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Stupidity and Betray

Stupidity and Betray
Yury Mukhin 31.05.2014

In Moscow we have fireworks on the occasion of Day of the Frontier Guard, in Donetsk they bury or are going to bury one hundred militants and civilians killed by aircraft and special troops of Ukraine in attempt of militants to take and hold airport in Donetsk.

The youth doesn't know, but right after declaration of the People's Republic of China, Chinese people had no means to resist to flights of the American reconnaissance planes over the Chinese territory, and the Chinese fought them with strict warnings in the part of America, they even gave numbers to these warnings. At that time newspapers wrote that in response to the next violation of the planes of the USA air space of China, the government of China made, say, the 451st strict warning. (hardworking Chinese made more than 9 thousand warnings before they receiveв means to force the American planes down). Thus the term "the last Chinese warning" meaning empty bla bla bla appeared. I have a question why Zatokrymnashsky and Lavrov don't number warnings to Kiev to withdraw armies of Ukraine from Donbass? They should follow the Chinese way here.

It is clear that something prevents the Kremlin from entering the Russian armies and to attach Donbass. At that this "something" can be very powerful and very dangerous not only for the Kremlin camarilla, but also for all people of Russia.

I have already written that from the point of view of interests of Russia I also find accession to Russia not only of Donbass, but also the Crimea unacceptable. It’s more favourable to Russia, in the form of today's Russia, to have near independent great Little Russian democratic state, than to access parts of Ukraine to oligarchic kingdom called Russia. Though in situation when Ukraine became frankly Nazi and is ready to become prostitute and gun meat to the West, it is necessary to reconcile to accession of the Crimea.

Nevertheless, even in these conditions it’s in the interests of Russia to carry out fight not for accession of Donbass, but for the national Ukraine, to carry out race for power of people of Ukraine, against Nazi lawlessness of local oligarchs and their toadies. The time for this fight is very convenient, at that it’s more convenient to start carrying out this fight from the southeast of Ukraine. So, I am anger with the Kremlin camarilla and Vladimir I Zatokrymnashsky being on its top not because of non-introduction of troops to Donbass.

I don't believe any more that any intellectual from the Kremlin was engaged in the matter with the Crimea. I more and more believe to the hint of the vice-chairman of the Supreme Soviet of the Crimea G. Ioffe that all matter with the Crimea was organized by the head of the Chairman of that Soviet of that time, and nowadays the Chairman of the State Council of the Republic of Crimea V. Konstantinov, all happened according to the plan worked out by him. While the Kremlin just saw there PR action necessary in conditions of in-Russian crisis.

This conclusion is based on comparison of the behavior of the Kremlin in case with accession of the Crimea and events on Donbass, where the Kremlin shows its intelligence independently.

Therefore the reason of my rage is not so much in the death of one more hundred militants without victory, not in their obvious military weakness. The reason is that the Kremlin which is personally interested in favorable for Russia succession of events on Donbass, calmly watches childish political naivety of leaders of DPR and LPR, DON’T GUIDE THEM and thus HANDS Donbass OVER to Nazis! While full political helplessness of leaders of DPR and LPR is the reason of all revolutionary Donbass mess. This mess inevitably moves situation to defeat.

However, the death of Donbass will be the most terrifying blow to the Kremlin camarilla, it will be self-destructive for it, and it is obvious! All internal income from PR campaign in the Crimea will disappear absolutely! Russia won’t be guilty of the defeat of Donbass, as Russia sends and sends volunteers to Donbass. Only the Kremlin will be guilty! The Kremlin, contrary to logic, doesn't execute even that minimum which practically doesn't demand material expenditures, doesn't supervise succession of events. Even despite the fact that it is easy to carry out this management secretly.

After all today, with present development of means of communication including secret it isn't necessary to send anyone to Donbass specially, it’s enough to have necessary number of journalists for obtaining information necessary for decision-making, it is possible to transfer guidelines by phone or on the Internet. Journalists, by the way, would also provide actual data for propaganda fight which, again, practically isn't conducted as well as diplomatic fight for Donbass.

Now what I mean speaking about political helplessness of leaders of DPR and LPR.

Well, how much it is necessary to understand in policy, in state system to consider that if you surround yourself with a group of armed fighters, you are already the head of the state and your wife is the Minister of Foreign Affairs? How much it is necessary to understand in policy, in state system not to understand that managing people on behalf of these people it is necessary to have the body representing all people, not "veche" consisting of three hundred of old women and even not big crowd on Maidan who cried out your surname? Not to understand that the state is not only people and not only those who call themselves ministers, it’s branched and specialized structures of police, prosecutor's office, army, tax service, financial system and other, even small state can't exist without them. If leaders of DPR and LPR have all this? If tens thousands of civil servants of these government institutions submit to the leaders of DPR and LPR? If people of Donetsk and Lugansk areas agree to submit to this employees? If nothing of the kind is present, there’s no state at all. There is fiction! Fiction remains fiction even if it’s harmoniously called, say, the Donetsk People's Republic or the Luhansk People's Republic.

How much it is necessary to understand in policy, in the state system to consider oneself heads of the states, being in essence even in opinion of people of Donetsk and Lugansk areas only atamans of the armed groups, in which one part of people of Donbass sees self-defense groups, other – gangs. At that both parts of people have full right to think like this.

I will stop: it’s hard to say till now how these parts look like, what ratio is. The referendum of May, 11 would have to give the answer, but I have suspicion that leaders of DPR and LPR are afraid of its results. After all results of referendum are declared only orally, CEC took a week to sign and publish referendum protocols, thereby having made its results official. More than two weeks passed and … silence. Immediate appeal of leaders to the Kremlin with a request for accession immediately after referendum surprises, though such question wasn't submitted for referendum at all and all "governmental bodies" of DPR and LPR, as I wrote above, is fiction. Such haste suggests seditious idea that leaders of DPR and LPR know something about the will of people that forces them to panic. Panic of leaders expressed in foolish decisions is evident.

Today leaders of DPR and LPR independently adopt constitutions of frankly fascist contents, then pass to payments in rubles, nationalize enterprises, introduce the Russian legislation. The last thing is too much! Guys, if you will have the Russian legislation, you won't live till court session, you will be crushed by tanks and bombed directly in the cities, and then they will say that the matter is in your resistance to arrest. Those who will come to your funerals will get 5 years of imprisonment "for appeals to extremist activity expressed in the form of visit of cemetery". Those who will come to "court" to support those who visited funerals will be beaten and will stay 15 days in prison for participation in unauthorized meeting. Frank fascism has just appeared in your country, while we have been rejoicing it for already q quarter of century.

The Kremlin insists on the federal system of Ukraine and nothing could be objected here, it is logical, and it’s a rescue for Ukraine as for independent state. Though whether DPR and LPR will be independent as Abkhazia, or will enter Ukraine or Russia as subjects, anyway leaders of DPR and LPR need to solve questions which I enumerated above, they need to create the state. Leaders of DPR and LPR are full nulls in these questions, their revolutionary advisers are even worse, though why the Kremlin stays aside?? It is obliged to explain step by step the leaders of DPR and LPR what they should exactly do, it should watch that the last won’t make harmful nonsenses, it should guide them! As it’s in the interests of the Kremlin.

Clear thing that leaders of DPR and LPR don't read what I write, I am afraid that in such stress situation in which they are now, they read nothing in general, they have no time for it. They have a lot of advisers, even with experience of participation in other revolutions, but there’s no use from these adviser, even from the most perfect – Russian. Here in Russia we have a many-voiced collective farm of the most perfect experts in revolutions, at this there are no collective farmers in it, only chairmen! These chairmen all their life read clever books, but different books and listen each other only in order to disprove each other. That’s the reason why the revolutionary collective farm of "Our Russia” has the name "40 years without crop". Unless leaders of DPR and LPR have to listen to these advisers! To listen to their chatter means to waste time.

Though they should listen to advices of the Kremlin! As it’s deadly dangerous for the leaders of DPR and LPR not to listen to the Kremlin. If, of course, there would be those advices. Here I have a question, where are those damn "analysts of FSB"? Where are "specialists" of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs? Haven’t born yet?

I see two variants of the answer here. The first is that having gathered "guys from Petersburg" for reliable robbing of Russia, the Kremlin stopped professional selection to all structures of the state, it tore off inflow of talented people to the authorities. Now there’s no one in the Kremlin to control the events, there are only state rams there who have become skilled only in robbing of Russia and concealment of the stolen. They don't know what to do with Donbass.

The second variant: the USA got Kremlin "patriots" down and now the Kremlin following instructions of the USA participates in kindling of civil war in Ukraine and creation of the state with people sharply hostile to Russia on its border.

So, the question what we see – stupidity or betray of the Kremlin - remains.

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