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Sponsors of Nazism: Ukraine and Elsewhere

Sponsors of Nazism: Ukraine and Elsewhere
Tatyana Volkova 06.06.2014

Negotiations of the U.S. President Barack Obama and the German chancellor Angela Merkel took place a month ago in Washington. Mass media continue to claim that the Ukrainian crisis and introduction of economic restrictions against Russia were the main subject of the agenda. Externally it really looked so, in any case they talked about it at the joint press conference.

In reality attempt of sharing of the Afghan pie was the main subject of those failed negotiations. Nearly 13 years ago NATO with allies interfered with civil war in the country. Death of thousands people, ruin of several aircrafts, two 110-storeyed office buildings, four other buildings of the World shopping center with a set of important establishments, building of Deutsche Bank, drawing damages to a set of other constructions including two buildings of the World financial center and also causing serious damage to the Pentagon, including collapse of one of its sections were necessary to attract the USA and other states into that operation.

After translation of the program of the channel RT about the American operations under false flag English-speaking network spread rumours that Putin plans to publish available for the Russian intelligence service proofs about acts of terrorism planned and organized by the Americans on September, 11, 2001. Having no doubts in the fact that the Russian side has such proofs and their reliability and persuasiveness, I will dare to assume that the Russian President won't be got involved in "sleaze war". At least owing to the belief that he will achieve his aims in Ukraine by means of less two-edged means.

However it will be necessary to leave Afghanistan this year. Hopes for establishment of the American control over development of the richest deposits of minerals, first of all copper and lithium in this country become more and more illusive day after day. It is necessary to mention by analogy that "Shell" has already stopped drilling of slate fields in the east of Ukraine as isn't able to ensure safety of the staff.

People standing behind intervention in Afghanistan found alternative solution. More precisely, sponsors, ready to repay very profitable contract on training and equipment of the Afghan power structures, including police forces all over all country. However, the president Hamid Karzai still keeping his power with the help of the American bayonets dared to give these contracts to the Germans who behaved in his country much more decently.

The American president explained Frau Bundeschancellor the essence of the offer of business community standing behind the White House: to halve the Afghan contracts between Germany and the USA. The answer of Mrs. Merkel was simple and categorical: she isn't an appropriate addressee for similar addresses, the president Obama should speak about it with the president Karzai.

Of course, it’s absolutely useless to talk on this subject with Karzai: he knows attitude of the majority of Afghans to the USA, and doesn't doubt that no later than next year he will be replaced by next president suiting both Talibs and Mujahidins. Mr. Karzai doesn't want to live his last days in Arab Emirates in constant alarm for destiny of his clan in the homeland.

Other questions were discussed more likely for pro forma — for the sake of preparation of joint press conference. Skeptical relation of Germany to sanctions against Russia is not a secret to anybody. Most of all the American side was indignant with the fact that the Germans don't take money for training of the Afghan personnel. Besides that they spoiled all business, they don't earn themselves. They simply want to prove that (unlike the Americans) they came not to harm, but to help.

I don't know, whether the Germans are really so unselfish, or they count on other contracts in Afghanistan: "You’re your bread upon the waters, for after many days you will find it". Unfortunately, unlike the Germans, their American partners simply don't have these "many days" and therefore after departure of Mrs. Merkel from Washington they accelerated escalation in Ukraine. Ukraine is guilty for the fact that Afghanistan needs to be replaced with something else urgently. However the motto of the USA printed on banknotes "In God we trust" is not forgotten, therefore they cast their bread upon the waters.

First of all by way of increase and expansion of financing of new Nazi and also Islamic extremist organizations. Christian circles close to the White House sent me messages that management of one of the states friendly to the USA expressed bewilderment and concern to the president Obama in that regard. It became clear that the commander-in-chief had no idea of the most part of that strange activity of the American intelligence services, he was provided with incontestable proofs.

The first black president doesn’t look like masochist, therefore I don't think that sincerely bleeds with Nazis. Nevertheless, the American state support of not only Islamists, but also Nazis worldwide, including the USA, continues to grow. Ukraine is already catastrophically not enough for satisfaction of appetites of sponsors, new fires are required to extinguish them with money. Therefore presidents make orders about one, speak at press conferences about other, but the caravan moves on.



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