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Sanctions Are a Double – Edged Weapon

Sanctions Are a Double – Edged Weapon
Таtyana Volkova 08.07.2014

Press service of the American Ministry of Finance reported that "The Ministry of Finance entered sanctions against Adam Delimkhanov, the deputy of the Russian State Duma, for actions on behalf of the key member of "Brother’s Circle" Gafur Rakhimov included into black list in February, 2012". In the Ministry of Finance of the USA they explained that now the American sanctions extend on 23 physical and six legal entities connected with the organized criminal group "Brother’s Circle".

Like Tynyanov’s lieutenant Kije, organized criminal group "Brother’s Circle" doesn't exist and never existed anywhere, except the American bureaucratic correspondence. The term "Brother’s Circle" appeared in FBI subsoil as a result of processing of unconvincing messages of secret agents talking about events happening in "friends circles".

A set of baizes is published about Adam Delimkhanov's adventures, however unlike the lawyers of the American Ministry of Finance I won't undertake to make comments on them from the legal point of view. In any case, till publication of results of if not work of investigating authorities, then factual, based not on gossips and anonymous denunciations journalistic investigation.

Today our pro-American mass media concentrate on creation of negative image of Delimkhanov as "the deputy with gold gun". The person with the gold gun from Fleming’s Bondiana, hitman of Frantsisko Skaramanga — awful villain, as well as other mythical enemies of the invented superhero on a secret service of Her Majesty.

There are no gold guns, as well as organized criminal group "Brother’s Circle". Modest "Makarov" weighing 730 grams without bullets will weight 1800 grams if to make it from gold. Though even if to get use to this inconvenience, gold is far not the best material for production of pistol frame, not to mention barrel, back-moving spring, firing point and weight of bolt assembly increased two and a half time.

Therefore it is possible to assume safely that it is a question of golden anticorrosive covering, similar to chrome and nickel often applied for this purpose. So, probably, quite good thing received as a gift. I also wouldn't refuse such gift, though chromic covering is quite adequate technical solution.

The speaker of the State Duma Sergey Naryshkin called introduction of sanctions in relation to the deputy of the State Duma Adam Delimkhanov from the part of the USA "illegal actions". I will refrain to give rights assessment in return, however I consider it necessary to remind about principle of reciprocitas.

As soon as de facto the USA widely apply sanctions against all whom they don’t like for some reason, it’s necessary to recognize this right and duties corresponding to it behind them de jure.

Thus the American private persons and legal entities can be exposed to sanctions from those whom they don’t like for one reason or other. In order to avoid final destruction of system of the international law these measures, certainly, shouldn't touch the third subjects if the last don’t participate in the American sanctions.

Thus, let one fool makes many, more cultural nations shouldn't enter sanction against the American private persons and legal entities randomly, just as they are applied by their young state. Besides, there are additional restrictions in Russia. One of them — the government created at Yeltsin by the adviser of CIA, which structure didn't undergo basic changes since then.

However Russia is a federal state, and the Chechen Republic directed Mr. Delimkhanov to Okhotny Ryad both in response to sanctions against the deputy of the State Duma, and without any connection to them can take own measures.

It’s necessary to prove, if the deputy of the Russian State Duma Adam Delimkhanov acted on behalf of Gafur Rakhimov, or Mr. Rakhimov is the key member of "Brother’s Circle", though there are no bases to believe that organization under the name "Brother’s Circle" exist or ever existed.

According to the U.S. Treasury Department the citizen of Uzbekistan Gafur-Arslanbek Akhmedovich Rakhimov is engaged in drug traffic. I have no data confirming or disproving this statement, but anyway it is a question of participation or nonparticipation of Mr. Rakhimov in cultivated by armed forces of the USA in Afghanistan export of opiates, that is of the American-Uzbek relations to which the Russian Federation is related unless as target sales market.

Thus in other neighboring country, practically before our eyes residential quarters are exposed to attacks with use of large-caliber artillery and bombings from air. The Chechen people already endured something similar at pro-American Yeltsin administration. The American legal bodies are behind war crimes and crimes against humanity in the Southeast of Ukraine.

The Ministry of Finance of Ukraine hastily prepares projects of replacement of the Russian hydrocarbon fuel, and very profitable part of these plans is related to biofuel of the company “Monsanto Ukraine”. Thus a lot of mercenaries of the Private Military Company "Academi" — subsidiary enterprise of Monsanto corporation – act in the territory of Ukraine.

Let the Ukrainians solve their Ukrainian problems, but the most effective way of fight against bloody business is to inflict commercial damages to the transnational corporation standing behind it in other places. The Chechen Republic could act as the initiator, and be the first to enter sanctions against this transnational monster, especially in present situation when Dmitry Medvedev's government already subjected our country to unjustified risks, having postponed beginning of registration of GMO for 3 years in interests of Monsanto Corporation.

Let experts argue about risks for ecosystems. I talk about admission of heavily-armed producer of chemical and other similar types of weapon on the civil market, for increase in profits he won't fail to use every opportunity for capture of power and by all means will begin carrying out of blasting work for creation of such opportunities.

It’s possible to enter sanctions against other initiators of wars, including Transnational Corporation Halliberton, but it is better to build the concept not on response to provocations, but on system approach. It is necessary to refuse a number of the American technological and software devices used by the NSA, and first of all to ensure safety of communication of authorities and we have effective Russian decisions for it.

The Chechen republic could act as initiator and even emission center of new electronic currency for international payments, for a start among the Islamic world, something like electronic gold dinar that would help many countries to get rid of dependence on emission center of Federal Reserve System.

Subjects of the Russian Federation have plenty of creative opportunities and the American cowboy's policy of thoughtless sanctions can strike its initiator with boomerang. As the political scientist professor Hans-Henning Schröder spoke: "Sanctions are a double-edged weapon".


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