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Pensioners Were Given a Balloon Instead of Mironov

Pensioners Were Given a Balloon Instead of Mironov
Peter Dolgy 30.11.2006

All the week long at all city corners pensioners were being invited to a meeting with Sergey Mironov - chairman of Council of Federation, now also an official leader of a party "Spravedlivaya Russia". The leadership of Party of Pensioners (PPR) inviting party members to the event spoke that: "it is necessary to be there - Mironov will be present".

The meeting with Mironov should have taken place in the Cultural Center named after Soldatov on November, 26th. The beginning of the vent was planned at 17.00 but pensioners started coming only to half past five. Basically they were members of PPR but there were also quite a lot of simply inquisitive citizens. Ladies of an old age dominated but men with gray hair were also plenty. The hall of a palace appeared to be filled up quite soon.

On the second floor of a palace organizers presented an exhibition of pictures - breadboard models of a monument to the elderly man. There were 4 boards on which any "pensioner" could write the wishes to the "leaders". In the same place there were settled down also three glass cubes where people was offered to throw multi-coloured balls having expressed, thus, their support to the certain item of electoral programme of PPR.

The biggest quantity was thrown into the curbstone an inscription on which said: "To give 25% of the regional budget to the needs of pensioners". At 25 minutes the six people were allowed to come into the hall. The hall appeared to be totally filled in, people were set on additional chairs in passes and still there were not enough places, eventually, the doors into the hall were closed. Then Moscow leader of a Party of Pensioners Igor Zotov appeared on a stage.

For about five minutes he kept silence under music underneath while people watched him with surprise. At last Zotov introduced himself and declared that "everyone is afraid of PPR, because it is the only real opposition". He said that he saw "a shine in the eyes of Perm pensioners". Probably the desire to receive 25% of the regional budget for their needs burnt up this "shine". He said he was suffering because of the fact that pension’s 2 times lower than a living wage and that pensioners lived unworthy. While Zotov spoke other “eminent pensioners” appeared on the stage: Jury Burljakov, Alexey Gribanov, Ilya Shulkin, Vladimir Voronin - a member of the central council of the Party "Spravedlivaya Russia".

As to Sergey Mironov - pensioners waited for him in vain. The leader didn’t consider it necessary to explain to older people "why Mironov didn’t appear", but he informed that Voronin would substitute Mironov. Further the microphone passed to Shulkin, he was introduced as the leader of PPR. Though Shulkin specified that he’s "only the second number".

The young leader assured pensioners that he his "parents are pensioners" and he knew "what pension they have today in the area”. He stood up that it’s necessary to change situation, for example, to enter free-of-charge travel but thus, he somehow forgot to say that when pensioners in January, 2005 revolted having blocking Perm roads and appealed for having free-of-charge travel, Shulkin being at the time vice-mayor preferred to keep silent. By the way another Perm leader of PPR – Burljakov in his the speech did not mention that he called everybody to protest against the law about monetarization of privileges.  

Probably, he "was ashamed to remind" to his colleagues - pensioners that he called to support the law as the progressive and good phenomenon and not to demand free-of-charge travel and to take what’s given. One more newly appeared leader of Perm PPR - Gribanov complained on antediluvian technologies and supported "medicine with a human face".

Marina Maltseva also spoke - a working woman from the city administration from one of one-mandatory districts - the young pensioner appealed to the pensioners "To understand with heart and to help with deeds".  

Mister Voronin who stayed in a role of the wedding general all the evening long, in the end answered a pair of questions gotten. He said something like he cannot explain who would repair running cranes in houses of pensioners but he would return on a line convenient but recently closed route of the bus. All the event carried the loud name «Forum of Supporters of PPR».

Performance by Ilya Shulkin as a hymn of pensioners of a song «I love you, life» became a deification of a forum. His solo Shulkin finished with bravura: «Long life to PPR!». While leaders of pensioners appealed from the stage «to support them with a heart near voting boxes», people in the hall grumbled that they already trusted to nobody, that only fat cats go to authority.

Many pensioners spoke among themselves that "all this reminds well put performance". "Work" of a forum proceeded till seven o’cl in the evening. Then the concert began. The choral chapel from 9 boys and 12 girls sang for pensioners "Farewell of Slav". Already on an output from the palace pensioners were given balloons, probably, personifying pre-election pledges of PPR which were also weightless and obedient to winds of changes. So, as the balloon thrown in heavenly blue sky will disappear, disappear after elections an appeal of PPR – “25% of  the regional budget for the needs of pensioners!” So, it’s possible to say that in the Cultural Center named after Soldatov not only balloons were being puffed out.

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