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Bitter Truth for the Russian Patriots in the Ukraine or Bandera Forever

Bitter Truth for the Russian Patriots in the Ukraine or Bandera Forever
Dmitry Olshansky 21.10.2006

Shots shown in Kiev news, broadcasted these days off, differedwas characteristic of "Baltic" predictability. Veterans of the Ukrainian insurgent army slowly and proudly walking about the city, Juschenko congratulating them with the fact that they were found out to be the heroes of war - and the Soviet officers with the communists powerlessly shouting behind a dense militian cordon. All goes as it should be. Nothing’s special".

I admit fairly: two years ago, when so-called "revolution" rattled, all my sympathies were on its party. It was impossible not to get interested in "the historical moment", not to admire million crowd on Majdan which noise I heard though only by phone.

Petty trickster Kuchma, unfortunate drunk miners, madam Janukovich broadcasting about "full of drugs oranges", confused Donetsk’s barons and gangsters - all this world as those who "lost" seemed a dust in comparison with the fact that some brisk citizens went storming administration of the president and all Gryslovs of the world were about to swallow their shame and to congratulate once again not the winner of elections they confidently and even impudently counted on.

Liberal and “anti-Putin’s Moscow” exulted then with Kiev not thinking absolutely who exactly win that rascals whom we so successfully and proudly hate.

Two years passed and all changed in a clear manner. Those barons appeared again in the government having adjusted usual game in room pushes and shoves with "orange" ones in the fine way and only Russian inhabitants appeared to be the losers. Those one that thanks to belovezhsky gangsters found themselves not in the USSR but in nezalezhnaya Ukraine and now are compelled to look how specific "veterans of war" and their young goes "in their right" march along Kiev.

Well, in itself ardent Ukrainian nationalism, certainly, is alien and unpleasant to Russian (and not only professional "patriot", equally negatively reacted to it Brodsky in well-known "Ode to Independence of Ukraine") - but all the same it is possible to reconcile with it and to send "imperial ambitions" to a distant corner of historical memory. But the further, the more confidently, the most terrible and intolerable occurs that it would be desirable to stop at any cost - namely analyses of the Great Patriotic War. And this process is inevitable.

Unfortunately, we cannot stop the process halfway - to clean from history of the USSR, "to restrain" the state in Moscow but thus somehow to force "small Europe" and all tiny nationalist tribes surrounding us not to touch the most important, not to touch 1945. Nobody will please us. Both veterans SS and local national-gangsters of all types have been marching and will march not only in Riga but also in Kiev and even when they naturally will become obsolete – they will be places monuments and praises for them will be written down into all textbooks of “nesalezhny” states. For so it turned out that all hopes on "freedom from tyranny of Russian animal" were connected in the minds of the tribes with "beneficial and merciful” mister Hitler. They loved him, love and will love - such is the way they get rid of “russism” in themselves.

There is no need to speak a lot about the scale of evil which could be restored and seen triumphing in history owing to all these local national democrats under a mask of valorous emancipating formations URA returning real Hitlerism on a pedestal. It’s obvious that the Victory is – the last which everybody should stick in Russia without paying attention that are left or right or stick to some private ideologies.

Another question is important: how to stop this disgusting process of “national-democratic" analyses of history? Who and how could help these Soviet old men powerlessly looking at nazis and gangsters walking on their streets? It’s a lie that the present Kremlin could help them. Howls of all present "eurasians" and "patriotic political scientists", all these dugins, malers and holmogorovs are infinitely false, false are their talks about Russian rescue of the Ukraine. Putin’s Russia is busy with business and only with it and no nearby fascist pretensions of its half-friends – half-enemies are not interesting to it.

"We shall cut off ears for our old men" – is truly correct slogan but it is necessary only to remember that tens of representatives of a party which offered it are nowadays in prisons. Conversations about "proRussians" ostensibly forces which fight for authority "there" are not less senseless, all these naive hopes on Kind Janukovich who will recover "powers" and will make something good. "Patriots" who think so, apparently, do not understand the essence of the Ukrainian statehood. Its main law comes to the conclusion that direct political presentation in the authority is being grasped by those who have come from the East but carry out the program of the West.

The Ukrainian authority is - "treachery" erected in the absolute. "Janukovich" is inevitable in this or that format but it is equally true that his management to 99% will be “nesalezhny” and "orange". Only separate rhetorical turns a la Zyuganov will hide details that are not necessary to hide. What could be the way out from this hopeless situation, which victim became the Russian-speaking population of the Ukraine (and not only the Ukraine) compelled to observe triumphes of Hitler loving "fighters with the Soviet power”?

The historical alternative to a present nightmare could be only one. The political center of "russism" should become "not recognized states", "Russian enclaves" - and in quantity much greater rather than in what they have really appeared. Crimea by all means should be separated and not only it. But - with one important amendment.

These not recognized states both really existing and "theoretical", "potential" should be antiMoscow, they should be enemies of the Russian Federation not worse than "nesalezhny states". Their heads, real and possible, all defenders of Russian interests, unfortunately, did not understand the elementary: to defend successfully the Russian policy after 1991 is necessary to be the resolute enemy of that "Russia" which, unfortunately, was formed on a place of the USSR. Only thus it was possible to achieve recognition and understanding from the West - for only there where actually the questions of "national independence" are solved, have been afraid and are still afraid of "an imperial revenge of Moscow" to support initiatives somehow connected with it. The unique output was - "present Russia against antiRussia in the Kremlin", "a guerrilla Russian zone", etc.

Unfortunately, it was unnoticed in due time - and now the unfortunate Russian-speaking population of republics rushes between vain sympathies to corrupt Moscow and even more hopeless sights aside own elite selling the electorate. It hurts to look at those who are compelled to be present now on a holiday of the fascism returned into the history in nesalezhny Kiev. But, unfortunately, there’s nothing to do for them. And it’s no the way out to hope that somebody else will restore justice. The Russians abroad are also out of history. Even for us in Moscow – this war for the suburbs has been already lost.

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