA-2018 and winter university games in Krasnoyarsk. Well, it’s difficult to find more skillful saboteur for destruction of the Russian economy. It’s interesting, if in KGB he had specialization in economy sabotage?

Governors are in panic: regional budgets go bankrupt and incur terrible deficiencies. They are literally undermined by unreasonable expenses on "bicycle" inventions of Putin’s officials. Plus it necessary to carry out somehow "historical" (from May, 2012) decrees of VVP where he raises salaries to state employees and increases social expenses. At the expense of regional budgets, not of the central treasury. It already leads to cumulative deficit of budgets of areas-regions-republics in 750 billion rubles for 2013. Thus incomes of regions fall: "triumphal joining WTO" and other idiotic steps of the Kremlin in 2011-2013 led to the falling of real sector and mass closing of enterprises of small and medium business.

Threat of not less "creative" solution of problems of terrible shortage of money for municipal level appeared. As Center isn't going to share part of collected taxes with them (it is necessary to finance football "mega project” and to steal), they will be suggested to raise tariffs for housing and communal services and to get additional taxes for apartments (real estate) from rather poor citizens.

Instead of concrete steps for lifting of economy VVP offers empty verbalizations. He continues breaking economy of the Russian Federation selflessly. Probably, he understand little living in some "astral". I think that people strongly overestimate mental capacities of this of "castle stone".


How will it end? Nobody ever destroyed economy of own country with impunity. I consider that VVP will lead Russia to the following consequences in 2014-2015 without any intrigues of the West and hirelings of the State Department.

Here they are:

- Disorders and activity of the population against municipal authorities (they are close to people).

- Revolts in industrial mono-towns.

- Flight of a number of governors from their posts.

- Bankruptcy and financial crash of a number of territorial subjects of the Russian Federation.

- New wave of closing remained alive productions.

- Shortage of means in the federal budget because of the need to rescue both regions and whole perishing branches.

- Mass withdrawal of money to "the comfortable countries".

- Amplifying tax evasion.

- Progressing shortage of money for provision of pensions.

- State machinery reduction, falling of expenses on it, impoverishment of "office plankton" and hipsters.

- Strengthening of predation of the retaliatory organs of the Russian Federation which will fill reduction of incomes from the budget with robbery of still alive businessmen which will pour out into destructions of everything that breathes and moves now.

- Mass protest actions in capital cities, strengthening of anti-Putin opposition among rich elite, its rate on Putin's removal.

These are only first consequences of a present course of the Kremlin. There will be others, much more "long-playing".

So, comrades, new rounds of political shocks are ahead. It’s impossible to avoid them: it is already impossible to bring the Kremlin to reason. It listens to nobody and doesn’t wish to hear anything, stubbornly pushing the Russian Federation to an edge of steep. Deranged will commit suicide.

Wish you happy new year in the Country of Fools! It will be great fun …

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