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The USA Has No Enemies from the Point of View of the USA

The USA Has No Enemies from the Point of View of the USA
Тatayna Volkova 06.11.2013

Ministers of Foreign Affairs Javad Zarif and Ahmet Davutogla in conditions of strict privacy signed in Ankara a contract covering prospecting cooperation between "country derelict" Iran and the member of NATO Turkey. Thus status of Iran as the country derelict can't be already perceived seriously. Within six weeks of preliminary negotiations the Persians received really a sultan gift — data which allowed to identify and detain ten Israeli agents acting in Iran whose curators had good sense to feel free to meet them in Turkey. Details of the contract were worked out by the head of the Turkish investigation Hakan Fidan with the deputy minister of intelligence of Iran for special commissions Hosrov Hoseynian and brigade general Hossein Salyami from the Iranian revolutionary guard.

It’s not a secret that crisis which nearly brought to the American attack on Syria was inspired by the Turkish government at the time trying to weaken position of the same Iran. However the Europeans (including the French except for François Hollande who had own reasons) didn't believe in rough falsification of "application of the chemical weapon by Assad", besides they got tired to incur losses connected with embargo against Iran.

During all Syrian conflict Israel pointedly observed neutrality attacking in the Syrian territory only the weapon intended for sending to the Lebanese-Israeli border to the movement Hezbollah and thus taking all measures to reduce losses, both among the Syrian personnel and the Lebanese from Hezbollah being at war on Assad's part. In several organized by unknown side cases of attack of boundary patrols by the Syrian territory, Israelis got limited to suppression of weapon emplacements. Israeli raiders in Syria were engaged in collecting data and abstained from diversionary activity.

At a "secret" meeting in UN lobby Israelis unambiguously declared to the Persians that they aren't going to interfere with the Iranian transactions with Kiriyenko and to slow down development of nuclear power. Moreover, the Persians were let known that the Iranian military nuclear program didn’t interest Israeli management under condition that ayatollahs would restrain rhetoric irritating inhabitants. Next mysterious explosion of reactor on heavy water in Araks which took place in Iran last week in such context testified of the refusal of full-scale bombing attack.

Thus only the USA left on a front line except Turkey and its competitors from Arabian Peninsula and here the Russian soft work with compromising materials and rigid political pressure was added by soft Iranian admonition that the Americans who lodged in the glass house should think properly before throwing stones.

The matter is that after the end of the period of opposition of systems and control over communism, “war with terror” became the national idea of the USA which allowed to quit with consequences of the bill about the rights so effectively as Joseph McCarthy couldn't have even dreamed. For continuous fight against phenomenon existence of this phenomenon is necessary first of all and the American management managed to support "Arab spring" and other similar trends, in most cases holding them outside the USA.

However 10% of slaves brought in due time on plantations of the American South were Muslims and later Muslims from the Ottoman Empire, the Southern Asia and from the Arab countries immigrated to the USA. Muslim communities in large American cities expand every year, including at the expense of newly coverts. In spite of the fact that 72% of the American Muslims are immigrants already of the second generation Islam becomes in the USA religion of humiliated and offended. So, only the jails of New York contain about 350 000 Muslims. Moreover, 80% of those "who find God" all over the country convert into Islam.

In recent years more and more white people is possible to meet among these people, as for every educated white prisoner accession to the Islamic brotherhood which has changed "Black Muslims" is the only way to find protection against slavish dependence from Nazi "Aryan brotherhood" supervising prisons. It’s not the result of the state policy as it was with "thieves in law" in our country. Simply a great number of bikers who joins "Aryan brotherhood" earn money by distribution of illegal weapon delivered to America by Irish Republiсan Army lost the most part of other sources of financing, whereas great number of ethniс Irish work in the American law-enforcement system, including penitentiary one and, as we know, people in the right plaсes mean more, than Council of People's Commissars.

In сontrast with all civilized countries and part of less civilized, the American penal system practically doesn't set tasks of correction of criminals and their subsequent integration into society. It’s main if not the only task — retaliatory one and the phrase: “All hope abandon ye who enter here” сould suit as its motto to it best of all. Considering that only 5% of the population of the Earth live in the USA, whereas the American prisons contain 25% of all prisoners of a planet and knowing how quickly it infects quarters of the poor, it is easy to imagine what will occur when someone will bring a match to this tinder box and infightings will spurtle out.

However the Iranians didn't start frightening the American administration with similar apocalyptic scenarios, knowing that it is useless. Overcome by insuperable instinct "to hold and not to allow", US authorities in this question prefer to hide head in the sand. Other thing is more clear to them: identity сrisis deepen among the American Muslims — immigrants of "the second generation" and more and more well educated young people who have been born in the USA find decision in radical Islam.

On the other hand, more and more signs that proceeding "war with terror" already put coup de grâce to the American civil society. More and more often it’s possible to see in the American mass media homebrew "safety experts" urging to forbid the American Muslims to serve in armed forces.

Military experts claiming that incidents connected with "blue-on-blue engagement" in most cases are nothing else, but premeditated murder of the American military personnel-Christians by their Muslim colleagues.

Last statement will probably be сonsidered as extremism in the Russian conditions, whereas it’s diffiсult to imagine, for example, appeal to forbid military service of the Tatars in the Russian army, Americanization of our society hasn't come yet so far though it continues moving into this direction.

Ten days ago one of the leading German TV channels carried out poll on the American streets: whether it is necessary to oblige the American citizens who practice Islam to carry corresponding bandages, for example, with the half moon image? Certainly, the poll wasn't representative and was carried out not in Brooklyn or, say, on Manhattan. Anyway, TV reporters had enough talent to snatch out from a flow of passersby ten people eight of whom completely supported such idea.

Contrary to a popular belief there’s practically no antagonism between Islamists Shiites and Sunnites, in particular so far as it concerns brotherly cooperation of adherents of Allah in protection against Disbelievers. Therefore it is easy to imagine what will occur if Iran organizes visits of several tens sensible preachers of corresponding belief (certainly, not Iranians) of places recommended by investigation in the USA. In this case our North Caucasus, not to mention various markets in Biryulyovo and Kondopoga will seem children's picnic on a lawn. Far not traumatic weapon will be used there and even if Nazi at a certain stage will win, it will little help to administration of democrats.

So, America is artificially brought by own government to public crisis by "war with terror", it hasn’t ever faced similar crisis before. Public crisis is doubled by economic crisis which can't but aggravate contradictions. Earlier the White House always managed to solve such problems, having found "allies" ready to open their purse but as a result of latest scandals the whole world understood that there the USA has no allies from the point of view of the USA and nobody will give now money.

All this was certainly stated by use of delicate hints composed in refined diplomatic language and the result was corresponding — embargo against Iran is removed, all other sanctions as well, only it’s done gradually so that people don’t understand to what degree the White House is afraid of similar succession of events. Favourable cooperation was promised as compensation for gradualness. The Turks noticed that this ship had sailed, but managed to jump on a footstep of the last wagon.

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