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Brawn Instead of Brain?

Brawn Instead of Brain?
Тatayna Volkova 02.11.2013

United States Secretary of State John Kerri declared at press conference on Saturday that partial agreement on safety is reached with Afghanistan.

As we reported earlier, under agreement on safety the USA understands that after "withdrawal of troops" from Afghanistan the American armies will remain in the country, at that the American private military companies acting in the country will be additionally strengthened.

Without such agreement the American mining companies won't risk to be engaged in extraction of commercial minerals the earth is so rich with. Moreover, all reasons for which Afghanistan was chosen as opponent as a result of events of 09/11 look not convincingly, if not to consider infinite riches hidden in its subsoil.

Keyword in the statement of Mr. Kerry is "partial". Full agreement means that the American occupational contingent remaining in Afghanistan after its "pullout" on paper will use immunity from jurisdiction of the Afghan authorities.

Thus, the State Department probably believes that the mode of Karzay’s drug barons being supported by the American bayonets will have bigger support of the population, if carriers of these bayonets will continue to kill, to force and to export drugs with impunity further on.

However, it is probable that the Afghans don't have now any doubts about consequences to which this agreement will lead, the deputy press secretary of the State department Mari Harf reported that "close authorized representative of the leader of the Pakistan Talibs Hakimulla Mekhsud", his namesake Latif Mekhsud "was grasped in the eastern Afghanistan" and is delivered to the base Bagram near Kabul.

The USA considers Latif Mekhsud "the leader of terrorists". He is suspected of attempt of explosion on Times Square in New York in 2010 as well as of attacks on the American diplomats in Pakistan and on many Pakistanis. The group to which, according to the Americans, Latif Mekhsud belongs "also promised to make new attacks in the territory of the USA", Mrs. Harf declared.

As it is reported, Latif Mekhsud came back from a meeting with the Afghan officers of intelligence service with whom he discussed exchange of the captives. Afghan officials who declared that Latif Mekhsud "was seized last week in the eastern province of Afghanistan Logar" were quoted, whereas, according to the Pakistan Talibs, it occurred "at the point of crossing of the Pakistan-Afghan border in the province Host".

Thus, it will be difficult now to solve questions about exchange of the captives for National management of safety of Afghanistan the most part of which employees was trained in the Ministry of internal security of the USA and in NATO training centers, as well as many other tasks, regardless of the fact whether there was leakage from their office, or the Americans tracked Mr. Mekhsud down using other sources.

If capture of the Pakistan guest really took place in the province Logar, where there are one of the largest if not the world's largest stocks of copper and lithium, then owing to laws of hospitality the American corporations could forget about their quite advanced plans of mining in this province from now on.

Certainly, as a result of capture of Pakistani all hopes to make transaction on a question of immunity of the American military personnel within agreement allowing the American armies to remain in the country after the end of the military mission of NATO in 2014 are finally buried and, as John Kerri already reported, "there will be no agreement without arrangement of the question of immunity", that is the armies should be withdrawn and respectively a place where to bring them should be found.

Really, if to imagine something similar in situation when the American armies don't possess immunity in Afghanistan, capture suspected foreigner and hold him without court resolution, proceedings on suspicion in excess of powers, kidnapping, illegal imprisonment, most likely, in tortures and in additional number of serious crimes have to be initiated against participants of capture and command of the base Bagram. After that the American side, in its turn, probably will put forward claims to Afghans on conditions of imprisonment of the Americans, violations of their rights and so on. Whether agreement on safety will hold on for long in such conditions?

It is possible to assume that suspicions in relation to Latif Mekhsud have strong reasons and the American Themis waits to electrocute him, to send him to gas chamber or to sentence him to injection of poison or to 800 years of imprisonment, as it is known, VIII amendment to the Constitution of the USA forbids to impose cruel and unusual punishments, however all above-mentioned things are considered humane and usual there. There’s no need to talk about tortures, they are forbidden in the USA though, for example, CIA doesn’t consider immersion of the suspect into water with the purpose of achievement of effect of "lugging" torture and defines as "more rigid method of interrogation".

However let’s not digress and assume that the Americans are absolutely right in relation to Latif Mekhsud. In this case their irrepressible thirst of revenge or aspiration to celebration of justice once again played with them bad joke, because as a result of that provocation Loya Jirga (Sanhedrim) won't be able to approve the American version of the contract, corporations of the USA will lose trillion worth concessions and the American contingent should look for a new haven, in particular, in Yemen where they will need agreement on immunity already with the local government as under local laws death penalty is punishment for import of sandwich with bacon into this friendly to the USA country.

Why I consider actions in relation to Latif Mekhsud provocation, after all the Pakistan Taliban has no relation to popular and influential in Afghanistan movement "Taliban"? Moreover, the Afghan Talibs fruitfully cooperate with the worst enemy of the Pakistan Taliban - the Pakistan interdepartmental intelligence service.

Despite smoke screen of discussions by various sources about the place where Latif Mekhsud was capture, I needed no more than two calls to establish and then to get confirmation that it took place in the capital of North Waziristan, the city of Miranshakh.

Thus, the person who is suspected of crimes against Pakistan and, probably, India was, on all signs, groundlessly accused of crimes against the USA and on that "basis" has been stolen by the Americans from the territory of still rather friendly to the USA Pakistan and delivered to the territory of still friendly to the USA Karzay’s Afghanistan where he hasn't committed any crimes and is held in custody without legal grounds. According to the international law it has to be qualified as the Afghan aggression against Pakistan. In any case similar actions are the worst violation of still functional agreement on safety between Karzay’s government and the USA.

The USA, as we know, is law into itself, especially when it considers that it’s right. However they in the State Department, most likely, didn't read my previous publications, otherwise they wouldn't spend money of taxpayers for a visit of Kerry to Afghanistan and for negotiations about new agreement on safety.

John Kerri has such surname because his great-grandfather and great-grandmother Fritz Con and Ida Loewe decided in 1900 to be called Frederick and Ida Kerri and their family lost old traditions since then; otherwise John Kerri, probably, would have recollected in due time the Jewish saying: "Don’t be right — be cleverer" and instead of hopeless fight for celebration of justice would try to solve those problems for the sake of which the USA actually organized all that bloody turmoil in 2001. However I am afraid that young nation will have to grow for several centuries, if not millennia to reach level of cumulative wisdom brought to the USA by immigrants. Meanwhile this greenhorn is considered "the leader of free world" only because it has military muscles reminding terrible T-Rex with two brain crinkles: from uniform cap and from unshakable consciousness of own correctness.

Anyway, 12 years' Afghan adventure came to its end with total failure these days almost without foreign participation —the USA, unlike the unter-officer widow, really cut itself, probably, to some extent disproves thesis "Drawn instead of drain".

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