Кто владеет информацией,
владеет миром


Alexander Trubitsin 02.11.2006

… this term has been characterizing for a long time by itself any secret, artful, cowardly way of criminal activity. The Roman lawyers already producing a word furtum (theft) from furva (darkness) defined it as a crime committed “clam, obscuro et plerumque nocte" (secretly, in darkness and mainly at night) …

 (From the textbook of law)

Forty five years ago, secretly, in darkness, at night from October, 31st to the 1st of November, 1961the group of villains in the secret artful and cowardly way committed a heinous crime.

Under the order of Khrushchev - their "crime boss" Shvernik, Mzhanavadge, Djavakhishvily, Shelepin, Demichev and Zakharov stole from the Mausoleum the corpse of Joseph Vissaronovich Stalin.

Khrushchev who was already bedaubed in blood of peaceful demonstration shot by him in Tbilisi was desperately was that if that vile action would pass in the afternoon, people would be indignant and demonstrations would begin in Moscow. The most artful from Khrushchev’s crime partners - Shvernik thought up how to provide a "front". On a pretext of preparation for parade he had ordered to surround the Red Squareand let nobody pass it. The tomb hastily dug behind the Mausoleum and an input in the Mausoleum were closed by plywood boards. Before moving down a body of the great commander in it Khrushchev’s people marauded – took off from the coat of the generalissimo golden star of the Hero of Social Labour (Stalin didn’t wear other rewards) and cut off golden buttons.

The great commander of the great army who distributed influence of Russia on half of the Europe, made for its power and glory more than any of the Russian emperors was buried secretly, thievishly, without a thunder of artillery salutes and a march of columns of the army created by him. Khrushchev’s people hid him as gangsters hide a body of their victim - their nature showed itself here completely.

People was deprived the symbol of its force and glory, a symbol of imperial power and valour, a symbol of its victories and gains, a symbol of its achievements and performances.

And the matter is not in Stalin hiself. Known for a long time in art as well as in life plot: a small Jack Sprat having found himself in a place of the great person becomes great. The twin sent to kill the leader of revolt and betray those who rose, having seen heroic death of the leader, infinite love of people to their leader occupies a place of the victim and conducts those who rose to a victory. Whether it is so important if he is the true one or isn’t – it’s possible that he is not necessary to people as the leader, maybe national generals will win the battle with enslavers by themselves, but people need a symbol leading to the battle field, leading to the deeds. Such was Stalin as a symbol – to deprive people of their symbol. Khrushchev and his crime partners made that theft.

Having stolen a symbol from people, Khrushchev began to steal Stalin’s inheritance. Fine, envious, stupid and artful Jack Sprat started rewriting the history. I remember even now that in my textbook of history in the section devoted to the World War II was no Stalin's photo - but there was a piggy Khrushchev’s physiognomy. That is who, as it appears, controlled the fronts and administrative area, titanic struggle of the whole country and reorganized the world defining in it place worthy of the great Russia.

On the 13th of May, 1946Stalin signed his great Resolution № 1017-419ss - algorithm of creation of space-rocket branch, algorithm of start of the first satellite and Gagarin's flight (Stalin’s visa was on the project of the first flight of a man in space). And pilferer Khrushchev having taken advantage of that the algorithm worked also after the death of its great creator attributed the start of the first satellite and Gagarin's flight to himself.

Khrushchev not a snap understood in the aircraft industry but one should see how he swaggered when a huge plane created in Stalin’s Construction Bureau delivered him to America- and Americans did not find a gangway of sufficient height. Though about deep knowledge and role of Stalin in creation of the aircraft – as well as about Khrushchev’s deafening ignorance in those questions - wrote aircraft designer Yakovlev. That very Yakovlev on which planes were at war both our and the French pilots having preferred them to other Soviet models as well as the American and English battle-planes.

After the violence with dead Stalin Khrushchev kicked over the traces - execution of demonstration in Novocherkassk, products under coupons as during the war, corn up to North Pole - from the toady ceased to be afraid that the barin would order to cut him on a stable, trash and meanness rushed like a fall.

Theft was deeply despised by all peoples. Only theft of the dead - marauding was worse than it. And Khrushchev having robbed both Soviet people and dead Stalin is worse than the thief – he is the marauder. He as well as all his company which hands he used to maraud - from grave-diggers encroached on what was left after the dead up to journalists and "writers" who licked the heels to Stalin alive and poured dirt on Stalin dead.

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