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The USA Closes Ambassies and Consulates Because of Terrorist Threat

The USA Closes Ambassies and Consulates Because of Terrorist Threat

A number of high-ranking American officials shared with CNN fresh data obtained from investigation that field investigators of al-Qaeda on Arabian Peninsula are at final stages of planning to make attack against the USA and the western countries.

A number of ambassadorial and consulates of the USA in 22 countries of the Middle East and North Africa were closed on Sunday. The State department published prevention to travelers about danger which is the result of "interception of electronic messages between heads of Al-Qaeda". It is reported that the leader of this group Ayman az-Zawahiri transfered telephone order to a number of countries to take revenge in the day of Obama's birthday on the United States and other western countries for attacks made with use of shock UAVs carried out in Pakistan, Yemen and Afghanistan.

August, 4 – birthday of Barack Obama and this year his administration was unlucky: it was Sunday when in the majority of states embassies are close. Nevertheless they made everything possible to show that the programs of global spying exposed by Snowden's volunteer assistants save lives.

In reality trillion dollars were spent on those programs, if I am not mistaken, for the last 15 years only one American loony was caught withing that framework. Nothing new was found out about activity of Al-Qaeda in advance for the last 10 years and such grandiose success now - so timely! Just when all countries-allies of the USA raised squall of criticism against local politicians who granted population under the American vrevealing of secrets of their private life that put as it would seem unsinkable Angela Merkel into risky situation before upcoming elections.

Last time similar prevention was heard in relation to possibility of terrorist attack on the eve of the tenth anniversary of events on September, 11, 2001. Then TV channel Fox News reported that Obama was ostensibly informed about possibility of attack on Washington or New York. TV channel NBC reported that authorities discuss opportunity to lift level of terrorist threat in the USA. The ministry of internal security of the USA declared that there's real information about threat and urged the Americans to be vigilant assuring that all steps are taken to cope with every possible threats. The president Obama made the order to double efforts of intelligence services for counteraction of possible danger.

Thus all perfectly well know that it's not customary for Muslims and furthermore Muslim fundamentalists to celebrate anniversaries and jubilee; they celebrate only the first meal after fast (Al-Fitr Ides) and Al-Adkha Ides. Besides, all participants of Al-Qaeda are informed that in the days of similar anniversaries level of vigilance is usually raised therefore it isn't recommended to plan active actions for these days. Thus, eevry PR action of the authorities directed on intimidation of population is almost doomed to success as it is possible at the end to report that as a result of measures taken everything passed safely.

By the way, if they really intercepted a call from Dr. az-Zawahiri, say, with a request to come to a drugstore and to bring streptocide for the patient, the settlement where base station of cellular communication from where proceeded a call was situated would be destroyed by bombing. If possibility to attack the American embassies in concrete countries was mentioned in conversation, missilemen of air defense would appear on the roofs of embassies and US marines dreaming that some unfortunate will make this day "their" would appeared on the streets. Nothing similar happenned, embassies were closed. Nothing happenned because it couldn't have happenned in principle.

The American intelligence services perfectly well know that there couldn't be any horizontal communications between divisions of Al-Qaeda in strict accordance with elementary rules of conspiracy; they themselves taught them to act like this. It's also not a secret for them that since that time when they created Al-Qaeda, having organized Arabs to counteract the Soviet Army in Afghanistan — when mujahidins addressed Osama bin Laden generously distributing weapon delivered by the Americans and investing own money into the projects — no vertical communications exist in Al-Qaeda.

Everyone has right to make own opinion about doctor az-Zawahiri, however nobody till now expressed doubts in the fact that he is devout Muslim and macabre idea to celebrate Obama's birthday simply couldn't have come to his mind. However even if to assume that such idea visited him and he even managed to convince brothers in faith to follow it, he has no opportunity to remove a receiver and to give similar order; in any case he perfectly well knows that there's no on on the other end of the line who will execute this order.

To carry out similar plan doctor az-Zawahiri should have recollected who from his old acquaintances from Afghanistan or Pakistan is in necessary country. Then he should have found messenger who would arrive to necessary place and would explain to the old acquaintance the essense of the plan, would convince him in the need of its implementation and would find the recruiter. The last is simple, in most cases old acquaintances of the doctor communicate with people in mosques and have an eye on some young people. Then the messenger should have visited other acquaintances of the doctor among imams of mosques and heads of social organizations and to convince them to raise funds for the project. When everything is ready, enlisted young people will go abroad to the training camp and upon return home will form new division of Al-Qaeda, not connected with any others tailored to this project. The task is clear to them, preparation is received, funds are allocated, but they will choose time and method of execution independently. Initiator Dr. az-Zawahiri had no and won't ever have possibility of communication with them, vice versa. By the way, there are no failures due to this point, whereas programs PRISM are directed not against them, but against us, the American people and all progressive and regressive mankind.

I could have given other hundred arguments in favour of version that closing of the American embassies is only a smoke screen, however I believe that everything can be finished with one stroke. In case of real terrorist threat from the part of Islamists in regard to the USA, "big Satana", threat against "small Satana" — Israel — can be considered obvious. Prominent Israeli commentators thoroughly prattled about "victory of Al-Qaeda in war of nerves" when az-Zawahiri can without rising from carpet close the American embassies in different countries, however Israel didn't issue prevention to travelers and didn't take any additional precautionary measures besides daily ones, having referred to security services and military intelligence which considered probability of emergency situations both in Israel and in the Israeli embassies abroad on Sunday not high.

In the end I have to congratulate Mr. Obama on his birthday, if he really was born then and there where it is specified in his official biography and to assure that he has nothing to worry about, at least Al-Qaeda is the last in his list. Though he knows about it perfectly well without me.

Таtyana Volkova

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