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"Big American Show" Continues Non-Stop

"Big American Show" Continues Non-Stop
Кartoshkin Michael 23.04.2013

Puppeteers don't consider it necessary to strain themselves and prefer to use old schemes of scenarios while they work on inhabitants-hamsters. Why should they change methods and scenarios if people lap them up. Both in the USA, in EU and in the Russian Federation after show of explosions of houses by "the Chechen terrorists". Here and again inhabitants were showed new act of the American show with new Lee Harvey Oswalds - Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. Obama discussed with Putin by phone plans of "further fight against terrorism". They understood each other. They always perfectly understood each other without show with red resets buttons.

It’s time to pour some oil into the fading fire of the American Reichstag which was set on fire on 11.09.01.

There’s no sense to discuss hysteria of honest and truthful American mass media which suddenly learned that Russia carries out war with terror in the Caucasus. Though democratic headings like "The Russian Chechnya — Fertile Earth for Terror" - about the Chechen who was born in Kyrgyzstan, lived for short period of time in Makhachkala and then left to the USA (through Turkey) where he had been living the most part of his conscious life - especially please.

Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama agreed to continue cooperation in fight against terrorism. As the press service of the Kremlin reported today, "at the initiative of the Russian side telephone conversation of the president of Russia with the U.S. President took place". "The Russian leader once again expressed condolence in connection with act of terrorism during international marathon in Boston. Both parties stressed interest in strengthening of close coordination of the Russian and American intelligence services in fight against international terrorism," – the Kremlin emphasized.

Cool, huh?

Now father and mother of the Tsarnaev brothers obviously damn themselves for allowing their sons to go to Mecca of world democracy – the USA - for study and permanent residence. They are sure: their children stuck.

The elder brother (the one who was obviously psychologically stronger) was shot at once. It’s easy to lay the blame for the crimes on dead person, such tactics was used in the Russian acts of terrorism not once. Younger brother as weaker and softer will be tortured and persuaded to admit guilt. If he won’t agree and won't confess, he will die under strange circumstances. Most probably from the wounds in closed clinic; after all it was already reported that he was found all in blood.

While show in Boston was organized well! Thousands Americans - hamsters stayed at home with their tails off while thousands strong members of special services combed the city and suburbs in search of two boys. Pilotless zone was declared over the city and military helicopters patrolled in the air. Even the White House got into defense situation. Terrorists are caught and neutralized. People came to the streets exulting and glorifying authorities and valorous police. Storm of applause! Curtain...

Only not all people are hamsters. Many start asking questions inconvenient for the authorities and to give facts and details causing doubts in official versions of acts of terrorism and suggesting seditious for the authorities conclusions.

Here you are one of the most interesting details noticed by critically thinking blog sphere and rare really independent journalists.

For example, Infowars.com in its article "Navy SEALs Spotted at Boston Marathon Wearing Suspicious Backpacks?" – sets questions concerning several photos and video.

Infowars.com published photos of people whom authors of the publication consider to be members of Navy SEAL (force of special operations of US Navy) in civil marching equipment.

These people lay in wait near the finish line of Boston marathon where as a result of explosion of two bombs three persons died and hundreds people got wounds.

As the journalist Anthony Guciardi engaged in independent investigations writes, it became clear that these people are contract employees of Craft International — private military company like Blackwater.


Two unknown had standard field clothes — military trousers of khaki color, military boots, black jackets and had suspicious backpacks with them. They were also equipped with communication equipment.

Either these serious guys are simply great admirers of military contract employees and also want to imitate them, or they are real fighters of Craft International. In any case they look very suspiciously on a crime scene being obviously in civil marching clothes, the American edition notes.

Besides, there was the third person dressed in the same form, he stood close to finish line and held something similar to a remote control, he obviously left aside from explosion epicenter.


Independent – really independent American journalists – conduct investigation.

Here you are our version of events seriously and adultly.

Why do the Chechen boys who were never close to bearded Islamic jihadists commit suicides drawing on eternal damnation of people? Islamic fanaticism, fans of easy answers will say. Are you talking about guys who obviously considered that they pulled out happy ticket in life, having obtained citizenship of the USA, especially the younger who obtained both citizenship and opportunity to study at prestigious university?! Let’s remind that after they certainly were under observation and control of intelligence service of the USA after coming to the territory of the USA, the guys should understand it, especially if we are talking about person showing good results in training at prestigious university of the USA.

How then these obviously not absolutely silly guys were stuck and involved into such scenario for a role of sacrificial rams?

Well, it’s very simple. Agents of intelligence services made at first sight innocent offer, quite lawful and even patriotic from the point of view of the citizen of the USA. They obviously made it so that boys couldn't refuse. Probably they even got citizenships of the USA for consent to cooperate with intelligence services of the USA.

As it is already known, special operation Anti-terror was carried out during marathon in Boston. Obviously the guys were offered to participate in "doctrines" as supernumeraries - "conditional terrorists". They were set the following task: to arrive to Boston to the place of finish and to leave backpacks with innocent pressure cookers given to them there. Guys certainly were not full idiots and checked backpacks, found there really innocent pressure cookers without any signs of explosive and therefore believed in the role assigned to them in the scenario and calmed down. Real bombs were left already by real agents of special services. Above mentioned video confirm this version. When real explosions sounded, boys understood that they were stuck and tried to run away. The senior was under traced at once and shot, they organized theatrical scene with Shaheed belt and other indicative requisites of the scenario of performance. To plant terrorist compromising evidence to PC or under the pillow isn't more difficult, than to plant drugs to the sacrificial lamb for a cop. Younger brother was allowed to run for a while. After all the main target of the Big American Show was to arose fear in hamsters. Recollect explosions of the Russian houses; what the Russian inhabitants felt and how they worried then. Then, "having brought client to necessary condition", the corpse was put into a box in a kitchen garden of the inhabitant sitting in his house under the lock, where he was solemnly found blood-stained.

Two silent corpses in such business is obviously too much even for the inhabitant. The more so the American inhabitant today unlike the Russian one nevertheless could ask questions to the authorities. Though something prompts me that Dzhokhar won’t live long, even if will agree to cooperate having believed in promises about secret release with someone else's documents and changed appearance after falsification of his suicide in prison, if he will take the fall and give confessions in court.

So, Big American Show continues non-stop while sheep are led to cattle mortuary.

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