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Penza: "Stealing" Is the Main Sport of the Olympiс Games!

Penza: "Stealing" Is the Main Sport of the Olympiс Games!

Sourсe: /leftpenza.ru

Residents of Penza went through that terrible day when Olympic flame came to the city. Houses were veiled by banners. Desert streets blocked for car traffic. Jams because of blocking of streets. School children and students forcibly driven to meet Olympic flame. Idle public transport. Angry pedestrians who had to get home on foot. Ban on sale of alcohol and drinks in glassware.

To end it up - a star of man's magazines and night erotic channels Alina Artts on a scene in "Diesel-Arene". On one scene with the chairman of regional Legislative Assembly, the fighter for moral Ivan Belozertsev. We will remind, Ivan Aleksandrovich was indignant more than all others with performance of the naked DJ Pavel Petel in night club "Izumrudny Gorod".

Inhabitants of Penza began to hate Olympic flame, torch carriers, officials and the Olympic Games for today. It’s difficult to find any positive comment about today's Olympic torch relay in social networks, on forums. Citizens are dissatisfied with the mass of inconveniences and enormous money which was spent for carrying out of the Olympic Games. The Penza Komsomol members carried out today three single pickets against the Olympic Games. One of the Komsomol members was detained.




Single protest action was carried out also by the activist of the Left Front Evgeny Makeenko. He rolled out poster on which it was written on one side: "The Olympic Games – feast in time of plague" and on the other: "The city is paralyzed for the sake of facade". However, two unknown in the civilian pulled out the poster from him, tumbled down the activist on the earth. He started shouting: "Shame to facade!" People in the civilian holding the oppositionist tried to close his mouth, thus calling him by name. All this occurred in the face of police officers.

It should be noted that the Olympic torch repeatedly was out today as it already happened and in other Russian cities.


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