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Citizens of the Vologda Region Ask to Introduce Troops into the Region for Protection of Citizens

Citizens of the Vologda Region Ask to Introduce Troops into the Region for Protection of Citizens

This appeal came to our site spontaneously. It seems that all inhabitants of all regions of Russia (including Moscow - unless except for Chechnya, and it’s far not so) can leave their signatures under it. It seems that neither their interests, nor infringement of their rights interests anybody as well as outflow of the Russian population from the Stavropol Territory, position of the Russian refugees from Chechnya and many other problems.

So, let’s leave the floor to unknown inhabitants of the Vologda region:

"Dear Vladimir Vladimirovich,

We learned that you want to introduce troops into the Crimea to protect the rights of the Russian-speaking population. In this regard we have big request – to introduce troops into the Vologda region.

All of us here are true Russian-speaking and our rights are infringed very much.

Our patients can't receive drugs and treatment necessary to them, level of our education decreases every year, they close children's sections and clubs, agriculture is almost destroyed. All of us suffer very much.

While the invaders who seized power by means of dishonest elections do nothing for the subdued population. They waste money for public relations, for their offices and country houses, for purchase of apartments and air charters.

We will be very grateful to you and we guarantee that there will be no guerrilla war against liberators. Most likely there will be also no international sanctions.

We also learned that you are going to spend a lot of money to normalize life in the Crimea. We are sorry to ask: whether it is possible to spend this money for normalization of life in the Vologda region. Our region is in such debt hole that there’s not enough money for all. We need bridges, roads, sport constructions, industrial objeсts, new workplaces…

Yours faithfully with hope for release

Russian-speaking inhabitants of the Vologda region."


Miсhael Delyagin stressed that though he is not inhabitant of the Vologda region, but he would be happy and delighted to sign the same appeal being inhabitant of the riсhest regions in Russia – Mosсow. As the same things happen even there, and well-known eсonomist having business trips not less than 2 times a month sees what happens in the rest of Russia with his own eyes.

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