Putin Doesn’t Drink. What Does He Have on His Brain?

Putin Doesn’t Drink. What Does He Have on His Brain?
Gulenok Olga 15.11.2013

Answering question of the correspondent of TV channel “Russia”: "Will You buy arms?"

Shoygu answered somehow irresolutely: "Well, contracts should be carried out. I talk here about "Mistrals". Though in the light of the latest events: wiretaps and so on, we will use own".

What ould be said here... It seems that brains of these men beome brightened, they start understanding what is what...

What were they thinking about, when they bought "Mistrals" and chips for their rockets in the USA? About kickbacks? Lovely... Sold and drank everything away...

Putin doesn't drink. What was he thinking about?

Apparently, already nobody understands him. The host of the program "Vesti" Dmitry Kiselyov joyfully reports to people: we won't put money into the Amerian money-box any longer, we will spend money on infrastructure projects.

At one after the words he gives synchrony of the president who speaks: we olleted and will ontinue olleting rainy day fund. Say, suh scheme showed its efficiency in crisis times.

It’s interesting to hear in details how "this safety cushion" resued us in crisis?

Let's talk on this subject.

So, crisis happened in the USA as a result of giving out too many redits to people I booze to the people thinking that these people it will make something useful to the world. Up yours! It didn't happen.

As a result this world suffered because oil pumps which swung oil for the Americans and other advanced people stopped working. The last choked with this oil...

Everything stopped in Russia. The budget which was getting filled with the help of oil money turned out to be empty.

Doctors, officials, military men, scientists, students remained hungry, peasants who fed them remained undressed.

Here you are a miracle! Putin took dollars from money-box, printed rubles, gave them out to suffering state employees, the last went to the shop and bought sausages from peasants. All rejoiced!

Nobody set questions where he took those money from? He printed them.

Now let’s look one again at this scheme and think: why did we bring oil abroad?

At last we are fed by our Russian peasant with, by the way, tasty sausage. To produe it our peasant doesn’t need anything import. Diesel fuel is own, combines are own, hands...

Roughly speaking we presented that oil.

After all we should reeive something from it? To eah his own... People by and large reeive nothing, while the electee... Same kickbacks. Someone bought real estate in the USA. Trips.

What about Putin? What did he receive? Well, he is happy if Obama and other “ool guys” friendly claps him on the bak...

If our people are not also happy with it? Think, people, think...

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