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"Bulava" Strikes out at Submarine Nuclear Fleet

"Bulava" Strikes out at Submarine Nuclear Fleet

Minister Shoygu ordered to suspend state tests of nuclear submarines "Alexander Nevsky" and "Vladimir Monomakh" because of unsuccessful firing of the rocket "Bulava", "Interfax" reports. As press service of the Ministry of Defence explains, unsuccessful start of "Bulava” from "Alexander Nevsky" was made on September, 6 in the water area of the White Sea. The rocket had to hit the target on the range Kura on Kamchatka, it left launcher barrel, however some breakdown in the work of onboard system happened on the second minute of flight.

Besides suspension of tests of "Alexander Nevsky" and "Vladimir Monomakh" Shoygu made the decision to carry out five additional practical start-ups of "Bulava" with purpose of confirmation of setting of tactical and technical parameters.

The first serial strategic nuclear submarines of the project 955 "Borei" have to be transferred to the Russian fleet at the end of 2013.

- Likely, they won't be transferred to the fleet by the end of this year, - the editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk Anatoly Baranov considers. – To produce submarines with nonexistent rockets was crazy attempt in general. Then there was attempt to put submarines with not ready rockets into service. There were hot discussions when Putin's fans proved that "we will succeed in everything”. While to put new rocket into service is not the same as to collect several thousand members of "Nashi" in the center of Moscow, to declare that there were hundred thousands of them and cut money. It’s more difficult with rockets. While they fail to do anything more difficult than to beat out budget money and to cut them between themselves.

"Once we were the first and the best in production of rockets, - Anatoly Baranov reminded. - But today we forgot how to produce rockets. "Protons" which seemed to be superreliable fall one by one. "Bulava" is strictly speaking not rocket yet. They failed even to copy "Voevoda". The reason is that for years of disorder we lost a number of key technologies where everything depended on experience and ability of certain experts. Experts retired because of age and technologies were lost together with them. As to "Bulava" - Moscow Institute of Thermal Technology was entrusted to develop and produce new rocket of sea basing, but it never produced such rockets before. A lot of things were lost in Miass where they had been produced before, there is nothing to transfer today, the more so there’s no ardent desire to transfer anything.

"So, it looks like all our submarine nuclear fleet will sink", Anatoly Baranov finished.

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