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Nuclear Warheads Are Seen from Israel’s Zipper

Nuclear Warheads Are Seen from Israel’s Zipper

Vladimir Putin openly told that Syria developed the program of creation of the chemical weapon only as security measure from nuclear arsenal of Israel. "It is known well that Syria has certain arsenal of the chemical weapon, - the president Putin declared. - The Syrians always considered it as alternative to the nuclear weapon of Israel".

Not for one decade Washington publicly recognizes and doesn't deny existence of the nuclear weapon and means of its delivery in Israel.

The representative of Syria at the UN Bashar Jafari declared to the reporters in New York that though Damascus doesn't demand as preliminary indispensable condition of own chemical disarmament that the Israeli nuclear weapon was put under supervision and control of the international community and that Tel Aviv signed the Contract about non-proliferation of the nuclear weapon, he nevertheless considers that the world community has surely to pay to this question.

- The nuclear weapons of Israel are an open secret, - the editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk Anatoly Baranov considers. - However it’s the first time when they started talking about nuclear arsenal of Israel openly on the top level. For some reason it was considered to be somehow indecent to recollect about it among "solid politicians" as if of barndoor open. Israel is armed better than all its potential opponents taken together, however the world community doesn't object that it has some number of nuclear charges in its cushion. By the way, how many and of what type? Nobody knows... There’s only one fear that Iraq will create the nuclear weapon at the cost of life of Saddam Hussein and tens thousands of Iraqis. Ceausescu was killed earlier because of the attempt to create own nuclear bomb. Iran is constantly under the threat of the American invasion because of suspicions in creation of "Islamic bomb". While nobody reproaches Israel though the Republic of South Africa and Brazil were compelled to refuse nuclear researches under the pressure from outside. Now the USA, the Russian Federation, England, France, China, India, Pakistan, Democratic People's Republic of Korea "officially" possess the nuclear weapon. What other countries have it "informally"? Clear thing Israel, but there’s also Japan - by the way, the country aggressor in the World War II which has a lot of territorial claims to neighbors. It’s developing the fighter of the fifth generation, that is the plane capable to bear nuclear missiles of air basing. It has space rockets which are also capable if necessary to bear nuclear charges. Why doesn’t international community take minimum control of "unaccounted" nuclear arsenals? There are a number of countries technologically capable to make own nuclear weapon in short period of time - Germany, Italy, South Korea, Brazil mentioned earlier and the Republic of South Africa, Canada and Australia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. Why it isn’t interesting to anybody? There is a feeling that there are a lot of unaccounted nuclear charges, whole arsenals in the world. If we will wait till they appear in the most inconvenient time, in the most unexpected places?

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