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Commission of the United Nations Organization Proposed To Stop Struggle against Drug Taking

Commission of the United Nations Organization Proposed To Stop Struggle against Drug Taking

The global commission of the United Nations came to a conclusion that legalization of drugs all over the world and termination of criminal prosecution of addicts would be more effective, than war against distribution of narcotic substances, BBC informs. It's stated in the report that struggle against drugs led only to strengthening of drug-dealing and organized crime. Thus it costs tax bearers millions dollars and carries away lives of thousand people. According to the United Nations, the use of opium containing substances since 1998 to 2008 increased by 35%, cocaine - by 27%, marihuana - by 8,5%.

The commission structure included former secretary general of the United Nations Organization Kofi Annan and former presidents of Mexico, Colombia and Brazil. Former chairman of the Federal Reserve of the USA Paul Walker and present prime minister of Greece George Papandreou are among commission-men. Known Latin American writers Carlos Fuentes and Mario Vargas Llosa, former commissioner of EU on foreign policy Javier Solana and former American state secretary George Schultz also enter commission.

"Politicians and public figures should find courage to recognize publicly what many of them say privately - that there are convincing proves that the strategy of struggle against drugs on the basis of power means can't solve this problem and that it's impossible to win in war with drug taking", - is told in the report.

White House rejected conclusions of the report, having declared that they are erroneous.

From editorial board: It is that rare occasion when it is necessary to agree completely and unconditionally with White House and not with the United Nations commission. If struggle against harm hasn't given results, it doesn't mean at all that harm became good and struggle should be stopped.


However, the USA has made a lot for drug-dealing distribution in the world, not mentioning that the USA is the world's largest market of consumption of drugs. At that to refuse interdictions and to stop struggle against drug mafia appeared to be too much even for Americans.


Besides we know that the countries with the most rigid legislation against drugs are to a lesser degree subjected to drug addiction growth.


If to speak about private opinion, the problem of distribution of drug taking is that struggle against it often is only declared but is not being carried out in reality. For example, FDCS, the service which cynically enough is engaged in "control" over drug trafficking, has been created long ago. Whether somebody is busy with struggling? So it turns out that nobody, if only Roizman.


In due time there appeared in Russia so-called "financial investigation" under the guidance of entrusted Putin's man, the chairman of cooperative society "Lake" and future prime minister Zubkov. There was much noise but as a matter of fact the structure was created with one aim - to throw dust in eyes of world community and to deduce the Russian Federation from the list of the countries indulging "black" financial schemes. Soon the country was deduced from the bad list and no one recollects about "financial investigation" any more.


The same situation with FDCS - someone should struggle? Here you are special structure. By the way, exactly the same structures popped up all over in all republics of the CIS, even in Tajikistan where it was at first headed by Gaffor Mirzoev - the former criminal, now serving long prison term.


Of course, biographies of management of our FDCS are more decent but efficiency is quite comparable with the Tajik one.

All know that huge home market of drugs even considered the largest in Europe has been formed in Russia. Plus to that Russia is a transport corridor for drugs of planetary value. It seems it should be clear to every sane person that there should be a powerful drug mafia in Russia. Where is it?

We see that FDCS regularly detains some young men with bags and tablets, they serve long terms for it. While where are large cargoes? Where are crushed laboratories and warehouses, where are arrested real sharks of drug business?

World leaders of drug mafia are known by sight all over the world - they are powerful, influential people, justice can't reach them for years, only public opinion can. Where are our Russian "escobars"? Judging by volumes and scales - they should exist.

Quite well-founded impression appears that Russian drug mafia penetrates into such top levels that the height of the head of FDCS is obviously not enough to see it in face. As world opium trade in 19th century got locked directly in the British royal house, our present drug-dealing, seemingly, is based somewhere in between the Kremlin towers. It is natural that press-service of FDCS can't imagine even in a dreadful dream to name at least some significant names.

It seems that not only Russia has such situation - it is not for nothing that "the global commission" of the United Nations which structure includes messed figures of world level suggests "to change the record" and to get engaged in something like propaganda of healthy way of life instead of struggle against drug mafia. Say, following example of tobacconists, to write on each bag with heroin: "Drug taking can be dangerous to your health". To distribute single-use syringes among addicts. To hang out everywhere slogans: "Forbidden to take drugs" or "Place for drug taking".

In fact all is very simple - it is time to pass from "control over turnout" to real struggle, to the struggle not with boys who sale each other a crumb or two of hashsish but with real large players in this market. Power structures should know surnames of drug barons as well as the names of their protectors. Even if drug baron and prominent party or governmental figure is one person.

It is beyond me: syringes can be found on each lawn, drugs are possible to buy in every second drugstore and still they say that we don't have drug mafia! Only small dealers. As well as employees of Federal Drugs Control Agency from time to time dying from overdose.

So, it is a high time to obey the commission of the United Nations and to legalize drugs. Do you want cocaine by weight or in package?

Аnatoly Baranov

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