Novorossiya between “Civilized World” and “Putin’s RF”

Novorossiya between “Civilized World” and “Putin’s RF”
itina Darya 27.05.2014

It is necessary to tell that new authorities of Donbass and the Luhansk region the day before yesterday united into union state Novorossia never had illusions concerning recognition from the part of so-called "civilized world". However part of them had harmful illusions concerning the Russian management. Yesterday's statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of DPR and Novorossia accepted by the department board represents system view of the republican management on farce called by Kiev’s junta "elections" and on their consequences for the world and for them. What is more important, it also shows much more sober, than before view on position of official Russia.

If to state briefly, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Novorossiya:

1. declared the beginning of unifying process between DPR and LPR, informed about creation of allied body - Council of the Union (Novorossiya).

2. brought terminological and conceptual clarity: body that today calls itself the Ukrainian power isn't the power. Since now in the official documents of Novorossiya it will be called "actual government of Kiev". It is aggressor in relation to DPR and LPR, its army and armed groups are occupational armies, and Novorossiya is at war with it. The real head of the state of Ukraine, according to official Novorossiya, is Mr. V. F. Yanukovych till termination of term of powers in February, 2016 (though DPR and LPR staying apart already don’t enter what remained from Ukraine).

3. defined understanding of the fat that independent republics have to be at war generally not with the Ukrainian army, but with gangs of mercenaries of local feudal lords and foreign mercenaries that allows to speak about fact of the international aggression.

4. declared that no “eletions of the president of Ukraine” won’t take plae in the territory of the Donetsk People's Republic and the Luhansk People's Republic, their results won't have legal consequences, and in the territories not freed by Ukraine (for example, Svatovsky region of LPR) imitation of voting ould take plae to achieve international recognition of the farce alled "elections".

5. expressed confidence that hopes of a number of politicians for placation of aggressor after elections are false and, having received similarity of legitimacy, Kiev’s mode won't withdraw army, it will immediately undertake new military approach in the east instead. Warned all states about inadmissibility of legitimation of the aggressor, about responsibility for new crimes.

6. expressed bewilderment concerning estimates which were heard from representatives of the Russian management according to which elections were called "step in the right direction". Urged politicians of Russia to consider carefully once again, whether actions leading to toughening of war, encouragement and legitimation of a criminal, cannibal mode ould be onsidered “step in the right diretion”?

Actually, Putin's last performance when answering a question of the American interviewer, whether Russia was going to recognize Kiev’s elections, the Russian President answered that they should pay for gas first and we would see then, made the most naive and enthusiastic representatives of Donbass and the Luhansk region who had some unreasonable hopes sober. Actually, citizens of Donetsk and Lugansk didn’t stay idle without the Russian support (excellently organized and held referendum, long military defense of Donbass and determination to sweep oligarchs who swore to junta out from the republics serve as evidenes of it), though it’s neessary to say that a lot of time was lost.

I hope, they will ath up.





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